April 22, 2017

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  • Part of Jasper Collection from Nexera
  • 4 open storage shelves
  • Designed and made in Canada with CARB/EPP/SCS/FSC Certified particle board and MDF materials. Ships in 24-48H from order date. Assembly required.
  • Easy wire management and optimal air flow for your electronic devices
  • 4 open shelves ideal for electronic devices and accessories
  • Truffle laminate finish
  • Adjustable shelves
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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General description

Jasper Audio Tower from Nexera is offered in a rich Truffle finish with a simple and modern design. This audio tower offers convenient multi-function storage and is well suited for electronic devices as it lets for easy cable management and best air flow.

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Lokar 1-5/8 inch Polished Dial-In Board Cage Mount and Brackets are made with 6061-T6 aluminum featuring a ball-milled design. Mounts onto the cage without interfering with roll-bar padding. There’s no drilling obliged for mounting to the cage. The bracket is available for 1 1/2 inch cages and 1 5/8 inch cages. It’s offered in polished, black or clear finishes. It features an adjustable arm for leveling and a quickly reversible dial-in board. It’s also available in a common adjustable angle mount style which may be mounted on a flat or angled surface like a scoop tray.

Hair Bow Holder – Cheer Bow Holder With Attached Clippies To Hold Cheer Bows

We’re the original owner of this style since 2009, we hold the US for this item also as our other bow holders 🙂 ask to see our broad line of custom bow holders 🙂 This is a totally custom made, hand painted wood item, it measures roughly 12″ x 2″ it has 5 ribbons that measure roughly 15″ in length. There are lined clippies attached to hold your cheer bows. I can custom make any color wood with any color “Name”” (Up To Maximum Of 9 Letters) that can match your childs decor, ask before buy. Thanks.

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MUST READ. This is a set of alphabet wood blocks that comes with 6 blocks all letters of the English alphabet on each side of the block in a RANDOM ORDER. This set DOSENT GUARANTY you’ll be able to spell any words or names and an order of the letters is totally random. This set consists of six pine wood blocks 2″x2″ (inch. ) in natural wood finish. Each block side has a cardstock square form in differs colors then letters and numbers shapes glued on top and each block is sealed all around with the protecting level of Mod Podge water-base sealer. ALL CUSTOM ORDERS: if you want to spell your childs name on the blocks choose the custom choice to spell a name and supply a name with no more than 6 letters, if you need more than 6 letters you’ll have to buy extra blocks to fit the name. REMEMBER this is a HAND WORK not a make, some of the letters or details may be not all straight or evenly aligned caused by the handmade nature of this product. If you appreciate handmade and value distinctive and custom peace made with love this product is for you.

Models to consider:
AM44C20 CU-GB4824BKGND-67254 VSX1022KUSECA661M-Parent K620257_K620258
KDX320BTS D3-0018B-FEx2 PN07U33200 1050067-01-E
ZT890 17 SM-N900AWR540-PLT18K S491CHPF3743D6 WRG292SSWFWP7_P
AMZ: SSP-350ST D0431001-$p10031279_1 7200HDWTTA-30 RV9165RGLUC
1324549-Parent PR19EEHD301-6 AFX90UNZRP-001 44T1736
N9897 SC-6904MPF8203 ISHD01BF-S112 T805
M1-04 MROP4824W5BGW-9400DCJ-1JF TBR4108XREDCMC-0001 LRG TB581
P1S4-12 88511BLK2EBLT-124-RED CU-GB4824-CRSF85083 K2759
X5667 RP-001H4nPro TBR4108XREDCMC-0001 LRG USECA661M-Parent
GL-203O T805MS18AN010611 92075AZ-750P 3300uF 16v 105C
GND-67254 47d32fa0-Parentrg0134s PD3224-00SF85083 WTTA-30
TS775 AIR-325WR63-1824C CU-GB4824BKZT890 17 8522BB
PTC153G35CXXX M7370-CH 10NPH9236SSev T-810-ParentTuf-Tite 24″ Lid DCi 4 300
GT3977 AF824250X711 RV9165RGLUCTB581 K2759
11S10L72 KDX320BTSP376742 QSK383-Pst-03 9820CHBB
PR19 BNDGL30FLISHD01 655.18.98 LPD76438B DMC_447_SK
CU-GB4824BK 9B10EKT2668 WR63-1824CY80433 L-300
SM-N900A 1324549-ParentX2000 DCi 4 300CHPF3743D6 UX22019
AFX90UNZ ROY035-20MH1B2S80LG AMZ: SSP-350STM1-04 GL-203O
B00I48ZVR2 SC-6904WR643-PLT18K AIR-322110031279_1 BNDGL30FL
BTO2015 44T1736SF85083 T805C2-650X AF824250
iON13SS-CT K620257_K620258PE-PJ-007 9820CHBB3AK2409C-CMSIN1 ye-0919
AM44C20 P376742MPF8203 0rb3025DLP1000 SG300-28MP-K9-NA
MS18AN010611 1050067-01-EMROP4824W5B Savi W720-M-5655.18.98 LP PTC153G35CXXX
MX80-HW-SECBDL KB115-02QGTB267 TP04S491 AIR-325


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