April 22, 2017

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  • Protects low ceilings from heat and heater from rain
  • Dual-Layer stainless steel
  • Highly recommended for all installations to promote installation safety and product longevity
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  • For platinum 500 and tungsten 500 radiant infrared patio heaters
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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General description

Mount your Bromic Platinum 500 or Tungsten 500 Gas Radiant Infrared Patio Heater closer to the roof with this Heat Deflector. This Dual-level Stainless Steel accessory decreases the distance obliged to the roof to just 14 Inch from 42 Inch. This lets you to accomplish the optimum height of 8 feet below the heater with ceilings as low as 10′ 2″ high. The Heat Deflector is suggested for all installations where the heater is open to the elements, to keep rain from entering the heater. BH3030002.

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Dr. er DR218-1W Greenhouse Garage Workshop Infrared er, 1-watt

In colder months when there’s BR-2620166 freezing temperatures outside, using a greenhouse heater can keep your plants from freezing. The DR Infrared Heater DR218 greenhouse heater is a professional choice for your tender plants. The DR218 model, assembled in USA, is a fan force heater that can supply a dependable and economical heat source to your greenhouse plants. This greenhouse heater, permanently lubricated for life, uses a totally enclosed, thermally protected and heavy responsibility ball bearing motor that gives long life with low maintenance obliged. It has a precision temperature sensor with a fitted over-heat protection, adjustable thermostat control, which lets you to create the best weather for your plants. Plus, this heater comes with heavy responsibility steel housing, an IPX4 structure that’s protected against water splashing. Order one today and protect your tender plant from becoming a frosted, soggy mush and keep your young plants snug and warm till spring.

Precision Panel Convector Size: 16.88" H x 27.2" W x 4.25" D

PPC1500 Size: 16. 88″ H x 27. 2″ W x 4. 25″ D Features: -Proportional heating: exactly matches heat loss to deliver maximum comfort and energy efficiency. -Controls room temperature inside 0. 5C (0. 9F). -well-matched with optional connex wireless controls, lets for simple, whole-home control from a single device. -Learning technology: Learns the room environment and adapts to preserve better comfort. -Silent operation with no moving parts. -Economy setting- decrease set temperature when room isn’t in use. Dimensions: Size 16. 88″ H x 17. 7″ W x 4. 25″ D – in general Height – Top to Bottom: -16. 88″. Size 16. 88″ H x 17. 7″ W x 4. 25″ D – in general Width – Side to Side: -17. 7″. Size 16. 88″ H x 17. 7″ W x 4. 25″ D – in general Depth – Front to Back: -4. 25″. Size 16. 88″ H x 17. 7″ W x 4. 25″ D – in general Product Weight: -9. 3 lbs. Size 16. 88″ H x 24. 4″ W x 4. 25″ D – in general Height – Top to Bottom: -16. 88″. Size 16. 88″ H x 24. 4″ W x 4. 25″ D – in general Width – Side to Side: -24. 4″. Size 16. 88″ H x 24. 4″ W x 4. 25″ D – in general Depth – Front to Back: -4. 25″. Size 16. 88″ H x 24. 4″ W x 4. 25″ D – in general Product Weight: -12. 4 lbs. Size 16. 88″ H x 27. 2″ W x 4. 25″ D – in general Height – Top to Bottom: -16. 88″. Size 16. 88″ H x 27. 2″ W x 4. 25″ D – in general Width – Side to Side: -27. 2″. Size 16. 88″ H x 27. 2″ W x 4. 25″ D – in general Depth – Front to Back: -4. 25″. Size 16. 88″ H x 27. 2″ W x 4. 25″ D – in general Product Weight: -12. 9 lbs. Size 16. 88″ H x 33. 9″ W x 4. 25″ D – in general Height – Top to Bottom: -16. 88″. Size 16. 88″ H x 33. 9″ W x 4. 25″ D – in general Width – Side to Side: -33. 9″. Size 16. 88″ H x 33. 9″ W x 4. 25″ D – in general Depth – Front to Back: -4. 25″. Size 16. 88″ H x 33. 9″ W x 4. 25″ D – in general Product Weight: -15. 7 lbs.

Lifelux 1 Watts Infrared er with Oscillation and Remote – Black metal

See photo for color product description conventional meets modern with this powerful 1500 watt floor heater. An integrated oscillation system distributes heat during a room without drying out the air. Smart safety features are a cool touch outside, childproof lock, and auto shutdown when the device overheats or info over. Other convenient features are three heat mode settings, eco-mode, a 12-hour programmable timer, an ionizer, and easy-read display for temperature settings.

Burda 30242 Smart Short Wave Double Indoor/Outdoor Infrared er, 3000-watt

BURDA Smart 3000W Short Wave Infra Red Heater has two heating units in one. This is twice the heating force – perfect for entertaining in bigger outdoor spaces. It runs off a regular 120 V electrical line and must be hardwired in. This 35. 3″ large heater mounts to walls, brick and other fixed surfaces. Its protecting casing makes it safe to use inside or outside in all weather. With gold painted lamps, it creates heat with low-glare atmosphere. It’s perfect for patios, pool houses, recreational spaces and more. Fast specifications: 3000 Watts, 120 V, 25 amps, pigtail.

Storm Deluxe Logan w/Bluetooth Speaker Portable Infrared Space er

Our Deluxe Logan movable Infrared Quartz Heater with Bluetooth Speaker(Color -black Walnut) incorporates our patented technology to make it the best heater on the market. It also incorporates a bluetooth speaker and USB charge port. Perfect for those big living rooms where you want to be comfy and relax.

Vornado TH1 Whole Room Tower er vs Bromic Heating Low BR-2620166 pricing

The Vornado TH1 Tower Heater effectively circulates heat, without the need for oscillation, using V-Flow™ heat circulation. Whole room heat circulation begins with a powerful blower to create a strong current of hot air. By passing the heat through specially contoured louvers, the TH1 distributes the heated air in a large, V-shaped pattern that creates a more steadily comfy space. This large, powerful airflow is superior to oscillating heaters that create unbalanced heat output and leave hot and cold spots in the room. The TH1 gives you simple control of the on-board thermostat to exactly dial in your comfort setting. Choose from 3 fan settings, and choose “Auto” mode to let the fan to cycle on and off with the heating element, or “uninterrupted” for constant circulation with or without heat. The TH1 comes with a host of safety features, as well as a tipover switch, auto safety shut off if airflow becomes obstructed, a tough, non-oscillating base, and an outside that stays cool to the touch, after hours of operation. Model is made for 120 volts only.

World Marketing BDISC6 Comt G The Original Brown Box Ceramic Disc er (World MarketingBDISC6 )

Kosta Pelonis presented the 1st ever Ceramic Disc Heater in the late 1980’s. The superior heating performance, high energy efficiency, and tough steel cabinet have amazed buyers for over 20 years. Many holders report that their original brown box Pelonis disc heater is still performing very. Features: 4 ceramic disc heating elements Electronic thermostat External ambient temperature sensor tough steel “brown box” housing Accidental tip-over shut-off Fuel Type: Electric Temperature Control: Thermostat BTU Output: 5200 Electricity obliged: yes Watts: 1500 Heating Area: 600 sq ft Length: 5. 25in Width: 5. 75in Height: 6. 75in Color: Brown Assembly obliged: No.

Taeil W25-CHF1934-KIT100 Underfloor Carbon Film Essential Kit 120V – 100 Sq Ft vs Bromic Heating Low BR-2620166 review

Warm Flooring System of Carbon Heating Film kit will include. 1. Carbon Heating Film Roll. Coverage: 100 Sq Ft (9. 29 Sq M). Width 19 3/4 in (50 cm) X Length: 60. 76 Ft (18. 52 m). Film Thickness: 1/75 in (0. 338 mm). Electric Current: 0. 11 Amp / Sq Ft. Power intake: 21 W / Sq Ft. Power supply must be 110-120V. Max Temperature: 104-122 F (50-60 C). 2. 7 Day Programmable Thermostat (1 Unit). Model: UTH-05B. Description: External floor sensor error alert function auto shut-off timer can be set for 5 different sets per day. Input Voltage: AC 85V AC 265V (SMPS Type). Max. Capacity: 9A. Max. Output: 2kW. One UTH-05B is needed for each 100 sq ft of carbon heating film. (Example: 70 sq ft requires 1 thermostat. 120 sq ft requires 2 thermostats. ). 3. Clamp Connectors (40 Units). Material: Aluminum. Type: Pressure Terminal. Suggested Wires: 12 Gauge 14 Gauge. 4. Insulation tape for clamp connectors (3 rolls). Length: 120 in (300 cm). Width: 2 in (5cm). Thickness: 1/16 in (1. 5 mm). Carbon heating film is the leading electric floor heating system in the world. Carbon heating film is the only one in floor heating system that uses carbon heating elements. Operational cost of the carbon heating film system is nearly over 2 times less costly than conventional water oil or gas heating systems. The electric in floor heating system with carbon heating elements is easy to install and easy to use. The carbon heating system may be installed under any flooring surface: laminate flooring tile flooring hardwood flooring etc.

Electric Infrared er

1500W 120V 60Hz Quartz infrared heater 5600BUT-Rated to heat up to 1500 Square Feet. Cabinet constructed from furniture grade wood with Honey Oak or Black finish. 4 caster wheels under the wood cabinet Design. Easily rolled from room to room. 6 feet Electric cord. 5600BTU. Commercial grade infrared heating elements rated for 25,000 hours Electronic Thermostat with LCD digital display and remote control/ is correct to +/- 1 With Remote control. Max heat up to 85 degrees. 55 Energy Saving than the normal heater. Safety Cut Off Switch, automatically turns off if airflow is obstructed. Lifetime washable electrostatic filter. Maker 1 year warranty. No installation obliged Just plug it in Assembled size: 19"H x 16"D x 13"W.

Optimus H-3001 Mini Compact Utility er with Thermostat vs Bromic Heating Low BR-2620166 price

Optimus brings you the finest in fans and heaters. The H-3001 is a mini compact utility heater with thermostat. Features are two heat settings of 750 and 1500 watts, auto thermostat control, four position function switch with off, fan, lo and hi, fan only setting, interior heat limiting thermostat, thermal cut-off safety device, overheat protection circuit with warning light, lasting sheet metal cabinet, and power display light.

Oil-Filled Radiator, White, 18.1 x 6.7 x 15

If in an office, breakroom or conference room, this electric radiator gives fast and adaptable heating for the complete room. The unit comes with a GFI plug so it is safe to use in a bathroom. Vertical thermal chimneys are engineered to maximize radiant heat flow while maintaining a low surface temperature. The 24-hour programmable timer with 96 settings lets you to heat rooms for any wanted amount of time. Variable heat settings let you change output levels, optimizing energy-economical operation.

Cedar Ridge Recon Dual Fuel Blue Flame Gas er – 30,000 BTU, Model# MD30TBU vs Bromic Heating Low BR-2620166 reviews

This heater is factory reconditioned by ProCom Heating in the USA to do like new. The Cedar Ridge Hearth by ProCom Heating gives you a stylish cabinet design while incorporating the same great benefits of a conventional vent-free heater. Featuring the patented Dual Fuel Technology, which lets this heater to use either Natural Gas or Propane Gas in one unit. With a push of a button, the Piezo Ignition System gives you 30,000 Max BTU, enough to heat up to 1,000 square feet of living space. We added another bonus feature by as well as and pre-installing the Blower. No electricity obliged to operate (120V electrical outlet obliged if using the blower system). These blue flame gas heaters create a comfy room setting by heating the air, then circulating the warmth during the room. Set this heater as the central heating system, a staple for all homes and apartments. To prevent performance problems, don’t use propane/LP fuel tank of less than 100 lbs. Capacity.

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  3. Platinum 500 Radiant Natural Gas Patio Heater
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Models to consider:
JAZ 80 FFIH15W31GWR505 10HM4128-W504MH18B HEAT-F271400
HZS30120/240AT YD-925A5473 CS101TCK 20E (274428) EUAR31
MNSD300TBA-BB MHEW62-40R-035DVMD300TBA HEAT-F270255H-7328 75mat120-20-GFCI
AFUSHG1015 LS1000-2600SS HPH15-E(Black)CP100 LW-NFL-0004
XPD-1500 HX-E120-W36EB220-GRT RHWH-1400280-WT750 LPW2045T
CS170 A5095RT1500H 665RPSsf1500 ES5134
SF12ST MUH073DF2608 TCH7590ERSG301-15UP EH1-0092-69
PKCOJ5 VH101LW-NFL-0008 QB1610323MM378-E451 HW1022T
TRO715L F340725A323000 MH-60V-GFAZCHT1056US F272800
MQHS40BWL XPD-1500LW-NFL-0001 EE-8075BKF236125 HZ-817
222+-TH-277V-30 9HM8000-OAKF274825 QB16103F340725 Ex 1001
DFA135C SG301-15UPEUH10B34CT TCH7590ERF299200 MGH10BF
EH1-0096-43 LS1000-2F340720 IR30PMDG-1Ssf1500 GWR505
IH-1500B-11 DFS-550-0HF4315T2RPW HF3323TD – RPBX26E HZS30120/240AT
A323000 P8806200-T2HPH15-E(Black) FFIH15W31CP100 HHT210
YD-925 MD20TBUMH-45-KFA HZ-7200RCH5031CXW RT750H
AM09 ZCHT1056USst11 AC6NF270170 MH15
OCH57240VSSE 23MM1297-C259RFLVC21 2VRR3F270320 10QH2944-C244
CK 20E (274428) EC1066RP24-O128PC32VFC 75mat120-20-GFCIH1013 F232045
MGH10BF RHWH-14002MH-45-KFA F272800HFH131-N-TG XPD-1500
AM09 YD-925T23WH1211CW HZ-960EH1-0050-06 HLI-1531
HX-E120-W HPH15-E(Black)EH1-0092-69 HBH-5010HF60CBI EBHN1250WS
9421CABBX EE-8075BKAFUSHG1015 F236125TRH0715 AC6N
DCH1030 CZ999E3313TRPW EF3801B1SF12ST st11
GWR505 BRH562CZ230E EUH03B34CTP8806200-T2 NAHB0015
EUH10B34CT HW1022T2HDW7 BLZ-8308MH-600T-KFA MD300TBA
DFA220CV A5095F270170 F2992002315i 222+-TH-277V-30


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