April 22, 2017

AM09 Fan (Dyson) has great ratings

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  • Safe: tip-over automatic cut-out; No visible heating elements
  • Effective all year round
  • Efficient air circulation
  • Patented Air Multiplier technology
  • Precise, energy efficient heating
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
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General description

Fast whole room heating in winter. High velocity air to cool you in summer. Now with Jet concentrate control. Decide personal mode for long-range powerful airflow,or choose diffused mode for large projection to mix thesurrounding air.

Recent reviews of Dyson AM09 Fan Heater, Black/Nickel:

This is a beautifully intended fan for those with deep pockets and discriminating taste. It is really an amazing part of technology and design. Pros:Gorgeous in appearanceWell madeCools and heatsGood materialsEasy to operateWell-written directionsSilent operation (not counting wind noice)useful remoteRemote attaches to fan using magnetsSilent oscillation functionOscillation may be stopped at any positionSmall footprintWide or narrow breeze settingEasy to change remote batteryTimer may be used in fan or heat modesBlue color is striking6 foot heavy responsibility two prong cordSafe for childrenSurface doesn’t get too hot throughout heat settingYear round useCons: expensiveA standard 12 inch fan moves as much airRubber feet are too small to be usefulHighly suggested.

Dyson merchandise, like Apple merchandise, are groundbreaking and have great aesthetic and practical design. This fan/heater is no exemption. It is quite small in size, lightweight, and Truthfully this color mix looks really nice. I was surprised by how calm it’s, toward the quick setting. Clearly wind sound will be present and that is the major supply of the sound. It is got settings from 1-10 for speed. The unit tilts 10 degrees to better direct airflow, and it will stay tilted while oscillating. I tested the tip over shut off safety function and it works well. I think about this feature a need really. The sleep timer is a useful touch. The fit and finish and in general build quality is top notch. I found that this heather got my living room warm rather quickly, and for a bigger room this thing excels. It will put out lots of heat quickly, and that airflow may be focused in a narrow band or a wider swath. Indeed, in fan mode the airflow may be alternated between narrow and large streams. To me, it sounded like the large steam made a bit more sound, not more, however a bit more than the focused stream,One thing I really, really do not like about this unit is that without the remote control all you may be able to do is turn it on and change the heat temperature. If you misplace the remote you are pretty hard pressed to use the machine effectively. On a side note tot that, I do not like the way the remote sits over the fan and is "held on" by a magnet. The magnet is weak, and any little bump will because it to fall off. It gets annoying. I wish the cord was a little longer, however that is not such a big deal. In general, this is a costly fan/heater. It is a Dyson, and it is well engineered and well intended, however the "little brother" AM05 does most of what this one does for considerably less. That is really up to the individual to choose which is a better value. Made in Malaysia.

There are qualities about Dyson merchandise that you know you’ll get when buying it: 1. Distinctive, atypical business design 2. A general higher quality during the complete product and 3. A higher price. For most of the merchandise, particularly the vacuums, it’s a hit or miss on if you’re to get more for the price paid. Overall, the consensus typically is that the merchandise work better but not essentially in an amount equal to the higher price premium. The AM09 is an oscillating, remote-controlled, heater. Period. The heating elements, I believe, are on the sides of the oval ‘output shaft’ but when the heat is on the sides don’t get hot. They’re warm to the touch although not a safety concern. Like other remote-controlled heaters, this may also function as a general fan. This is labeled as a ‘cooling’ feature. Know, although, that there’s no cooling system, i. E. A compressor, to really cool the air. Simply by circulating room-temperature air it’ll overall reduce the degrees a bit – just like any other fan. There aren’t blades present where the air outflows from. This is done from the rotating turbine in the base. It’s alike to an airplane turbine but the blades here are of different size (like a cone drill bit) and it directs the air up to the top. – -Airflow – -What I found with the airflow (on the ‘cooling’ choice) is that it equals to about a medium on regular house fans. It gives more stable airflow, but. With regular house fans the air is thick and short, with gap in the center. The Dyson air is full, exact with no obvious gap. It feels a bit cooler than regular fans because of this precision. There are two alternatives for air output – 1. Narrow and 2. Large. Again, note that the air isn’t cool.

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Features. 80 gallon. Electric heat pump. 4500w 240v. 2. 72 energy factor. Absorbs heat from the ambient air changes to hot water using hvav compressor technology. Units also equipped with standard electric heating elements. May be operated as heat pump only. Hybrid or standard electric model. Heat pump is over tank. Led display. Heavy-responsibility anode rod protects against corrosion. Vacation mode maintains 60 degrees temperature up to 99 days. 1st hour ranking gallon 76. 3 efficiency mode 91 hybrid mode 88 electric mode. Dimension – 32. 25 l x 29. 12 w x 74. 75 h in. Item weight – 307 lbs.

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Models to consider:
T400U F273400F340680 MSS187378H01SH-1505 MGH10BF
DCH7093ER HF5605T – 7DS2110-3366 9206CABBXARTM-750 HZ-960
EFTC-140F BLZ-8303BLZ-8309 HB-211TH3453T LS-HPTC15PB
GWD308 H-3011LPW2045T 15314RCHR25TL F232000
2 x LS-6DMIQH-X E8803100-T2CUH05B31T 966BRL LH 15H-5000 A-E-027
LW-NFL-0013 X6035BLZ-8245 H-7000CF1500UV-WOA EE-8075R
BLA72635 AC3N23WM9043-S994 RPB21141ESK-601(B) EUH05B31T
EE-8079GR H-4500A4643/RTL HZ-435RLP30 GMVC950704CX
WM15010 H-8121HZ-385BP H-50002315i HFH111T-NU
T400U SH-1505BLP170VTA 18000WFLCHT0016US BB21
HR25TL RMC-55R7DFH-107-T 600SS+HGCF1500UV-WTA 30mat120-20-GFCI
TCH8093 H1016LS-HPTC15PB 2320IH3453T TRD40615E
DFA135C SH-1500P373-HS210KT LS19-CIQH-MWDS2110-3366 IR30PMDG-1
CZ2032O MSS187378H01HF3316T2RP AMZ: HZ-960CEPM-4A BLA72635
IR18NMDG-1 H3910 – 48T23WH1031CW CS202TL250L HZ-435
F8805150-T2 HZ-817CS170 F34068070mat120-20-GFCI 9421CABBX
H-3603 EH1-0090-58HF4320TRP HZ-960DV35IN33LN 15314RC
MH-45-KFA 15202RCH-7000 IR30PMDG-1LCHT0016US DR-968-2
50mat120-20-GFCI DYN-HTR-1500-200HZ-435 HF3316T2RP15828RC AFUSHG1016
H-3011 A-020DS2110-3366 BH3950-UCF1500UV-WTA HC1-15-12
H3453T H-4500RLP30 K05711980LAMZ: HZ-960 HS-1500-IRI
E8803100-T2 MSS170888H01SH-1505 CZ2062WF236130 26TF8299-E451
CS202T 966BRL LH 15BOH2003 WM15010RT750H RPB21301
HZ-860 EH1-0090-58X6035 RHCH-15001CHFP-001W HF4320TRP
F8805150-T2 VCIR-600T400U H-5000HZE30240/480SH E8806200-24V
KBP2406 55mat120-20-GFCI70mat120-20-GFCI 100LW222+-TH-277V-A60 H-3603


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