April 22, 2017

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  • Flame effect can be used independently, 2 heat setting options, adjustable flame brightness
  • Power: 750/1500W for 110-120v, 60Hz, dimensions: length: 3.5 inches, width: 36 inches, height: 22 inches
  • Safety thermal cut-off device, led light source flame technology, 71 inch cord
  • Remote control including on/off, heat setting and dimmer (batteries included)
  • Wall mount and metal stand included, 10 different color options, flat black finish
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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General description

Bring the beauty and warmth of a remote controlled electric fireplace to your living space with this stunning Northwest 36″” flat black wall mount color changing fireplace. Stay cozy and warm while enjoying a beautiful fire without the dangers of a real fireplace. No need for chopping wood or sweeping the chimney. Featuring ten different color alternatives allowing you to instantly change the mood. Will include wall mounting hardware for easy installation and the beautiful white finish front panel adds a modern look to your decor. With adjustable flame light, two different heat settings and remote control you may be able to transform your living room into the lap of luxury.

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Golden Vantage GV-520AL 35" Electric Heater with Remote Control

Note: This item isn’t available for SHIPPING TO AK, HI, and PR. OR APO. FPO. DPO. Simply hang it up, plug into any electrical outlet and enjoy your fireplace without spending a fortune for it. We imported our wall mount fireplace directly from the maker, you with the best prices available. FEATURES: CE Certified/ TUV/GS/ROHS Tip Over and Overheating Protection Easily available On/Off Switch Electric Wall Mount Fireplace with 3D Patented Flame Technology Comes with Full Function Remote Control 100 Energy economical, No Emissions, No Pollution Beautiful & stylish Black Finish Curved Glass Front Design Lighted Electric Fire Log for a Realistic Looking Fire 3 Levels Real Glowing Frame Effect, Low, Medium and High Easy Installation- Simply Hang it to Your Liking, Plug in and Enjoy Comes with Remote, Turn the Fireplace ON/OFF, and Ember Bed Intensity & Heater Can Install nearly anyplace in Your House or Office suited for Bedroom, Living Room and Family Room, OR Office Plugs into Any Electrical Household Outlet and it’s Good To Go plans: Certifications: CE/GS/ROHS Material: Steel/Glass 5,200 BTU-750W/1500W Frequency: 60Hz Voltage/Power 110-120V Fireplace Dimensions:36x22x7 REMOTE CONTROL FUNCTIONS: main Control Flame display ON/OFF Flame display and Embers lighter many Settings Flame display and Embers Dimmer many Settings Turn Fireplace ON/OF Heater ON/OFF Low/Med/High will include: (1) Electric Wall Mount Fireplace (1) Remote Control (2) Wall Mount Brackets (1) information Manual Note: This item isn’t available for SHIPPING TO AK, HI, and PR. OR APO. FPO. DPO.

Warm House 80-40608 Warm House Retro Standing Electric

1500W Heater Bring the beauty and warmth of a fireplace to your living space with this stunning Warm House™ Retro Floor Standing Electric Fireplace. Now you will be able to stay cozy and enjoy all the positive effects of a fireplace without annoyance of buying or chopping wood yourself. Adding warmth and modern style to your living space never been easier than with the amazing Warm House™ Retro Floor Standing Electric Fireplace. With two different heat settings and a realistic log flame effect you may be able to transform any area into the lap of luxury.

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Models to consider:
RCC12012C SA12-5000SIR45-15-L LL-RC-1410-HCF255682 FRC4027F
MX-250D FPE-437-FLS-8WIQH-LB-IN HBB1004UC101B HF-905
607101C A4643KFA650DGD TT40-120MM905-48BCP U12100-SS
DF-EFP1000 120090WD-BKITVIR201602451 HD60AS0121EECOSH-125SN F273766
VIR103173N F191828SMS-100 80-WSG02MOTOR-012-04E IEP-1524
HWC-20X20 949TAMNLEUVIRT9AB46236 EH1-0091-64GPH1430H41 55S144032-0700
WHCA-240-0342 DT1103BWOCH46208VSSE VIRT9AB4624527 x 18 80-EF421S
BLAZE 700D HEA-215110SALPHA15240S AR400TV209324 WD1225
PWSSRM6-1/2PC N1C050AR212 VIRWBB202288MX-250D SIU75-30-TG-N5
WHCA-240-0342 F1806EECOCH-85CH EFTC-140W373-MH9B HF-905
YES-1548-3E E2400-0300ETWHE50 FRC4824FSG12-N OKB595E6-480V
V-674 CP378AR400 CNS50EHH-2 MH-40-GFA
DFI400LH SALPHA15240SSIS75-20-L5 HWC-20X20UDAP75 FFH1615
12001524-KIT-WV F270490WD1225 FES10241CAVIRWBB59879 VIR201602441
VIRT9AB46236 LWS-130291MBR0800HKR10 55CP20-EC3LOCH57-240VCE TSP02110
HD-FP0019 SIS175-50-TG-L5UC101B T7A4J1-250LPW2445C HD60AS0121
FRC4824F SIU100-30-TG-L5SIR45-15-N5 VIRWBB59879WD2025HT5 VIRWBB202288
TSP02110 VIR201602409QUICKNET-070-1 NLW302TWLL-RC-1410-HC A4643
7359-C05 BB RCC10524C5934S10EA 27 x 18PWSSRM8-3/8PC CZ2048T
55S144032-0700 HT-CP-400FRC4027F 120090WD-BKITWEO-140SN MM905-48BCP
T7A4J1-250 SMS-100SALPHA15240S CuNi400COC125SN 373-MH9B
VIR201602441 DF-EFP1000DFI400LH 949TAMNLEUHD100AS0111 F255682
N1C050 HWS-224172MHAR400 SIU175-40-L5V-674 F270490
MH-0190-0M10 HUH724STWHCA-240-0342 VIR103173NF191828 SP24
F273766 EH1-0091-64WD1225 VIRWBB202275MH-40-GFA SIS75-20-N5


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