June 30, 2017

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  • Etl/cetl listed for use in shower/tub shower enclosure when used with a gfci circuit breaker
  • Air volume: 120 cfm; noise level: 0.9 sones. Exceeds minimum standards for continuous run
  • Slim fit housing fits into 2″ x 6″ ceiling joists or greater
  • Full six (6) year warranty. Must be installed by a licensed professional
  • 13W, 2700K led light pad provides warm natural light; integrated humidity sensor
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General description

Put an end to drippy walls, peeling wallpaper, and fogged mirrors with Aero Pure’s ap 120h-sl G6 white- a 90 cfm fan with integrated user-adjustable humidity sensor and 13W 2700K led light pad. The AP 120H-SL G6 W operates at an exceptional low sound level- just 0. 9 sones, is easy to install, and comes with anti-vibration hangar brackets expandable to 24″, rust evidence housing, a back draft dampener to prevent outside air from entering fan, 4 and 6 inch channel connector, thermal shut off, and a full six year warranty. A sophisticated humidity sensor responds to increases in humidity above a user-adjustable set point (50-100 relative humidity). The fan is factory set at 75 rh. The 13W 2700K led light pad fills your bathroom with warm natural light. Both fan and light can be wired individually. An economical, stylish, and cents saving solution to your ventilation and lighting needs intended to fit 2″ x 6″ construction or bigger and accepted for recessed installation in insulated ceilings. Ap 120-sl G6 w is etl/cetl listed for use in tub/shower enclosure (when used with gfci branch circuit wiring) to take off moisture right at the source before it becomes a problem in your bathroom.

Compare with similar products:

Cool Attic Belt Drive Whole House Fan – 36in., 9700 CFM, Model# CX36BD25PD vs AP 120-H-SL G6 W

This Cool Attic 36in. Belt Drive Whole House Fan is intended to cool homes with over 3000 sq. Ft. Attics more affordably than with air conditioning. U. S. A. Air Delivery CFM 9,700, Amps 5. 0, Volts 120, Watts 600, Diameter in. 36, Speeds qty. 2. Powerful two-speed thermally protected 1/3 HP motor creates economical ventilation Precision-balanced aluminum fan blade assembly with four fan blades for superior air motion Steel venturi for improved durability auto shutter with white powder-coated finish Joist in or joist out installation roof mount will include two-speed switch and wall plate UL listed Requires minimum 14 sq. Ft. Of net free air exhaust vent area Must be hardwired.

Panasonic FV-11-15VKL1 Whisper Select Fan/Light, Green

WhisperGreen choose is a ground-breaking IAQ solution that’s revolutionizing the ventilation fan business with a new set of features that enable customization and easier installation. To the builder and professional installer, Panasonic continues to be the novelty leader with high performance ventilation solutions that are constructed to last. WhisperGreen choose’s distinctive design and superior energy efficiency are achieved through engineering specialty, offered by a company who sets the standard for quality and value. WhisperGreen choose features the same revolutionary DC motor that comes with our WhisperGreen line of merchandise. With fitted SmartFlow technology, WhisperGreen choose is intended to do as rated. When the fan faces static pressure, its speed is automatically increased to ensure best CFM output. This feature gives peace of mind, as the installer does not have to worry about compromising the fan’s performance. ASHRAE, ENERGY STAR, LEED for Homes, and HVI have set the business standard for performance measurement at. 25″ w. G. The WhisperGreen choose fans not only supply powerful CFM output at. 25″ w. G. but our sones have also been certified at. 25″ w. G. So they’re calm under pressure and after installation. Integrated dual 4″ or 6″ channel adaptor (up to 110 CFM models). Fitted metal flange gives blocking for penetrations through drywall as an air barrier, and assists with the decrease in leakage in the building envelope throughout blower door testing. WhisperGreen choose fan/light models feature a modern flush mount grill that incorporates Two 7W self-ballasted GU24 base LED lamps. Panasonic’s advanced LED technology lasts 5 times longer and is 75 more economical than incandescent lamps and lasts at least 35 times longer. Ingeniously intended installation bracket gives adaptable, fast and secure installation for all your new construction or renovation projects. 6 year warranty on DC motor, 5 years on LED, 3 years on parts.

Broan SPK110 110-CFM 1.0-Sones Sensonic Speaker Fan with Wireless Technology, white

Smart audio performance concealed behind your fan grill it is your music-out of sight. Unlike wireless speakers that require counter space, Sensonic speakers with Bluetooth wireless technology fill your room with rich sound from above. From hard rock to news talk, play any audio through the dual high-fidelity speakers and enjoy entertainment and privacy at the touch of a button. Enjoy entertainment and privacy at the touch of a button. Dual High-Fidelity Sensonic Speakers. Bluetooth wireless technology. Smart audio performance concealed behind your fan grill. Play any audio through most Bluetooth-enabled devices. Calm, powerful QT ventilation fan. Efficient, very calm ventilation clears humidity and odors quickly. ENERGY STAR qualified. Motor engineered for uninterrupted operation. UL Listed for use over bathtub or shower when installed. With a GFCI protected branch circuit. Type IC for use in direct contact with thermal insulation. Fits 2″x 8″ roof construction. Will include distinctive spacer for easy I-joist mounting. Mounts between joists with optional QTHB1 Hanger Bar Kit (sold individually).

Canarm Explosion-Proof, Single-Speed Exhaust Fan – 18in., Model# P18-4 Misc. vs AP 120H-SL G-6 W

This Canarm Explosion-evidence, Single-Speed Exhaust Fan is intended for industrial, commercial and farming applications with a sturdily constructed, direct drive, horizontal discharge design. Needs to be Hardwired Yes, Fan Diameter in. 18, Volts 115/230, Dimensions L x H in. 23 1/4 x 23 1/4, Air Delivery CFM 3,200, Depth in. 13 3/4, Amps 6. 6/3. 1-3. 3, HP 1/3, Dimensions L x W x H in. 23 1/4 x 22 x 23 1/4. Lasting powder-coated finish Heavy-responsibility OSHA motor mount/guard Totally enclosed 1/3 HP motor with overload protection.

Fantech RVF 10 Exterior Wall Mount, 10" Centrifugal Duct Fan, 750 CFM

The RVF models are exhaust-air fans for installation on external walls. The unit consists of an Impeller with rearward-curved blades and a Casing in galvanized sheet steel with a white powder-paint covering. When installed on an outside wall, all ambient sound is kept outside. Get connected with ease. These fans are lightweight, compact, and easy to install. No installation extras are obliged. Just mount the fan to the wall and connect the electrical supply to the conveniently located terminal box. The housing is removable for direct access to the motor and wiring connections.

24" Durafan Select Speed Shutter Fan vs Aero Pure AP 120H-SL pricing

The Durafan choose Speed Exhaust Fans are economical and versatile. The totally enclosed motor comes complete with fitted speed switches and a 9′ cord. No electrician is needed to install these fans, just mount the fan in the wall and plug it into an accepted receptacle. The corrosion tolerant aluminum shutter comes complete with a tie bar to decrease shutter flapping and keeps the shutters closed when the fan isn’t running. On the intake side of the fan the balanced aluminum blade is protected by a strong chrome plated OSHA grill.

Tjernlund R8C Commercial Grade Radon Mitigation Fan 520 CFM 8" Inch Outdoor UL vs AP 120-H-SL G-6 W

Tjernlund R8C Commercial Grade Radon Mitigation Fan 520 CFM 8″ Inch Outdoor UL owner. Because now deals of Tjernlund R8C Commercial Grade Radon Mitigation Fan 520 CFM 8″ Inch Outdoor UL great price and good quality of product. But you may want to attempt reading info of deals Tjernlund R8C Commercial Grade Radon Mitigation Fan 520 CFM 8″ Inch Outdoor UL. This reviews from site will let you to get a good product.

QuietCool QC ES-3100 Whole House Energy Saver Fan vs Aero Pure AP 120H-SL review

The QuietCool QC ES-3100 (U. S. Patent #7497774) will assist you slash your A/C related electricity costs by up to 90 and pays for itself faster than any other “green energy” product on the market today. Our “Energy Saver” motors have taken the whole house ventilation business by storm. Imagine a whole house fan that moves 3103 CFM still draws just 264 watts of power A hair blow-dryer uses between 1400-1600 watts The QC ES-3100 is a great fan for a small or medium sized home when used in mix with the QC ES-1500 in individual bedrooms. Simply a great center-of-the-road sized fan that delivers over-the-hill results.

Tjernlund EF-6AUTO Automatic Duct Booster Fan, 6"

The EF-6AUTO and EF-8AUTO channel Booster fans may be installed in less than 10 minutes and automatically operate in sequence with your furnace or air conditioner. Both units feature a pressure control which automatically activates the fan depending on the airflow produced when a furnace or central air conditioner blower turns on. The fan then runs checking to see if airflow from the furnace or air conditioner blower can still be detected every few minutes. The fan turns off when this airflow is not detected so it runs only when there’s warm or cool air to distribute. Simply put it into the channel run and plug it in.

Aldes Bath Fan Kit with Single Grille – SBFK-DG-1 vs Aero Pure AP 120H-SL price

Aldes Bath Fan Kit with Single grill – SBFK-DG-1. 82 CFM fan + Deco grill Assemby This Single-Port Bathroom Fan Kit brings commercial grade ventilation into your home Ventergy Series in-line ventilator fans represent years of engineering development to add the energy efficiency and sound performance of a forward curved fan, with the durability and pressure characteristics of a rearward inclined impeller fan. The included grill / mounting sleeve assembly will include a backdraft damper to keep outdoor air from entering your bathroom. THIS KIT will include: (1) American Aldes and4 EnergyStar-Rated Inline Fan (1) 4″ Deco grill with 4″ Mounting Sleeve that will include Integral Gravity Backdraft Damper things NEEDED TO COMPLETE YOUR INSTALLATION: (1) Switch, which may be a timer, motion sensor, dehumidistat, etc. (1) Ductwork to connect the fan to the grill assembly and to the outdoor penetration throught roof or wall (1) Roof, Wall, or Soffit Vent FAN plans: CFM at 0″ WC – 101 CFM at. 2″ WC – 82 Max Amps -. 19 Watts – 22 Max General: andSeries in-line ventilators are greatly versatile uninterrupted responsibility rated fans for residential and light commercial applications, and meet ENERGY STAR efficiency requirements for low energy intake. The most well-liked use is exhaust ventilation of bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, garages, etc. with the principal benefit of eliminating the high sound levels found in conventional fans. Also, with the increased tightness of construction for energy effi cient buildings, there’s a growing need of mechanical ventilation for indoor air quality. These fans are intended to serve this function also, efficient bathroom ventilation with a provision to run the fan intermittently or continuously as needed. Calm uninterrupted-responsibility energy economical external rotor motors with permanentl.

Double K Extreme Variable Speed Dryer BLACK

The redesigned Extreme dryer from Double K has greater usefulness, air volume, velocity, versatility, value and less sound than any other product in its group. Featuring two, 124 CFM, twin turbine motor-fan assemblies mounted in sound and vibration dampening enclosures. Newly intended, affect tolerant, rustproof and dent-evidence clamshell housing lets easy access to motors and parts for brush changes and service. The hose locks to the dryer with a convenient, distinctive half-turn motion that removes the risk of pop off. Hermetically lonely switches and electronics are protected from contaminants, while the dual air inlet filtration system guards the motors and other parts. Many turn-on nozzles, as well as the air sweep nozzle, remove water from animals with the best efficiency. This item ships directly from the maker and may not be available for express shipping. Let 7-10 business days for delivery.

VXB16 Belt Drive Centrifugal Upblast Exhaust Fan with 18.75" wheel Exhaust Fan handles 3000 CFM -1.000" wc ESP, Fan runs at 1069 RPM. Exha vs Aero Pure AP 120H-SL reviews

Belt Drive Centrifugal Upblast Exhaust Fan with 18. 75" wheel Exhaust Fan handles 3000 CFM -0. 750" wc ESP, Fan runs at 1007 RPM. Exhaust Motor: 1. 000 HP, 1 Phase 115 V, 60Hz, 14. 0 FLA, ODP (Open Drip evidence) FEATURES & BENEFITS A large range of motors are available to meet particular application needs. Heavy responsibility construction, lasting and weather tolerant. Non-overloading rearward inclined wheels, blades and inlets manufactured from 3003-H14 aluminum. Wall mount applications, units up to 24" nominal wheel may be wall mounted. Forced new air through the motor compartment cools motor and assures long motor life. Fast release latches let for easy access to motor compartment. Variable pitch motor pulley lets for field modification and system complementary. High efficiency joint with low tip speeds result in calm operation. Standard emergency disconnect switch.

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