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  • SunTouch Mat Kits are the choice for easiest installation of floor warming; a heated floor in 1 box
  • 10 SF SunTouch Mat Kit contains one 2×5 Ft mat, Programmable 500750 Thermostat plus accessories
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  • Included items: 12000524ST SunTouch Mat w/ 10 Ft Armored power lead
  • Includes LoudMouth monitor, 2 sided tape to adhere the mat, & Installation Instructions
  • SunStat View Thermostat 500750 w/GFCI built in and color touch screen
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General description

SunTouch electric floor warming mats are made in the USA and make adding comfy warmth to any floor easier than ever. There’s a solution to cold tile or stone floors. SunTouch is the Simple, Safe, and economical way to warm tile and stone floors. In the past, complex mechanical systems were obliged, or installers had to do many steps to install a floor warming system. SunTouch Changed that Our mats install in ONE STEP with the thinset mortar, right under the tile. And, because SunTouch radiant floor heat mats use a special braided twin wire design; it registers zero electromagnetic field when independently tested; your safety is important. SunTouch heated floor mats were the 1st with this and many other patented innovations. Decide SunTouch for the best quality wire construction, a leading 25 year warranty supported by Watts Radiant who have been in business for over 135 years, more sizes and more solutions for radiant heated floors than any company; also, we have the controls, software, code listings and engineering to make your radiant floor heating project a success. With our complete mat kits all the floor heating parts are in one box. All you need are some simple tools and the electrical box and wire to connect to the included thermostat; we suggest an electrician do the connection. Measure the room you want to warm. Decide the best place for your thermostat, what regions you want to warm and plan to heat most of the open floor, staying 4 to 6 inches away from walls and built ins, however close to cabinet toe kicks. Then roll out your mat and fasten to the sub floor with 2 sided tape, staples, or hot glue. Mount your thermostat and place the temperature sensor between any two heating wires, cover mat with cement established mortar and install your tile. Use the Multi meter and loudmouth as directed in the information.

Recent reviews of 10 Sq Foot SunTouch Mat Kit contains one 2 x 5 Ft mat, a Programmable 500750 Thermostat plus accessories:

I’ll be purchasing their kits for all future rooms that I do. The back bedroom is next. That mat is 1000+ and it’ll be well worth it. They send totally everything you have to install the system and test it before tiling over it. We (The freelancer really) put it on the slab, covered it, then tiled as normal with the ceramic tile. The freelancer had never done one of these but was able to do it anyway. The deafening Mouth device that comes with the kit helped to ensure the mat was laid properly before covering it. It raises the temperature gradually. Someone said it heated their bathroom. Our bathroom is 6′ x 7′ and set at 74 degrees Farenheit didn’t heat the room well. I could suspect the person had theirs at 80 degrees Farenheit or something high like that. But, THIS IS GREAT. You step in the hallway with bare feet OOOoouuuu cold, then into the bathroom Ahhhh warmth. This is going to be awesome. I am to get excited about the last things being setup in the bathroom so we can use it. I am going to do the same thing in the major bathroom upstairs.

If you aren’t an expert bathroom builder, this kit is perfect for you. I was hesitant to install this mat in our bathroom. I was scared of cutting the mat on accident, and though I’m sure the company’s warnings are warranted, I didn’t feel we were ever at the risk of ruining the mat when installing it. The result is a comfortably warm basement bathroom floor. Ups: -Price: it’s comparably cheaper to get this kit than buying the pieces at lowes/home depot/tile shop -do not have to be an expertDowns: the mat only comes in squares/rectangles, so you can not hit every corner of the floor as you may be able to when you use the wire system. -Fishing the wire on the wall to install the thermostat isn’t as easy as I could like it to be.

I’m leased with the mat installation was pretty simple particularly since an overview of installation dvd was included with the mat. Once the tile was set and cured and the thermostat was turned on the floor now started to work. The programmable thermostat works great.

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Premier White 7 Day Programmable 81009684 Chronotherm IV Plus Deluxe Thermostat Full 7-day program capability; different schedules and temperature setpoints can be selected for everyday to fit any schedule. Use with 24 Vac single-stage heating and cooling systems Powered direct from 24 Vac transformer Copy key makes programming easier and faster Daylight Savings Time (DST) key for fast change in and out of Daylight Savings Time. Easy temporary temperature setpoint changes for current period, vacation hold (1 to 255 days) or indefinite hold adds to your comfort and energy savings. Usually used keys are located by the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) for fast and easy access to info. Nice style complements any decor to the homeowner’s delight. Back lighting the big display makes the LCD easy to read. Configurable features: F or C temperature display auto or manual changeover Electric or regular heat fan operation Adjustable heating cycle rate. Minimum off time for cooling compressors and heat pumps helps protect and extend the equipment life. Adaptive Intelligent recuperation control brings the room temperature to temperature setpoint at the programmed time, maximizing comfort and energy savings. Setpoints are permanently held in memory and retained throughout power outages for increased installer and homeowner convenience. White color.

Rheem HP0RH Het Pump Wter Heter, 0 Gllon

Rheem HP-50 50 Gallon Electric Heat Pump Water HeaterFeatures:High 2. 0 Energy Factor (EF) 3 Operation modes Energy Saver (heat pump) Normal (heat pump with element backup) Electric Heat Only (two elements) 2-1/2″ Non-CFC bubble insulation Premium resistored anode rod protection, extends tank life Exclusive Rheemglas tank lining Factory installed T&P valve Brass drain valve Easy access side connections Standard 3/4″ NPT water inlet, outlet, and condensate drain connections 21″ diameter, fits through access doors Easily replaces a regular electric water heater Stainless steel resistor elements Heat pump operating range 40 F to 120 F fitted freeze/overheat protection Easy access, top mounted air filter 50 Gallon capacity Energy Factor 2. 0 Energy Star rated Tank Warranty 10 years Parts Warranty 10 yearsFeatures & Benefits 2. 0 Energy Factor – Over TWICE the efficiency of standard electric water heaters Uses heat pump technology for superb energy-efficiency Easy-to-use LED touch pad controls the water temperature range, 3 energy efficiency settings, and in general operation Ideal choice for new homes and for electric water heater replacements in attics, basements and garages Installs as easily as a regular electric water heater Standard 3/4″ NPT water inlet, outlet and condensate drain connections 10-Year restricted tank and parts warrantyChoose the Right Installation SiteFor best heat pump operation, the temperature in your region should average 40 degrees or above. Decide a warm installation site like an attic, garage or basement. Because a heat pump tends to cool the area where they’re located, any kind of air-source heat pump works more proficiently in a warm place. The heat pump will need 1,000 cubic feet of air space around it (approx. 10x10x10 ft. Room).

Hetwve Floor Heting Cble 40V (114-14 ure Feet) with Ground Fult Progrmmble Thermostt

Heatwave Electric Radiant Floor Heating System with 7 Day Programmable GFCI Floor Sensing Thermostat and strapping material: New or Remodel Construction Residential or Commercial Construction Small or big regions may be installed under Tile, Stone, Cement, or any cementitious flooring base. Restricted Lifetime Warranty.

Wireless Remote Controller nd Reciever – MHK1 – Thermostt for Mr. Slim Units

MHK1 REMOTE CONTROLLER KIT will include MRCH1 Wireless Remote Controller, MIFH1 Wireless Receiver and MRC1 Cable MIFH1 WIRELESS RECEIVER • Mounts beside or near indoor units to let MRCH1 Remote Central Controller operation of P-Series NHA4 systems, SEZ-4/SUZ one-toone systems, and SLZ/SUZ one-to-one systems MRCH1 Remote Controller • Backlit • Supports both Fahrenheit and Celsius • User functions let user to set: – On/Off – Operation modes cool, heat, drying, fan – Set temperature (separate dual set points for heat and cool) – Fan speed setting – Airflow direction • Day/Time display with a 12-hour clock • Filter sign display • best start • Adjustable auto deadband • Space temperature offshoot modification • Display outside temperature and humidity (requires optional MOS1, sold individually) • Hold function • Temporary schedule override • Reset to factory default • Auto lock display • Timer Operation: – Daily Timer: On/Off times may be set up to 4 times per day in 15-minute increments. – Weekly Timer: On/Off times may be set up to 4 times per day of the week in 15-minute increments. Choice of 5-2 and 5-1-1 weekly schedules for heat, cool, auto (separate for each mode) – Auto-off Timer: Turns indoor unit Off at scheduled time up to 24 hours in advance • Room Temperature: Displays room temperature sensed either at the indoor unit or at the remote controller (default) • Set temperature range limitations (reliant on the model connected): Cooling from 50 to 99F Heating from 40 to 90F Auto from 50 to 90F with dual temperature setting • Diagnostics: Displays and records error codes • No addressing obliged • may be integrated with other RedLINKTM devices • Uses two “AA” alkaline batteries (included).

Hywell Prestige IQ Comfort System with RedLINK Technology

Honeywell Prestige IAQ Comfort System with  RedLINK Technology – YTHX9421R5085WWKit will include:(1) THX9421R5021WW Thermostat (white)(1) THM5421R1021 Equipment Interface Module(2) 50062329-001 sensors for discharge and return airThe Prestige IAQ thermostat is a 2 wire high meaning color touch screen thermostat, 7 day programmable and selectable for residential or light commercial use. Controls up to 4-phases of heat and 2-phases of cool in a heat pump system and up to 3-phases of heat and 2-phases of cool in a regular system. Three sets of common IAQ contacts to control humidification, dehumidification, and ventilation. Four sensor inputs for wired sensors or dry contact devices. Works with the Equipment Interface Module and RedLINK accessories as well as the RedLINK Internet Gateway, movable Comfort Control, Wireless Outdoor Sensor and Wireless Indoor Sensor. Now with a 33 smaller footprint, and endless background alternatives the new Prestige IAQ gives homeowners the choices that work with any décor, the new modern design is just the start. The redesigned Prestige IAQ features the same great business-leading functionality, menu-driven programming and easy installation while rising the dry contacts to a total of four to meet buyer. Needs. FEATURES: Control heating, cooling and IAQ equipment with only 2 wires at the thermostat. Heating, cooling and IAQ equipment wires to the Equipment Interface Module Smart Schedule – programs in seconds for any lifestyle Patented interview established programming and installer setup. RedLINK wireless communication. Increase solution flexibility by as well as RedLINK accessories that supply comfort and convenience. RedLINK accessories include the RedLINK Internet Gateway, movable Comfort Control (PCC), Wireless Outdoor Sensor, Wireless Indoor Sensor, Wireless Entry/Exit Remote, Wireless Vent and Filter increase Remote, TrueSTEAM humidifier with Wireless Adapter and TrueZONE zoning panel.

60 Cble Set, 40 Volt, Electric Rdint Floor Het Heting System with ube Digitl Floor Sensing Thermostt

Electric Floor Warming System used to heat tile and other types of flooring. The system is intended to heat the chosen square footage when installed in mortar under ceramic or ceramic tile, stone or brick floors, also as engineered wood, vinyl, laminate, or carpet floor coverings. The heating cable is simply laid out on the floor in the neighborhood you want to heat previous to floor installation. The heating element is less than 1/8″ thick, so the rise in flooring height is negligible. This system is BRAND NEW and made by Warming Systems Inc. Which offers a “Life of the Floor” Warranty on its product. The wire is intended to be spaced 3″ separately.

Venstr T880 Commercil Thermostt with WiFi 4H 3C Dul fuel

The new ColorTouch offers 365-day holiday/vacation scheduling to meet all your needs. The new ColorTouch features new gorgeous themes perfect for any holiday or occasion. It includes customizable wallpapers, Install your pictures to use as the thermostat’s background, or Manage your pictures and other settings using our ColorTouch helper. You may also turn you ColorTouch thermostat into a digital picture frame while it keeps you comfy. ColorTouch total security is so adaptable from locking down all the functions and modifications with a passcode, to restricting the temperature range. Now you may be able to set the limitations of air conditioning and heating.

3M Flush Mount 7 Dy Progrmmble Thermostt Touch Screen Unlimited Wys to Progrm Including 7 Dy, -1-1 nd –

Front of Thermostat dimensions: 4-1/2″ large x 6-1/8″ Tall x 1/8″ Thick beyond surface. Cut in wall dimensions: 3-1/4″ large x 5-3/8″ tall x 1-7/8″ deep big touch-screen interface. Runs on 2 AA batteries and/or HVAC power. Full or fractional system lock functionality. Easy-to-read white backlit display. May decrease your heating/cooling bills by up to 33 when used as instructed. Not for use with 115/230 VAC wall or baseboard electric heaters. Step 1. Cut hole in wall. 2. Put wall box and wire thermostat Tools needed for installation: Phillips screwdriver, 2 AA Batteries obliged to operate, Hand saw and/or utility knife.

WP67 LU Universl Wllplte – Fits Thermostts T00U, T100U, T90U, T9600TS, T0E

Use this wallplate (optional) with Lux Thermostats TX500U, TX1500U, TX9100U, TX100E and TX9600TS. Dimensions are 6. 5"W x 4. 75"H x. 188"D. Nice Trim Plate Covers bigger holes behind thermostats. Color is Sterling White to go with thermostat. Decorative. (Note: This item doesn’t fit thermostat TX9000TS).

Emerson 1HDEZ-11 Emerson Inspire Universl 4-Wire Thermostt System

The Emerson Inspire is a common 4-wire High meaning Color Thermostat System. This system lets you to upgrade single stage applications to premium high-efficiency systems (staging, heat pump, or heat pump with dual fuel) using the present 4 thermostat wires. The Emerson Inspire features an super thin user interface with vibrant color display. This system will include a User Interface, Equipment Control and Configuration Tool. DIRECT WIRING TO FURNACE BOARD is needed AS PART OF INSTALLATION, HOMEOWNER INSTALLATION isn’t suggested.

10 Cble Set, Electric Rdint Floor Het Heting System with ube Digitl Floor Sensing Thermostt

Electric Floor Warming System used to heat tile and other types of flooring. The system is intended to heat the chosen square footage when installed in mortar under ceramic or ceramic tile, stone or brick floors, also as engineered wood, vinyl, laminate, or carpet floor coverings. The heating cable is simply laid out on the floor in the neighborhood you want to heat previous to floor installation. The heating element is less than 1/8″ thick, so the rise in flooring height is negligible. This system is BRAND NEW and made by Warming Systems Inc. Which offers a “Life of the Floor” Warranty on its product. The wire is intended to be spaced 3″ separately.

Schneider Electric Wiser ir Wi-Fi Smrt Thermostt with Comfort Boost, Blck

Wiser air is a complete home energy management solution that gives you peace of mind through effortless control of comfort and savings. Wiser air works with most heating and cooling systems low voltage systems and connects to your home wi-fi to let you to see your energy use remotely using a smart phone, tablet or laptop.

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  2. 15 Sq Foot SunTouch Mat Kit contains one 2×7.5 Ft mat, Programmable 500670 Thermostat plus accessories
  3. 10 Sqft Mat, Electric Radiant Floor Heat Heating System with Aube Digital Floor Sensing Thermostat
  4. UNIVERSAL SunTouch SunStat View Touch Screen Programmable Floor Heat Thermostat Model 500750 120/240V INCLUDES FLOOR SENSOR
  5. 10 sqft HeatTech 120V Electric Tile Radiant Floor Heating Mat
  6. Honeywell Radiant Heating 120/240V Programmable Thermostat with Floor Sensor and GFCI (TH115-AF-GA)

Models to consider:
RTH8580WF TB6575A1000TX9000TS RTH9590WF1011/WFLP35-120/240GA ATMOS1-B
T721 G-SC-200-PC2441TH-4PK UP4002000NC TH5220D1029
EB-EMSSi-01 MOD02177-3RC-1000WH TH9320WF5003YCT87K1003 G-SC-200-OB
TH6320R1004 SC3000LRADIKIT-40-120 RHC-TST412MDMSCA-NA-240-01 NP100
RC-2000WH TH115AFGAC7189R1004 12005024-KITTCONT802AS32DAA HW2012B
14W81 12000724-KIT-WV9915I TH8110R10086EDY5 1F85-0477
OA900OB 12001024-KITYTH9421C1002 42999B12001724-kit 100-coil120-kt
TC-3 T51150-coil120-kt IN900OBRC-2000WHZB T451A3005
EB-STATe3L-01 THX9421R5021WWYERM5220RVPEIM XFZ106240-mat120-kt TH8321U1097
YHZ322R1108 T3016US9825I2 YTH9421C1002EB-EMSSi-01 12004024-KIT-WV
12002224-KIT TH8110U1003TH8110R1008 100-coil120-ktRTG20184 T8850
70-mat120-kt GT125-K2TH8321U1097 RTH2300BDP01DC-4 1F80-361
800CAXBX NP100675-PSDH121 YCT87K1003CNT06391 ACONT802AS32DAA
RC-2000WHZB IN900OB40-coil120-kt TH115AFGA50-coil120-kt RTH8500D
42999B RTH221BT451A3005 M9714GFIIR6 CT50K1028/E
10F81 CT3200A1001T100577 TH1210DV1007DP1030A5014 RTH8580WF
TC-3 FLP35-120/240GA8530A3451 RADIKIT-30-1202000NC ACONT800AS11AAA
6931EL3002A TCONT900AC42UAAOA900OB EB-RSe3PK2-0112005024-KIT EB-SMARTSi-01
Q314U1001 1F85-047742999B 12002024-KITACONT800AS11AAA GFIIR6
220-mat240-kt RC-2000WHRTG20184 12001024-KITT3007ES NXD1
PF1102 T451A30053000-wC TH8110U100330mat120-20-OJ TCONT802AS32DAA
9825I2 OA900OBEB-SMARTSi-01 60-coil240-ktH46C1166 EB-EMSSi-01
LC2005W31 50-SNC301F95 1277 14W81M9714 100-coil120-kt
K101 80-mat240-ktTH1210DV1007 30-mat240-ktYERM5220RVPEIM SC3000L
MOD02177-3 8530A345180-coil120-kt TH115-AF-240SEDV-1100 RTH8580WF
TX9000TS RTH2410B1001/E1DP1030A5014 12002224-KITYTH9421C1002 YTHX9321R1011
T8850 RHC-TST412MDMS2EW309901000 240-mat240-ktCT8775A1007 EB-STATE3-01


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