April 22, 2017

3-Speed 1HP (MOUNTO) reviewed…


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General description

The MT4000W is design to dry all kind of surfaces will include carpets, wet paints, floors, cupboards and more. It also keep the air ventilated at an enclosed area.

Compare with similar products:

PRO 4,200 Series & Dryer Blower Fan – Package of 24 vs MT4000-W

The industrial fan from CFM MT4000W Pro is built for professionals and is perfect for carpet & pad drying, flood restoration, painting, or any other heavy-responsibility air circulation needs. This 4,200 series air-mover is very powerful and features a precision-engineered impeller for maximum efficiency and best in class CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) output from its 1 hp motor. It’s built tough, constructed from super-lasting, rotationally-molded polyethylene composite, and prepared to withstand the abuse received from extreme environments and transportation between job sites. Weighing in at just over 30 pounds, it is lightweight, stackable, and has a rugged handle on top for easy transportation. This fan is suited for use in homes, attics, basements, garages, workshops, warehouses, offices or wherever it is needed. It may be placed flat on its base to blow horizontally, or using the integrated backrests, inclined to either a 45 or 90-degree angle to blow diagonally or upwards to dry furniture, walls, ceilings, or redirect the airflow as needed. Three speed settings let you to set the fan’s output intensity, grill covers over the air outlet and inlets keep debris and foreign objects out of the fan, and the bright orange color is easy to notice and not trip over. This fan has a 15′ long, USA-standard grounded power cord that may be wrapped around the top handle for easy storage, and four non-marring, anti-skid feet keep the unit in place throughout operation. Compliant to CSA & CAN North-American safety standards. ETL listed and conforms to UL plans. Safety warning: generally use a GFCI protected receptacle and extreme caution when using any electrical appliance near wet or moist regions; don’t submerge or use in standing water. Dimensions: 18″ long, 18. 5″ large, 18. 25″ high. Electrical: 110-120 volt, 60 hertz, 8. 6-10. 7-12 amps (based on power setting), 1HP motor. Will include owner’s manual.

Kori 12” 3 Speed Misting Humidifier Water Cooling Fan W/ Remote 4516128 (Silver)

Mist fan swamp water cooler Model No. :4516128 LED display, Remote Control, Natural Wind. Sleep Timer, 3 Speed control, 1. 5L water Tank Shipping Weight (in pounds):16. 25 Product in Inches (L x W x H):26. 0 x 15. 7 x 12. 6 Assembled integrate ultrasonic humidifier, misting fan and normal fan in one Misting operates independently or with fan 8 hours timer and 3 fan speed Features Natural, Normal and Sleep Modes Caster for Easy mobility.

— Stainless Steel Portable Blower, 11",, 1/4 HP Motor

— Keep cool in the most heated situations with a blower that gives high volume 1200 max cfm directional air motion. Floor level cooling doesn’t blow air in the operators face. Corrosion tolerant stainless steel outer body with heavy responsibility molded fan blade. Conveniently movable, with a telescoping handle and 4″ wheels for easy motion. Three speed operation lets users to choose the level that is perfect. Fan Head Size: 11″; Fan Type: Air Circulator; Width: 13 1/2″; Color(s): Stainless Steel.

New Reversible High Velocity Portable Fan Black 14 Inch vs MT-4000W

New Reversible High Velocity movable Floor Fan Black 14 Inch Features: 14″ 3-Speed high velocity fan Individually Balanced Aluminum Blades Powder Coated Stand Adjustable 360 Spiral Wire, Epoxy Powder Coated Guards Fastened Together w/ Sheet Metal Screws 3 Prong Grounded Cord Set Meets OSHA Standards gives fast-moving air flow for bigger work regions like garages, workshops, etc.

Deco Breeze DBF5843 Outdoor Collection Stanton Misting Fan

What is the most economical way to keep cool this summer it is our Stanton outdoor misting fan, one of our outdoor value fans. Just because you are Saving money does not mean we cut corners; this fan is completely loaded with everything you have to beat the heat. The Stanton has a weighted base and “neck” that is adjustable from 40″ to 54″. The blades and motor housing are easy-to-care-for plastic. The fan oscillates 180 degrees and offers lots of alternatives: two speeds and three levels in the fitted mister. It is a perfect addition to your summer gear. Measures: 40″-54″ high x 17″ large x 18″ deep.

Commercial Three-Speed, 1/2 hp Motor, 20 Ibs, Red/Black vs MOUNTO Speed 1HP MT4000W pricing

Powerful 1/2 hp motor uses only 5 amps and is ideal for carpet drying and restoration projects. It moves air at a maximum rate of 3,800 cu. Ft. Per minute and is rated at 70dB for calm operation. Three-speed, front-mounted switch lets you to decide the right power level for the job. It comes with a 25 ft. Power cord and weighs only 20 lbs. Top-mounted carry handle aids maneuverability. Unit also is stackable for easy storage. Blower Type: Carpet/Floor; Orientation: Out Draft; Number of Settings: 3; Airflow: 2700/3350/3800 cfm.

New Vent 53315 Gable Mount Power Attic Ventilator Fan 1050 up to 1500 sq ft vs MT-4000-W

WCGA Gable Mount Power Attic Ventilator, 1050 CFM, Ventilates Up To 1500 SQFT, With Adjustable Thermostat From 60 To 120 Degrees, 15″ Diameter Housing, 14″ Diameter Fan Blade, 2. 8 Amp Motor, 6 Bladed Fan Blade, Needs 504 SQIN Of Net Free Intake Air, 5 Year restricted Parts Warranty, 2 Year restricted Labor Warranty.

Deco Breeze DBF0611 Fleur De Lis Fan, Copper, 16-Inch vs MOUNTO Speed 1HP MT4000W review

This is utterly great. Our 16″ Fleur De Lis – Copper Deco Floor Standing Fan does more than just give you a light breeze; it makes a great design declaration with its stylish base and long textured neck that features a beautiful fleur de lis element. Its copper color, as well as the blades, elevates this fan from being just working to beautifully decorative.

Ragalta Black & Decker BDHT-5016 16" High Velocity Turbo Circulator

This RAGALTA 16″ High Velocity Turbo Floor Fan offers a high-intensity turbo three-speed motor, 90 degree pivot which may be used to circulate air in a room or may be focused for instant cooling making this fan a powerful cooling choice for blazing summer days. Also comes equipped with a top-mounted child-tolerant speed control and a convenient carrying handle. Features: 3 Speed capability of mounting it on the wall or any flat surface. Comes equipped with a fitted carrying handle.

Holmes – 12" Oscillating Fan W/Remote Breeze Modes 8Hr Timer "Product Category: Breakroom And Janitorial/Fans" vs MOUNTO Speed 1HP MT4000W price

12″ Oscillating Floor Fan w/Remote Breeze Modes 8hr Timer – Stay cool with this fan’s distinctive oscillating directional grill breeze modes. – Never worry that you forgot to turn off the fan with its eight hour auto shut-off timer. – Easy touch controls make this fan very versatile. – Fan Head Size: 12″ Fan Type: Floor Width: 20 1/4″ Color(s): Black.

Beacon Direct Drive Portable Blower; Size: 36"; RPM High : 1100; AMPS High: 5.6; High: 12500; Model# BDDB-36

Beacon movable industrial fan and movable air blowers are intended for industrial use. The industrial fan promotes increased circulation and greater employee comfort. Theindustrial fan features a rocker switch and a 15′ SJT type 3 conductor cord. The industrial fan also has 8″ rubber wheels and three paddle-style steel blades.

Dri-Eaz F350 Sahara E TurboDryer vs MOUNTO Speed 1HP MT4000W reviews

The Sahara E F350 features the same legendary durability and dependability as the original Sahara – still the most reliable, long-lasting carpet dryer on the market. With a. 25 hp motor and 1-speed operation, the Sahara E Turbodryer keeps drying simple. It stacks for storage and disassembles easily for cleaning and offers bottom drying vents, and the fitted Microban antimicrobial product protection to inhibit the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria, mold and mildew in this machine.

What people considered before buying it:
  1. CFM PRO Air Mover & Carpet Dryer Blower Fan – 3,300 Series
  2. Air Foxx Model AM4000a – 1HP Air Mover/Dryer
  3. Shop-Vac 1032000 Mighty Mini Air Mover
  4. CFM PRO Air Mover & Carpet Dryer Blower Fan – 2,100 Series
  5. Lasko Max Performance Pivoting Utility Fan
  6. Max Storm Orange 2550 CFM Durable Lightweight Carpet Drying Fan Blower Air Mover Draw Low Amps Move Large Volumes of Air for Pro Janitorial or Carpet Cleaning Business …

Models to consider:
30HDHPB C-04030HDHI AM3450aAF-520B MT1400s
SFC1-500BI N-1224566224HDHI Mfg # 255620HPF1010A-NM C-050M
KSB2084AQ-G TX-3AMSHV-21 DCFL1085FF1-50-53 DBF2939
FCACOOL01017 TX-3AMS-PSF-1670M Mfg # 255667DBF2941 BF42BD RED
ILG8F12-6 18-SF-ES-13BMC-TCN 67210 2LY89LCHWD30 BMC-202
BWSF-18-F FPH210RSBPF650 U15701PJ-B2CS-B BMC-200
ACH30-O MSS184026H01FB40-9H KU33318SC6053 MC894
TX-3AM-P HVFF 20 UPSBMC-JII AM4000A U11300MT 4000WB C-050
VP-25 GREEN 3982WE32DBF0611 UAA1BDBF520 FLEX 1/4 RED
FLEX 1/4 RED 20750KFPH210RS OS2700DBF0472 SFSD1-500B3IW
HV-21 MT4000AP-830H-Blue CACU24-WTX-6AM AI-CFS120BA
U15701 BMC-202Storm STO2500PU MB-30-DY795706KSB3096AQ-G DOH2974
P-630HC 30HDHPBDBF2941 MSS184026H01KSB2084AQ-G DBF1022
Flow FLO800GY Mfg # 255620C-009 294496APCF-C020AB 2LY89
DBF0432 CFM-2100MF18W LAS-4890wfwfan1808 AM3450a
Mfg # 255667 2LY976LFC2 BWSF-18-FTX-6AM-P 2LY92
B12P LCHWD30TX-6AM-P AS-0004BWSF-18-F ZM-FD-50
CFM-2100 HVFF 20 UPSMT4000 DBF0242Flow FLO800GY SC6053
DBF0432 20750KHVFF 20UPS BF42BD REDBPF650 BD24-2-WHS
2LY89 30HDHIF34A-F-SF CR1-0238-73VU5670U2 DBF0472
ILG8M24-70EC DBF2939MF18W BICRF-30-WAF-520B F-18-TE
2LY92 737-ACU30-WOACH30-O ILG8F12-6TX-3AM-P CCX 2.5
FF1-50-53 HT38RB-UF18-TE KSB3096AQ-GKU33318 B20725
SC6051 3982WE322LY97 MT 4000WBBF36DD RED PCF-C018MB


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