April 22, 2017

345SOWW Surface (Broan) reviewed…


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  • Helps prevent moisture and ice dams in the winter
  • Can easily replace standard powered attic ventilators
  • Ventilates 537 maximum CFM, or a 3,222 cubic foot attic
  • Removes heat from the attic in summer
  • Reduces energy costs
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon/Sale: n/a

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General description

The Broan 345SOWW Surface Mount Solar Powered Attic Ventilator removes heat from the attic in summer and helps prevent moisture and ice dams in the winter without using any electricity. Keeping your attic cool and dry can extend the life of your roof, by preventing rot, premature maturing and damaging shingle distortion that can result from extreme heat. This energy saving solar powered attic ventilator also decreases energy costs by decreasing running time of air conditioners. Easy retrofit can replace standard powered attic ventilators. Broan Solar Powered Attic Ventilators operate without fuel, waste, or pollution and earn points towards Green building. So you may be able to save money on electricity without using any to do it, which is green for the environment and some extra green for your wallet. Features an integrated 28-watt solar panel for better look, more power, improved airflow and superior CFM. Corrosion-tolerant aluminum screen keeps pests out without impeding airflow. Stainless steel fasteners and galvanized steel brackets for durability, corrosion resistance and longer life. Small, square roof footprint means fewer shingles to cut for easier, faster installation. Dome locator tabs change installation, by stops to positively find and seat dome throughout installation. One Broan solar powered attic ventilator ventilates 537 maximum CFM, or a 3,222 cubic foot attic. Optional thermostat (CWT45) connects easily for applications where cold weather operation is not needed (sold individually). Broan is America’s leading brand of residential ventilation merchandise as well as range hoods, ventilation fans, heater/fan/light mix units, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Systems, fitted heaters, whole-house fans, electric and solar-powered attic ventilators and trash compactors.

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Soler & Palau was one 345SOWW of the world’s leading exhaust fan manufacturers since 1951. One of Soler & Palau’s obligations is to offer exceptional buyer service. They do this with a professional and experienced team of buyer service experts that help in helping customers apply their merchandise to the specific ventilation/air motion applications. Add this with an remaining and dependable product line and you have a residential or commercial fan that not only lasts, however is eco-friendly also.

iLIVING 18" Single Speed Shutter Exhaust Fan, Wall-ed

The iLIVING Shutter Exhaust Fan is perfect for removing extra heat, moisture, and unpleasant odors from virtually any commercial place, as well as restaurants, factories, warehouses, barns, and greenhouses. This fan features aluminum blades, OSHA compliant wire guards, and auto shutters that open and close in tandem with the operation of the fan. The totally enclosed motor is thermally protected and permanently lubricated. The fan comes completely assembled out of the box; only installation obliged is the electrical hardwiring. The shutter fan comes in eight different sizes: 10-inch, 12-inch, 16-inch, 18-inch, 20-inch, 24-inch, 30-inch, and 36-inch; the 18-inch shutter fan has both a variable speed model and a single speed model. The iLIVING 30-inch and 36-inch shutter fans are only available in single speed. For variable speed models, the ILG8SC8A speed controller is sold individually.

Vostermans Ventilation V4E30K1M71100 12 in. PANEL FAN IND 120V with GUARD

12" exhaust or cooling fan. 120v, 1. 1 amps 1600 RPM rated 1425 CFM. Corrosion tolerant fiberglass fan panel, Poly propylene blades, aluminum motor case and mounting struts. Totally enclosed UL Listed motor. Rated UL 507 for outdoor use, and wash down prepared. Class F insulation for temperatures to 140 degrees ambient. 3 year warranty. Dimensions:. Length: 19". Height: 19". Width: 13".

Panasonic FV-08VKML3 Whisper White-Lite 80 CFM Ceiling ed Ventilation Fan with DC Motor, Variable Speed Controls, Motion Sensor, and Light, White

Panasonic FV-08VKML3 WhisperGreen-Lite 80 CFM roof Mounted Ventilation Fan with DC Motor, Variable Speed Controls, Motion Sensor and Light Constant CFM Performance This WhisperGreen model features fitted intelligence called SmartFlow Optimum CFM Technology. This distinctive “electronic-brain” lets the fan do what was once thought to be impossible: perform at a constant CFM despite of elbows and other factors that may hinder performance. Just, when a WhisperGreen fan faces static pressure, its speed is automatically increased to ensure that the wanted CFM is really achieved. This lets the fan to do as rated and makes for easier sizing because the specifiers not has to worry as much about compromising the fan’s performance SmartAction Motion Sensor The SmartAction motion sensor automatically activates whenever someone enters or leaves the room. Variable Speed Control This fan comes with a CustomVent Variable Speed Control. This lets the fan to run continuously at a pre-set lower level of 0, 30-70 CFM that can then be elevated to a maximum of 80 CFM when the switch is turned on for intermittent ventilation. In fact, it’s calm enough that you may not know it is on. Delay Timer A High/Low delay timer (adjustable from 30 seconds – 60 minutes), will return the fan to the minimum CFM level after a time period set by the user. Calm Motor Means calm Operation Panasonic is the 1st ventilation fan maker to integrate a DC motor in residential mechanical ventilation fans. The WhisperGreen series incorporates an enclosed DC motor intended for very calm, energy-economical operation. The permanently lubricated motor is engineered for trouble-free, uninterrupted run for some number of years. Bright Ideas Electronic ballast technology and one ENERGY STAR qualified 32-watt compact, flicker-free fluorescent lamps are equivalent to two 75-watt incandescent lighting. And a 4-watt night-light is convenient for all, particularly.

Vostermans Ventilation T4E40K7M81160P V-Flo Fan

Ventilation plays a important role in modern greenhouses. Vertical ventilation results into a better a more uniform weather and energy savings. Because of some number of energy technical enhancements in modern greenhouses and more intensive cultivation techniques the need of controlling humidity levels on crop level increases. With the V-FloFan Vostermans Ventilation offers the grower the chance to decrease the negative impacts caused by humidity in a simple and energy economical way. The air is circulated over a large surface through an aerodynamic conductor. The V-FloFan may be applied for a large range of crops. The fan is easy to mount in greenhouses and easy to preserve.

1,500 Watt Wall Insert Electric Forced Air Heater vs Broan 345SOWW Surface 28-Watt pricing

9960 Features: -1500W heater with 100W max incandescent light and 7W night light. Will include three-function switch. -roof mounted. -Use for residential. Dimensions: in general Height – Top to Bottom: -12″. In general Width – Side to Side: -14. 04″. In general Depth – Front to Back: -19″. In general Product Weight: -13. 3 lbs.

Nutone 110 Cfm Bathroom Fan with Heater and Light

You do not have to heat the complete house to have a comfy bathroom 1st thing in the morning. And it simply does not seem right to wait for your central heating system to do what NUTONE can do instantly. This Heater/Fan/Lighting mix gives powerful heating and ventilation at the touch of a switch.

Tjernlund EF-10 Duct Booster Fan, 475 CFM, 10" vs Broan 345SOWW Surface 28-Watt review

Use this fan to increase air flow to reach hard to heat or cool regions or as a utility blower for air supply or exhaust. U. S. A. Fan Diameter (in. ): 10, HP: 1/100, Air Delivery (CFM): 475, Amps: 0. 60, Dimensions L x W x H (in. ): 15 3/4 x 10 x 11 5/8, Needs to be Hardwired: Yes, Speeds (qty. ): 1, Volts: 120, Speed (RPM): 1,500.

RadonAway Model RP265 6" Radon Fan

Click here for fan comparison guide CLICK HERE FOR RADON TEST KITSRadonAway Model RP265 6″ Radon Fan. This calm, powerful fan is ideal for most active big subslab radon mitigation systems. The RP265 Is one of the best selling 6″ radon fans available. 207 CFM at 1″ W. C. Static Pressure intended particularly for radon mitigation, RadonAway’s RP Series fans supply superb performance and are super-calm and nice. They’re ideal for most active subslab radon mitigation systems. Note: Choice of fan model is reliant on building characteristics and should be made by a radon professional. Features: Five-year restricted warranty calm and nice Thermally protected Motorized impeller ETL Listed – for indoor or outdoor use Meets all electrical code prerequisites Rated for commercial and residential use Made in the USA plans: Power intake – 86-140 Watts CFM at 0″ W. C. – 327 CFM at 1″ W. C. – 95 Maximinum suggested Operating Pressure – 2. 2″ W. C. Weight – 6. 5 lbs Inlet / Outlet – 6. 0″ OD for easy coupling to Schedule 40 PVC Size – 8. 6″ H X 11. 75″ X 11. 75″ Normal operating temperature range: -20 – 120 degrees F. Maximum inlet air temperature: 80 degrees F. Uninterrupted responsibility Class B Insulation 3000 RPM Thermally protected Rated for indoor or outdoor use RADON FAN COMPARISON TABLE: Model Watts Max Pressure channel Dia. 5 1 1. 5 2. 0 2. 5 3. 0 3. 5 4. 0 Fantech HP2133 14-20. 84 4″ 60 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Fantech HP2190 60-95 1. 93 4″ 138 81 35 0 0 0 0 0 Fantech HP190 60-85 2. 01 4. 5″ 123 89 45 0 0 0 0 0 Fantech HP220 85-152 2. 46 6″ 260 193 58 15 0 0 0 0 Fantech HP190SL 140 2. 2 4″ 133 103 76 27 0 0 0 0 RadonAway GP201 40-60 2. 0 3″ 0 82 58 5 0 0 0 0 RadonAway GP301 55-90 2. 6 3″ 0 92 .

331H Exterior Blower for 10-Inch Round Duct, 600 CFM 2.3-Amp vs Broan 345SOWW Surface 28-Watt price

Broan outside blowers offer you powerful ventilation performance at its quietest and something you will not find anywhere else – Broan quality. Decrease kitchen sound by locating range hood blowers outdoors. Intended for use with our professional style Broan Elite E60E and E64E series, EX Series chimney hoods, RMPE Power Pack and RMIP inserts (RMIP requires 332KR rough-in kit). Ideal for custom applications when used with 72-watt (white) or 72-volt (ivory) (6 amp variable speed) for control of the outside blower from a remote wall place. Residential design fits unobtrusively on home outside. Lasting, weather-tolerant, all-aluminum construction that mounts on the roof or outside wall. Safety screen keeps small animals and debris away from blower and motor. HVI Certified.

Nutone 768CHNT Corrosion Resistant Decorative Bath Fan, Chrome Finish

768CHNT Features: -Decorative bathroom fan with light. -80 CFM. -2. 5 sones. -4” round ducting. -White opal glass shade. -Close mount design. -Vent openings in fixture base for exhaust fan. -tough key holed mounting brackets for fast and correct installation. -fitted back draft damper for easy, positive channel connection and no metallic clatter. -Tapered and polymeric channel fitting. Construction: -Housing construction: Rugged and 26 gage galvanized steel construction. Color/Finish: -Chrome finish. Plans: -120 Volts. -Accommodates (2) 60W candelabra bulbs (not included). Assembly information: -Light fixture assembly is plug-in and removable. Dimensions: -in general dimensions: 1. 042” H x 1. 229” W x 1. 229” D.

Model 510 10-Inch Room to Room Utility Fan, 380 CFM, 6.5 Sones vs Broan 345SOWW Surface 28-Watt reviews

Broan 510 10″ Room to Room Ventilation Fan 380 CFM 6. 5 Sones. Fitted Variable Speed Control. Housing changes to Fit Walls from 3″ to 5-1/2″ Thick. Easy Interior Wall Installation. Permanently Lubricated Motor. High-Strength, strengthened Polymeric Fan Blade. Two nice White Polymeric Grilles may be Painted to go with Decor.

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Models to consider:
FV-08-11VFL5 DM106P24-4 HRV100HHP 190SLQ DRLC703
VIR201603099 KZQL90GP201 PV-200XQTXEN080FLT VIR201603133
VIR7605 PBW110HVIR8362 VIRWGB182709VIRWB246363 TW408
QKN60S L250MGILFK120 VIR1936B1317251FRAK90 FV-08VKSE3
ZN110L 345CSOBKFV-11VFL4 SAF-30VES24C VIR1930B1317253
VIR8361 QTXEN150742RBNT VIRCC3622L700 SF-1413
FV-15VQL5 VIRVI4814HLUVIR1942B117253 VIR201603111VIRVI2412HLX CX24BDM-2SPD
GBR80HL EWF-180Equalizer EQ2 KIT-PV150-DVQC ES3100 FV-11VFL4
5DDD085A FW40-S1VIR1924B1417251 AP 90H-SL G6 WCE-48B-3 VIRPXM653204
DRLC703 ZN110LSAF-30 VIR1930B1317253QKN60S PFG-4815D
XN110HL SAF24FV-11-15VK1 CE-12-DSKIT-TD150H FV-01WS2
ILFK120 VIR8361VIRVI4814HLU AP 120-SL G6 ORQC ES3100 TD-125
VIR201603099 VES24CAP 90H-SL G6 W VIRVIK4818UVIR201603077 VIRWGB182716
QTRE080 PX11-U30CVS 275A VTX800PX06-I48 V4E50K1M71100
VIR8362 TD-150L700 VIRWB246357SBF 110 G5 W VIRWBB182669
FV-08VKML3 VIRVIK4213X509ex 4HA12-36×34VIR1942B1517251 HP 190SLQ


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