April 22, 2017

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  • 2700 RPM High-Torque GrindPro Magnet Motor
  • Splash Guard
  • Easy-Fit Design
  • This fits your .
  • Stainless Steel Grinding System
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General description

3/4 HP 2700 RPM uninterrupted Feed Waste Disposer.

Compare with similar products:

1.2L 1 Food Compact Garbage Disposal vs FPDI758-DMS

This uninterrupted Feed Plug-in Garbage FPDI758DMS Disposer features the powerful grinding and sound-reduction technologies, handling more volume and more types of food waste while making less sound than standard disposers. It has a high-speed of 4200RPM, which is powered by a Vortex permanent magnet motor. With this Disposal at your kitchen, you’ll have mess free home and enjoy odorless environment because you don’t have to wait till the chamber is full it’ll power on. Features: Compact design, top-grade engineering plastic gives dual protection to the processor body quick 4200 RPM magnet motor helps grind food waste into little granule or paste easily Equipped with low sound motor, the structure design also can decrease the shake Permanently lubricated, sleeve-type bearings Connects to most standard-size septic tanks for eco-friendly use Suppose the processor runs 5 minutes for every time, 3 times a day, its life cycle is more than 10 years plans: Disposer Feed uninterrupted feed in general Dimensions 15" x 8 2/3" x 8 2/3" Voltage 110V Power 1HP Frequency 60Hz Motor Speed 4200 RPM Processor Body Capacity 1. 2 L Color Black Package Content: 1x Garbage Disposer 1x Air Switch Button 2x Pipe 1x Elbow Tube 1x Leakage-evidence Ring 1x Pipe Fasten Clip 1x Manual.

InSinkErator SS-200-15B-AS101 Complete Package 15" dia. bowl 6-5/8" di

SS-200 Complete Disposer Package, with 15″ diameter bowl, 6-5/8″ diameter inlet, with sleeve guard & splash confuse, 2 HP motor, stainless steel construction, will include syphon breaker, (2) solenoid valves, (2) flow control valves, programmable AquaSaver control center AS-101, auto water saving function, auto reversing, timed run, post flush, adjustable leg kit.

KitchenEater 1 Garbage

Enjoy economical, calm waste disposal in your kitchen with the 1-hp KitchenEater food waste disposer, which features a greater grinding capacity thanks to high-speed permanent magnet-powered motors, rust-tolerant stainless steel parts, and an easily installed mounting system. This waste disposer is safe for properly sized septic tanks. The KitchenEater features a snap-and-lock, three-screw system that mounts securely to the sink. The disposer attaches easily to the mount with a simple quarter turn making installation easy. Also to easy-to-follow assembly information, you may also access a toll-free help line for answers to any questions. KitchenEater disposers feature a sound barrier and insulation bordering the grind chamber, making them quieter than most food waste disposers. The mounting system and the drain elbow are intended not to shake. The high-end KitchenEater disposer is equipped with an exclusive Micro Blade for greater grinding capacity. All grinding parts are constructed of rust-tolerant hard stainless steel, and a high torque motor enables more economical grinding that prevents jamming.

InSinkErator SS-125-15C-AS101 Complete Package 15" dia. bowl 6-5/8" di vs FPDI-758DMS

SS-125 Complete Disposer Package, with 15″ diameter bowl, 6-5/8″ diameter inlet, with removable splash confuse, 1-1/4 HP motor, stainless steel construction, will include syphon breaker, (2) solenoid valves, (2) flow control valves, programmable AquaSaver control center AS-101, auto water saving function, auto reversing, timed run, post flush.

Garbage Disposal, Evolution,

‘ Garbage Disposal, 3/4 HP, Connection Drain 1-1/2 In. Voltage 120, in general Height 12-5/8 In. 40 oz. Grinding Chamber Capacity, Manufacturers Warranty Length 4 yr. Residential, Intermittent Disposer Feed, Enamel Finish, Sound Insulation Yes, 1 Phase, 1725 RPM, 60 Hz, 8. 1 Amps AC, Sink Opening Dia. 3-1/2 In. will include Sink confuse ‘.

Salvajor 300-CA-18-ARSS-LD 18" cone assembly 3 motor vs Frigidaire FPDI758DMS pricing

Start/Stop Push Button auto Reversing & Water Saving With Safety Line Disconnect Arss-Ld Control – will include Fixed Nozzle – Vacuum Breaker – Solenoid Valve – Heat Treated Aluminum Alloy HousingSaMounting: Cone – Cone Diameter: 18″Controls: Auto Reverse – Construction: Aluminum Housing – hp: 3 Hp Disposer, 18″ cone assembly, 3 Hp motor, start/stop push button auto reversing & water saving with safety line disconnect ARSS-LD control, will include fixed nozzle, vacuum breaker, solenoid valve, scrap ring & flow control, 6-1/2″ inlet diameter, heat treated aluminum alloy housing, UL, SA, CE.

Franke WD50 1/2 with 2600 Magnet Motor vs FPDI-758-DMS

Franke of Switzerland is the world’s primary kitchen sink maker and renowned for a commitment to quality and an unmistakable flair for design, using the finest materials and state-of-the-art production technology. By adopting a policy of investment in novelty and technology, Franke has established their position as the biggest stainless steel sink maker in the world and a leading name in kitchen taps, cooker hoods, ceramic and Fra granite sinks.

InSinkErator SS-150-18C-AS101 Complete Package 18" dia. bowl 6-5/8" di vs Frigidaire FPDI758DMS review

SS-150 Complete Disposer Package, with 18″ diameter bowl, 6-5/8″ diameter inlet, with removable splash confuse, 1-1/2 HP motor, stainless steel construction, will include syphon breaker, (2) solenoid valves, (2) flow control valves, programmable AquaSaver control center AS-101, auto water saving function, auto reversing, timed run, post flush, adjustable leg kit.

1 H.P. 3-Bolt Mount System by King

Waste King 9980 Features: -Garbage disposal. -Power: 1 HP. -will include 36″ power cord. -quick 2800 RPM permanent magnet motor. -uninterrupted feed unit. -Sound insulated for calm operation. -Stainless steel, rust free grinding parts. -may be mounted to competitor flanges. -Corrosion evidence glass filled polyester grinding chamber. -Professional 3 screw mount system. -Overload protector: Manual reset type. -Safe for properly sized septic tanks. Plans: -UL listed. -CSA certified. -Waste King gives lifetime corrosion warranty. -Waste King gives lifetime in-home warranty. -in general dimensions: 17. 5″ H x 9. 75″ W. For more info on this product view the Sheet(s) below: Specification Sheet.

Master Disposal with Powder Black Air Switch Kit WM75P vs Frigidaire FPDI758DMS price

Waste Master Disposers are the logical alternative to high priced, old line disposers. Our disposers are the new word in materials and design features while being competitively priced. Waste Master Disposers also include grind master premium performance parts create the final home waste disposal system. This Waste Master kit will include one complete air switch system as pictured with a powder black finish.

Mountain Plumbing MT888-2CFWD Perfect Grind, 1-1/4

If you’re in the market for a waste disposer for easy clean-up and reduced waste or to help the environment by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, having a high quality, high torque unit is the way to go. The Perfect Grind is an unbelievable addition to any kitchen because it’s so easy to use and its unparalleled quality will last for many years to come. Both uninterrupted and batch feed disposers are antimicrobial and have full sound insulation so they’re whisper calm and you do not have to worry about odor protection.

Stainless Steel Mount Assemblies Insinkerator Badger 1 1/3 Garbage vs Frigidaire FPDI758DMS reviews

Description Enjoy the powerful functionality and compact design of the InSinkerator Badger 1 1/3 HP uninterrupted Feed Garbage Disposer. Made with a rugged stainless steel mount assembly, housing, and core, this disposal makes fast work of tough food waste. Its single stage grinding system takes care of chicken bones, fruit rinds, coffee grounds, and more. This disposal is easy to install as it features a fast lock sink mount that allows you to attach with just a turn. Product plans: Amps: 6. 7 Capacity: 26 oz. Depth: 6. 31in. Height: 11. 38 in. Motor: Direct drive induction Volts: 120 Weight: 11 lbs. Hp: 1/3HP Type: uninterrupted Feed Use: Residential.

What people considered before buying it:
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  2. Breville 800CPXL Die Cast Stainless Steel Motorized Citrus Press
  3. Sunmile SM G73 ETL Stainless Steel #8 Electric Meat Grinder Max Power 1000W, REVERSE/CIRCUIT BREAKER Function Stainless Steel Cutting Blade,3 pcs Stainless Steel Cutting Plates, 3 Sausage Makers
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Models to consider:
SS-75-15C-MSLV 75-CA-15-MSS75-SA-ARSS-2 SS-75-15A-MRS150-SA-ARSS SS-125-5-MS
SS-125-5-CC101 RGU-1836SS-150-5-MSLV SS-100-7-MSSS-100-18B-CC202 SS-125-12A-MRS
SS-200-7-CC101 500-SA-6-MRSS-LDSS-50-12C-CC202 SS-75-15B-MRSSS-75-5-CC101 SS-300-18B-MS
SS-150-5-MRS 500-CA-MSS-LDSS-500-18A-MS IK-HM-05BADGER 5 W/CORD SS-300-15A-MSLV
SS-125-7-MSLV IK-HM-24SS-200-12A-CC202 SS-500-15C-CC202150-SA-6-ARSS SS-75-15C-AS101
SS-200-15A-CC101 SS-150-7-MSSS-75-6-MS GFC530VSS-150-18A-MRS SS-125-15B-MRS
SS-200-18C-MRS SS-150-18B-MRS75-SA-MSS SS-125-6-MSLV200-SA-3-MRSS-LD 75-CA-MRSS
SS-500-6-AS101 SS-125-18B-AS101FGDI753DMS SS-75-12C-CC20226GDP001 SS-75-6-AS101
SS-75-12A-MSLV SS-100-15C-MSMRS-8 SS-200-7-MSLVSS-500 100-CA-15-ARSS
SS-200-15A-CC101 SS-300-12B-AS101DSA-WD5000 SS-150-15C-MRSSS-500-15C-AS101 SS-125-7-MSLV
SS-200-12B-MRS SS-150-7-MS2821-ACU SS-100-18B-CC202SS-200-7-CC101 IK-HM-05
SS-500-15B-CC101 SS-150-18C-MRSSS-125-15B-MRS 75-CA-ARSS-LDSS-125-5-CC202 MT888-2CFWD
SS-300-6-CC202 100-CA-15-MSS-LDSS-125-7-CC101 SS-100-15B-CC202SS-50-12C-AS101 SS-500-18A-AS101
26GDP002 SS-750-12A-AS101P914 2083 GFC1020VSS-75-5-CC101 FGDI753DMS
SS-125-15B-CC202 SS-125-6-MSLV75-SA-MSS SS-125-12C-MRSSS-75-12A-MSLV SS-75-12C-CC202
SS-300-18B-CC202 L-2600SS-50-18C-CC101 SS-125-15C-CC101750-TVR 2083 SS-300-15A-MSLV
SS-75-28 SS-500SS-125-15C-CC202 SS-300-7-CC202SS-200-7-MSLV 300-SA-6-ARSS
GFC530V FFDI331CMSSS-200-15A-CC202 SS-500-7-CC202SS-200-15B-CC101 SS-100-15C-MSLV
SS-200-7-CC101 SS-50-12C-MSDSA-WD5000 75-CA-ARSS-LDSS-75-6-MS MT953/TB
SS-150-15C-MRS SS-200-15B-MSLVSS-125-15B-MRS SS-200-12C-AS101WM-258 SS-75-5-CC101
26GDP001-370W-06 SS-50-18A-MRS2819-ACU non-9066KBDS100T SS-300-15C-MRS
SS-1000-6-CC202 SS-150-12B-CC101SS-125-12C-MRS 300-SA-6-ARSSSS-500-15A-MSLV SS-125-18C-MSLV
SS-150-18B-MRS SS-100-15C-MSSS-500-18A-AS101 SS-100-7-MSSS-125-6-MSLV 26GDP001
SS-75-15A-CC101 SS-100-18C-AS101SS-500-7-AS101 SS-500-6-MRS100-CA-18-MRSS IK-HM-24
SS-75-12A-MSLV DX9000B7000SS-75-15C-MSLV SS-500-15C-AS101SS-300-6-CC202 CP-0002
SS-50-15B-MS SS-200-12B-MRSSS-125-18B-MS SS-75-18B-MSLVSS-75-12C-CC202 ASB62
SS-125-18B-AS101 SS-150-5-CC202SS-500-12A-MSLV SS-300-18B-MS2821-ACU 75-CA-MRSS


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