April 22, 2017

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  • This fits your .
  • Modulating Technology – Programmable Thermostat
  • 99.9 Efficient – Cool-to-the-touch cabinet
  • Electronic Ignition – No Pilot Light – On Board Self-Diagnostics for Easier Maintenance
  • Child-Safety Lock – Digital, Adaptive Control
  • Tilt Switch – Push-Button, Electronic Ignition
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General description

This RCE-691TA the new Rinnai Silent Server vent free gas heater like the older RCE models. This is the bigger of the two current models available that will heat up to 1,000 square feet of living space under normal conditions.

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SunTouch 24"x 5′ TapeMat 120V Electric Radiant Floor Heat Mat with 10 ft Power lead vs FC824-N

The SunTouch Floor-Warming Mat offers FC824N an super-thin, low-profile system that installs under tile, stone and vinyl or laminate flooring. It's ideal for remodeling bathrooms and kitchens and offers an upscale choice when designing new construction. Dual wire technology decreases electromagnetic fields (EMF) to super-low levels and it’s UL listed for safety. It’s an energy-economical touch of luxury for your home and comes with in depth installation information.

30,000 BTU Blue Flame Dual-fuel Wall with Blower Includes Wall Mounting Hardware, Floor Mount Base and a Built-in Blower for Added Comfort

The Reddy Heater Blue Flame Dual-Fuel Heater with Blower delivers 30,000 BTUs and offers an easy way to add extra heat to your home. With a versatile, dual-fuel design that allows you to decide between liquid propane and natural gas, the heater warms up to 1000 sq. Ft. Using an easy push-button start with no electricity obliged, making it a great choice throughout power outages. The thermostat lets you to preserve and control the wanted room temperature, while the oxygen depletion sensor features an auto shut-off design to keep your home safe.

Hudson Reed Revive – High Gloss Black Horizontal Designer Radiator & Free Chrome Angled Valves – 25" x 55.5" – 1,447 Watts – Mild

With an remarkable heat output of 1,447 Watts (4,934 BTUs), this designer towel radiator, in a fashionable high gloss black finish (RAL9005), is stylish and economical, making sure that your towels are warm and your room is heated. This luxury radiator is intended particularly for use in any any room of the house, looking equally stylish in a modern or conventional bathroom; its twenty four black vertical columns also bring a touch of elegance to any living space. This modern variant of the conventional cast-iron radiator is greatly working, connecting directly into your domestic central heating system via the radiator valves included. Luxury Black Horizontal Designer Radiator 25″ x 55″ Details• Dimensions: (H x W x D) 25″ (635mm) x 55″ (1411mm) x 2. 36″ (60mm) • Output: 1,447 Watts (4,934 BTUs) • Pipe centres with valves: 59″ (1510mm) • Wall to Centre of Tapping: 2. 56″ (65mm)• Number of columns: 24 (1″ thickness 25mm)• Fixing Pack Included (see image above) • intended to be plumbed into your central heating system • suited for bathroom, cloakroom, kitchen etc. • note: Angled radiator valves includedPlease Note: Our radiators are intended for forced circulation closed loop systems only. They aren’t well-matched with open loop, gravity hot water or steam systems.

Heat Storm HS-1000-WX Deluxe Wall, White vs FC-824N

The Heat Storm Deluxe on-wall infrared heater is the ideal solution to many home heating problems. This electric infrared heater features intelligent “Heat3” (Heat cube) technology which measures room temperature and regulates heat output to comfortably heat the room while using the least amount of energy possible. The compact heating chamber changes electricity to heat more proficiently than any other comparable heater. The sleek design mounts easily to the wall to save much needed space. It’s safe to touch and will include thermal shut off for safety and peace of mind. Save money, space and annoyance with the Heat Storm Deluxe on-wall infrared heater.

SunStar Propane Infrared Vacuum U-Tube Tough Guy, 75000 Btu 30L

SunStar Propane Heater Infrared Vacuum U-Tube Tough man, SIU75-30-TG-L5, 75000 Btu 30L Features: BTU: 75000Construction: Cast Iron Burner / Aluminum ReflectorsHeight Inches: 6-1/4Length Inches: 213Type: Negative PressureWidth Inches: 31Duct Size Inches: 4Tube Construction: Heat Treated Aluminized SteelTube Length Feet: 30.

Floor HEAT Mat 120vac 1ft x 35ft

Floor HEAT Mat is a versatile floor warming mat intended to be installed underneath tile and stone floors to offer luxury and comfort. The product will include sticky backing for easy installation. All electrical connections must be made by a licensed electrician. Failing to do so will void all warranties and claims. Comply with all related building and electrical codes. Intended for use with Floor Warming Thermostat.

World Dryer V-629 VMax 110-120V Hi-speed Vertical Hand Dryer, High Impact ABS, Silver vs FC-824-N

Mix is a ‘hands in’ vertical style quick hand dryer featuring a HEPA filter system, wider hand drying cavity opening and antimicrobial technology. Dedicated water collection reservoir removes water from collecting on the floor ensuing in reduced maintenance. Polarized plug for easy installation eliminating the have to hard wire. Calm operation is ideal for sound sensitive regions. Calm operation ideal for sound sensitive regions; ADA compliant; Simple mounting bracket with polarized plug for easy installation; Antimicrobial technology inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and fungus and extends the dryer’s service life and auto operation promotes hand cleanliness, lasting and vandal tolerant, IP33 ingress protection against water.

SpeedHeat Rugbuddy 370 Under Rug Space, 5′ X 7′

NOTE: THIS ITEM was REPLACED by the RugBuddy 365. The Speedheat electric radiant heating panel for under area rugs is the ideal space heater alternative for any cold space. • RugBuddyTM plugs directly into a regular wall outlet and is protected by a GFCI plug, making it 100 safe. • RugBuddy is waterproof. • The Speedheat super-thin, patented heating technology is less than 1/16th of an inch thick, so the only thing felt under foot is cozy warmth. With the RugBuddy, you may be able to have electric radiant floor heating for a mere fraction of the cost of installed systems. Plus, at only 11-watts/square foot, the RugBuddy only costs 3-4 cents per hour to operate; making it the most cost efficient solution for any cold space. NOTES: • you have to use a rug on top & a rug pad below (Not Included – Any rug pad will do). Follow information closely. For main heating, cover 75-80 of open floor space. Simply place the very thin (less than 1/16″) heater under your area rug and plug in. May also be used with a timer or hard-wired with a thermostat. Safety guaranteed by the IEC, radiant heating is endorsed by the US Department of Energy.

Williams Furnace Company 3003822 Direct-Vent Gravity Furnace

Williams 3003822 direct-vent gravity furnace, natural, 30,000 btu, nice style, economical and safe heating comfort feature low-cost installation and use no inside room air for operation. All vent material is included and they operate without electricity — great throughout power outages. Great for garages. Made in the USA.

360K BTU Stainless Steel Pool Heat Exchanger – Outdoor Wood Boiler

The SP360 is particularly made for chlorinated systems, made of 316 stainless steel. 3 things to know when buying a pool heat exchanger. 1. You don’t want the ports on the same side. Water takes the path of least resistance and ports on the same side can make the water flow thru only part of the exchanger. Ports on reverse sides force the water to flow thru the complete heat exchanger for better heat move. 2. You don’t want to use a plate heat exchanger. Plates can clog up, restrict water flow, and unless they’re stainless steel can interact with the pool chemicals. Our shell and tube stainless steel construction takes care of these issues. 3. Know what size you are looking for. Look at our fast sizing reference to guide you. Not sure of the gallons in your pool? Drop us a message with the size of your pool (length, width, depth for rectangular pools; diameter and depth for round) and we will compute it for you. Lifetime warranty against maker’s defects. If you have a SALT WATER pool, see our TITANIUM pool exchanger listings. Plans: This unit has 1. 50″ ports stove side, 2″ ports pool side. These may be easily increased/decreased with a fitting to fit your project. The length is about 35 inches. Working Pressure (PSIG): Shell/tube Side 150. Minimum Temperature (F): Shell/tube Side 18. Maximum Temperature (F): Shell/tube Side 250. Pneumatic Test Pressure (PSIG): Shell/tube Side 165. Fast SIZING REFERENCE (US Gallons): SP-55, 4,000 gal. Hot tub/pool, 55,000 BTU SP-85, 6,000 gal. Hot tub/pool, 85,000 BTU SP155, 11,000 gal. Pool, 155,000 BTU SP 210, 16,000 gal. Pool, 210,000 BTU SP300, 20,000 gal. Pool, 300,000 BTU SP360, 27,000 gal. Pool, 360,000 BTU SP600, 44,000 gal. Pool, 600,000 BTU SP 1200, 88,000 US Gal. Pool, 1,200,000 BTU. The photo isn’t the exact unit, however shown at a different size so you may be able to get the idea of what you’re to get.

Qmark ECP1524 Euro Style Wall

Qmark ECP Euro Style Wall, Non-Fan Forced Heaters ECP1524 suited for use in nearly any room. Use single heaters in smaller rooms like bedrooms and bathrooms. Use many heaters in bigger rooms like living rooms and family rooms. Wattage levels should be determined by heat loss calculations. Great supply of supplementary heating of offices, reception rooms, game rooms and alike light responsibility commercial and residential applications. Convection and Radiant warmth from one heater Heater may be surface mounted or recessed into 2×4 or bigger wall sections. It’s intended to fit between 16″ O. C. Studs High temperature plastic grill offers nice look in a neutral color that’s well-matched with any decor modern style uses soft curves on all edges, keeping away from the sharp corners of a square design big wiring compartment is available from the front of the heater enabling fast, easy hookup.


Single Pole Thermostat Kit, meant For Use With Baseboard Heaters, Single Pole Units Are intended To Work As A Freeze Guard With The Lowest Cycling Temperature Of 39. 2 Degrees, Easy To Read & Use, All Hardware Is Included, Easy Installation, Use With TV# 197-034, 197-035, 197-036,197-037 & 197-038.

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Models to consider:
PDP150AE0185 COS85SNFC12480-3TA FC12960-3TA10HM1342-C232 55S144032-0500
SIU75-20-TG-L5 SP-360KSCOSYAW15240w VIRPKB24303UH100LVT SIS100-30-TG-L5
F228810 LPW1227TWB6405 TR009HER50B3301 PWSSRM9-1/2PC
CKT 20E CC-405MOTOR-012-05 EECOSH-85SNTRT240-1.5×17 EW7707CB
VIR201602445 HK215FWSIS50-30-N5 WHF2412TRT120-1.5×70 AW-21P
MUH0321 CSC151TWDF600 VIRWBB202091EW-800H-W HBB1258
KCV2412 VIRWBB202020SIS175-50-TG-N5 AWH4408BFSDOOR33BLK VIRWBB664335
VIRT9AB46230 YES15243EEECOCH-86CH 360KSSSIU125-30-N5 300KSS
H-4501 VIR201602648HBB1000 SP-360KHBB1258 FC12960-3TA
SIU75-20-TG-L5 HD45AS0121SBM850P-26F DCH7093ER120030WDBKIT-WV P900
P900 80-2000A-36FRA1812F MUH0581VIRWBB59950 SSAR4807
EECOCH-86CH 55S144032-0500CKT 20E KB2406-1-T-B1F-2108 VIRWBB202020
ICT-MD-700 DFI400LHGSZ140241 BP5X12-50-1.25MBTRT240-1.5×17 VIRWBB59897
SCOSYAW15240w SIS150-40-TG-L57315-C15-FS VIR103173N300KSS EBHN1250WS-RH
HW2012B QUICKNET-090-1CNS200E MUH078DF600 WB6405
5934S10EA DK-50VFK404F CKT 20E10HM1342-C232 EBHN1250WS-RH
ICT-MD-700 BP5X12-50-1.25MBUSS-HFIH01 VF2927LSE405 VIRWBB59952
120040wd-kit SHOF0011P900 MS26510FF H-4501
GSZ140241 UH100LVTMH-0125-0MIH FC12480-3TASP1000 BIG E 12002024-kit-wv
DCH7093ER CV60XPDP150AE0185 F-2108EW7707CB MOTOR-012-05
KTW2415-RGB FRA1512FDFI400LH AWH4408MUH0321 RMC-95C6
TRT120-1.5×70 WB00-24NHBB2008 FRA1812FBFSDOOR33BLK MD3TPA
SIS100-30-TG-N5 7315-C15-FSYES15243E RFI848D31HK215FW SIU150-40-TG-N5
P900 MUH0581PWSSRM9-1/2PC 120030WDBKIT-WV360KSS VIRPKB24303


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