April 22, 2017

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  • ETL Certified
  • Dual output – Can be run at 10kW (50 Amp) or 7kW (30 Amp)
  • Proprietary dual coil support system and Thermal protected
  • Thermostatically controlled two-stage operation
  • 3.3 kW Single-Phase electric heater
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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General description

Local building rules in many metropolitan jurisdictions are now restricting the use of fuel or gas-fired construction heaters. For these regions, DeWALT Forced Air Electric Heaters can deliver the break from cold temperatures obliged by construction professionals. Features like distinctive heating coil supports, glove-friendly controls, factory-installed thermostats and ergonomically intended oversize handles deliver performance, dependability and convenience.

Compare with similar products:

2 HeatWorX Portable Infrared Space s with Max Efficient Flow

2 HeatWorX movable Infrared Space F340640 Heaters with Air Max economical Flow. There is a NEW HEAT in town and it is called HeatWorX When you buy a HeatWorX heater you will be happy with the top performance features entirely built into our flagship model. HeatWorX is the new in heating technology and gives top performance and dependability. There aren’t BULBS to annoyance with or that will need replaced. Engineered and intended by an engineering team with many years of craftsmanship and creativity under their belts assures a safe product that heats your chosen zone, up to 1,000 sq. Ft. Our exclusive increased airflow makes the HeatWorX TM more economical and will heat your area faster while saving you money. Up to a 25 performance increase over competitive models Our timer lets you to heat an area when you want and the thermostat maintains your temperature steadily. You only have to enjoy the warmth HeatWorX introduces the airMAX economical Flow Technology and we have found that it far surpasses others by producing more heat faster HeatWorX is filled with modern features and we know you are prepared to move to the safest, best performing and most dependable heater on the market.

Disipation Heat Loop – Hot Tub

2nd Solar Heating Loop for Hot Tubs 2nd Solar Heating Loop – Hot Tubs Integrate solar water heating system into spas and hot tubs with this fast Plug n’ Save optional heating loop. The 2nd loop quickly plugs into a auto 3 way diverter valve that regulates both the hot tub temperature and the domestic hot water. Hot water is circulated to a high flow stainless steel heat exchanger located on return side of you hot tub filter system. 2nd relay controls the temperature differences to circulate hot water to the tub when needed. DeltaSol BS/plus zone controller controls both the solar heating loop and the aux spa heating loop. NOTE: For Salt Water Hot Tubs a titanium heat exchanger is needed (add 350) Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger 1. 5″ hot tub side 3/4″ Heat Exchanger Side will include: Belimo 3-way auto actuator valve. 95,000 BTU Stainless Steel Pool Heat Exchanger 50 feet of Easy Flex 3/4″ piping All fittings Return Policy We want you to be 100 pleased with your buy, if you aren’t, ship it back to us in the original packaging condition and we’ll refund your buy less a 10 restocking fee, provided the equipment is received in good condition. Refund offer valid for 30 days from receipt of product. Warranty We feel that being honest is a much better policy to win your trust rather than trying to tempt you with almost impossible statements like life time warranty. Nothing lasts forever. Our warranty policy is simple; we offer a 3 year warranty on everything we sell and 10 years on our collectors. With this warranty you’ll get NO annoyance next business day substitute (if shipping service.

Dyna-Glo Pro 60K BTU Propane Portable

The DynaGlo-PRO 60,000 BTU movable Forced-Air Propane Heater features electrical ignition and 3 heat settings with a convenient dial control. It’s movable and offers a 60,000 BTU maximum capacity, enough to heat an area up to 1,350 sq. Ft. It’s intended with auto overheat shutoff and tip-over protection and is CSA listed.

Standard Cabinet Mantel EMF22W with Base – White vs F-340640

Empire mantel cabinet builds each from 3/4-inch good-furniture grade cabinetry parts. The mantel lets you to beautifully frame your fire while at the same time allowing a space to display photographs and other emblems. Mantel pieces also let you to create a masterpiece of interior design that’s sure to become the focal point of any room, without taking up extra wall space. Features: Mantel Standard Cabinet. Nice White finish. Conventional style and Compact Design. Fitted Base. For use with:. 24″ Vail Vent-Free Fireplace with Slope Glaze Burner (VF24FP). Dimensions: 35″ (W) x 12. 37″(D) x 38. 5″(H).

Whitehaus WH-TANK2 Stainless Steel Forever Hot Heating Tank – 8 in.

The Forever Hot WH-TANK2 stainless steel heating tank is produced to be used entirely with Whitehaus Forever Hot hot water faucets. This tank has the capability to produce up to 60 cups of steaming hot water an hour at your choice of temperature between 140F-190F simply wait for the display light to inform you that your wanted temperature was reached. This tank will supply an unparalleled convenience to your kitchen and power your Forever Hot faucet. Features. All Of Instant Hot Water Dispensers. Big 58 gallon stainless steel tank. Gives 60 cups hot water per hour. Light display. Finish – Stainless Steel. Dimension – 8 L x 8 W x 11. 5 H in.

San Francisco 49ers NFL Infrared Space, LW-NFL-0008 vs DeWalt F340640 pricing

The sleek sporty new design of the Helmet Heater can offer football fans an thrilling new addition to their home. Fans will be able to cheer on their favorite team while keeping warm with their quartz infrared Helmet Heater. Our goal is to offer reliable, dependable and cheap merchandise that improve the lives of our customers. It’s an added bonus that now we can add a fun new look to our heaters that our sports fans will love.”.

TekSupply 112921 Quartz Infrared Spot – 120V

Ideal for work stations lobby entrances and indoor plants. Features a new design with weather-tight electrical enclosure that’s covered by an expanded heater housing. Indoor/Outdoor Rated. 60 symmetrical heat pattern. Bright aluminum reflector and end caps. 6L 3-wire (14/3) cord set with plug that may be removed for direct-wire installation. Quartz tube included. Single phase. Mounting clearance: 3 from roof 12 from vertical surface 24 from combustible materials. Two 2 mounting chains and four S-hooks included for chain mounting. When suspended by one hole on each end the heater will hang at a 45 angle.

500 Watt Convection Baseboard Space with Thermostat vs DeWalt F340640 review

RPH1 – 5A Features: -Powder coated epoxy steel case. -Aluminum finned heating element. -Heater: Convection. -auto temperature control thermostat. -22 ga. -BTU: 1706. -Voltage: 120. -Amperage: 4. 2. -Wattage: 500. -5. 75″ H x 20″ W x 4″ D, 10 lbs. Notice: – note, this heater requires direct wire installation by an electrician.

D2 Direct Vent 30 inch Insert – Natural Gas

The new Real Fyre modern gas put turns your fireplace into an economical sealed combustion direct vent gas heater with the modern look and convenience of today’s glass media gas fires. Fits most masonry and factory-built fireplaces. Will include: IPI ignition system with battery back-up, Fyrestarter full function hand-held remote control, black ceramic reflective firebox, accent light, blower. Note: Must order firebox liner, logs and surround individually to finish installation. See related merchandise for more info. Features: Fuel: Natural Gas. Dimensions: 30″ (L).

Empire Infrared Natural Gas 30000 BTU, Manual Control 3 Settings vs DeWalt F340640 price

Empire 30000 BTU Vent-Free Infrared Manual Natural Gas Heater SR30NAT. SR30NAT. Space Heaters. Save money and peace of mind with safe and easy-to-use, vent-free infrared space heaters from Empire. Using natural gas as fuel, this floor-installed (floor installation kit needed) or wall-mounted heater will survive any power outage to keep your loved ones comfy. Bask in the infrared output, which radiates heat to directly warm the objects around it, instead of the air around the heater. All heat is kept inside your home allowing you to operate for just pennies a day, saving you money in heating costs throughout the cold winter months. Decide the heat setting by just turning the control handle, and the heater will operate at the selected level till the control handle is turned to off or to another setting. Fitted safety features surpass every standard and include oxygen depletion sensor and auto shut-off to protect against any interruptions in the fuel supply. Installation is easy with no venting obliged. Just connect the heater to a gas source and use the included hardware to mount to a wall, or use the optional floor installation kit for floor-mounting.

Munters Corporation JAZ 160 Mobile Direct Fired Diesel/Kerosene, 160,000 Btu

The JAZ 160 is a robust, compact and lightweight heater suited for an broad range of professional applications with 160,000 Btu’s. This model has a fitted thermostat with an 11. 4 gallon tank capacity. It’s movable and will include a tough handles with heavy responsibility rubber wheels a high capacity coated steel tank with fuel level spy-glass on the tank side that lets the operator to check the fuel level throughout use. Included on the heater is a special vented fuel cap that lets air to enter the tank and reimburse interior pressure throughout operation and doesn’t let fuel leaks when the heater is moved. An excellent choice for heating and drying in the construction business and for general heating reasons of medium to big principles. Direct-fired combustion heaters supply a fast and cost economical heating effect. Uninterrupted room ventilation is needed when used indoors. Direct-fired heaters are 100 economical units, as the heat made by the combustion procedure is all released into the principles. A rotating compressor drives the air under pressure to the burner nozzle, creating a vacuum effect starting fuel suction from the tank. The mixture of fuel and air is then covered into the combustion chamber and ignited. The air flow generated by the electric fan is warmed and released at a high temperature through the front outlet. The combustion chamber is made of special, high temperature stainless steel. The burner and combustion chamber design guarantees a clean and safe combustion, ensuing in very low emissions. The JAZ 160 is completely automated, equipped with an advanced electronic burner control unit to operate the heater and with safety devices to monitor the flame and prevent any malfunction. An LED error display on the control panel is included to alert any irregular condition. The fitted ambient thermostat lets intermittent operation to preserve a constant temperature in the heated area and optimize the fuel intake.

Quality Home Items 503814 Ao Smith .25 Hp Condenser Fan and Heat Pump Psc Motor vs DeWalt F340640 reviews

Applications: Outdoor air conditioning unit. Heat pumps. Refrigeration condensation. 5-5/8″ Diameter, totally enclosed. 48 Frame. Single speed. Permanent split capacitor motor. Totally enclosed, shaft up or down mounting. Auto thermal overload protection. Sleeve bearing. Standard efficiency. 26″ Color coded leads. 60 Hz operation. 6″ Shaft with 2 Flats 90° separately. Reversible rotation. Volts: 208-230. Maximum Amps: 1. 9.

Models to consider:
CR-48D-TS 3CS-6-208-1-QSHCH9264M-WTU RT1500HHZ-725 HZ960BMP1D1
WX-12 QTS1500TAFUSHG1012 222+-TH-208V-A30CP170 EWTR800SP
TC60-1066-O128 DEC1000HPT-125T-KFA PIL-01008 FPG980-EF422S GD9315BCW-5
PUH9442M-RM H8806200-24V75cable120-GFCI Ssf150015314RC MD10TBU
SWS600W CZ65023DE1447-C233 IBF10PMDGHFH131-N-UM 55cable120-GFCI
EUH5000 LS-PCHT1029HB-CZ30 ODSRU05034BL-RTHZ-425 HZ-385BP
CZ798 LS6DMIQHXWD6024 HR3-08-21 (two)66C37-BRZ AX510-EPB
MNSD3TPA-BB A-020NT15-13L 15cable120-GFCIDFA50 TRH0715
DEC1000H HZ960BMP1D1F340680 HQH307N – EAF102848 E3313TRPW
3CS-6-208-1-QS JFK-75-WDFH-UH-3-T Ssf1500CR-48D-TS CHPL100000
P3474A1 LW-NFL-0013HZ-425 WK11C8G-80 LX HE 2000
WD6024 ECOH160XLPHCX9115E EKFT-751CAHZ-385BP HR3-08-21 (two)
TC60-1066-O128 H8806200-24VNT15-13L IR18PMDG-1DR-968-2 MFG DH2000C
LS-PCHT1029 HK1800EA-WPCZ798 DFS-750-1MD10TBU HC-20
HF-0003 BWH10NLMCHFH131-N-UM HZ-7304UWPC1500 CZ25
LW-NFL-0005 HPQ15C-EAHP21 BLZ-8268PS2569-2 HZ-7304U
R23DH1507TCW PTC-2000BRECO200XLP3 RSF-24F340655 DFH-UH-3-T
TWH1511CW CP170R23DH2010TCW H8806200-24VFC510N CMSF-10310
KSB-101 15314RCWK11C8 HB-CZ30HCGV1 CHPL100000
HCX9115E 100cable120-GFCIRA250NGDGD F2320253CS-6-208-1-QS SWS600W
EH1-0084-06 LS-3W-BPIQT-INH2920-096S IBF10PMDGCZ798 TRH0715
EUL20B33C SR-18TLPwz-D2005131 DR-968-2AFUSHG1012 EUH08B74CT
10HM4128-W504 LS-PCHT1029HF-0003 MFG DH2000CHZ-425 FDT10BF


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