April 22, 2017

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  • COVERS : 64 SF
  • WATTS: 810
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon/Sale: n/a

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King Electric KB24071TB1 Space er, 208/240V 30A w/Thermostat & Bracket Gray

The King Electric KB24071TB1 is dhehk24064 a 1phase, 7KW, 208/240V unit heater. This model comes with a thermostat and a mounting bracket. It’s exactly intended to prevent freezing in fire room and water treatment vaults, highrise buildings and garages. This small still powerful unit features protecting edge trim and smooth rounded corners to offer modern and nice look. This unit heater has a cast iron motor, which is totally enclosed in a heavygauge steel enclosure. Its construction gives extra protection and assures a longer lifespan. Also, the KB24071TB1 is a UL (E41422) and cCSAus (LR433232) accepted product.

SunTouch SunStat Pro Original Programmable Floor ing Thermostat 120/240 Dual Voltage GFCI

The SunTouch 500670 Programmable Floor Heating Thermostat’s design makes it a good choice for control of your Floor heating system. This thermostat senses the FLOOR Temperature (Using the INCLUDED 15 foot Floor Sensor Wire) or Air Temperature and has fitted Ground Fault Protection for your safety and is listed by ETL to UL standards for use in the USA and Canada. No need for an extra GFCI circuit in most regions. Programming buttons are out of sight behind a single door at the bottom of the SunStat Pro, just below the backlit digital display. This Thermostat is Dual Voltage – 1 thermostat for either 120v or 240v – you may be able to’t get it wrong. (Heating elements connected must match voltage) Included with Each Thermostat: 15 Foot floor Sensor Wire, Screwdriver included for use in connection, Wire Nuts & Mounting Screws Special Features: Master Control capability: Each SunStat Pro lets other SunStat Relays to be connected to it to develop your system. Class 2 Insulated Sensor Wire is included. 5/1/1 Day Programming mode or manual override choice. 4 predetermined Schedules are included; decide one that suits you or program your. Handling Monitoring: Your SunTouch SunStat Pro can report the punctually of your SunTouch Floor Heat system.

King WHF2412 1200Watt 240Volt Wall er, White

King WHF2412 1200W 240V Wall HeaterThe King WHF2412 1200W 240V Wall Heater is a stylish wall heater that gives powerful heating while conveniently disguised as a regular register exchange. This powerful heating unit is a great choice for small to medium sized rooms that need additional heating. This unit heats up quickly and can supply and economical heating thanks to the powerful 1,200 watts that this unit offers. If you want an cheap, compact and stylish wall heater; check out the King WHF2412 1200W 240V Wall Heater. Heats up to 120 Sq. Ft If you need additional heating in bedrooms, offices, bathrooms or another individual rooms in your home then you’re sure to love this small and compact still powerful wall heater. This unit can supply powerful heating to any room up to 120 square feet with ease. Special Features of the King WHF2412 1200W 240V Wall Heater1,200 Watts of Power Heats up to 120 Square Feet lasting Construction Easy to Install nice Finish Stylish fitted Design The King WHF2412 1200W 240V Wall Heater features an nice white painted finish and fitted design. The fitted design saves space and mimics the look of a regular heating vent. Not only does this convenient all in one design supply powerful heating, it’s also fast and easy to install too. Lasting Construction The King WHF2412 1200W 240V Wall Heater was powder coated for strength and durability. Not only does this procedure ensure that the King WHF2412 1200W 240V Wall Heater has no sharp edged, it also assures durability caused by the scratch resistance it offers. If you want a lasting wall heater that’s built to last you’ll love this compact still powerful heater. Safe & SoundIf you’re worried about the safety of the heater that you decide then the King WHF2412 1200W 240V Wall Heater can set your mind at ease. This unit features a thermal overload protection switch which will cut the power to the heater to prevent accidental fires from happening. If you w.

TPI Indoor/Outdoor Quartz Electric Infrared er 208V 3000W Stainless Steel vs dhehk-24064

TPI Indoor/Outdoor Quartz Electric Infrared Heater OCH-57-208V-SSE 208V 3000W – Stainless Steel Features: Amps: 14. 4Approval: ETLBTU: 10239Color: Stainless SteelConstruction: Stainless Steel Housing & Aluminum ReflectorHeight Inches: 6-1/2KiloWatts: 3Length Inches: 55-3/8Voltage: 208Watts: 3000Width Inches: 5-3/8.

EK ing Cables 120 V DHEHK12011

DITRA-HEAT Cables are intended to be installed in the DITRA-HEAT uncoupling membrane at 3-stud spacing, which will produce about 12. 75 watts per a sq ft. The twisted, dual-wire design creates an EMF-canceling effect and removes the need for a return run back to the thermostat. 3-stud spacing 12. 75 watts per square foot Zero Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Emission 10 Year maker Warranty made by Schluter.

30,000 BTU Blue Flame Dualfuel Wall er with Blower Includes Wall Mounting Hardware, Floor Mount Base and a Builtin Blower for Added Comfort

The Reddy Heater Blue Flame Dual-Fuel Heater with Blower delivers 30,000 BTUs and offers an easy way to add extra heat to your home. With a versatile, dual-fuel design that allows you to decide between liquid propane and natural gas, the heater warms up to 1000 sq. Ft. Using an easy push-button start with no electricity obliged, making it a great choice throughout power outages. The thermostat lets you to preserve and control the wanted room temperature, while the oxygen depletion sensor features an auto shut-off design to keep your home safe.

Master 15 sq. ft. Floor ing Mat Kit

MasterHeat floor warming mats warm tile and stone floors in bathrooms, kitchens, entries, and sun rooms of any size and layout. Roll out MasterHeat floor warming mat on your subfloor and cut the white mesh to fit your room. Fasten the floor heating mat with tape or staples. Then top it with thin-set mortar and tile or stone. MasterHeat floor warming mats are UL Listed for the U. S. And Canada, and tested by Tile Council of North America for all residential and commercial applications to warm any direct contact floor surface as long as the mat is implanted in mortar. Laminates, engineered flooring, and vinyl flooring are well-liked choices. All in floor warming mats have the “S-pattern” wire construction and produce 12 watts/sq. Ft.

King SRP126100 100Feet 120volt Roof DeIcing and Pipe ing Cable

King”s self-regulating heating cable gives convenient, dependable freeze protection for range of pipe and roof & gutter de-icing applications. The heat output (wattage) increases and decreases automatically depending on changes in the weather conditions. This distinctive feature maximizes energy efficiency, rising energy output only when it is required to prevent pipe freezing and ice increase on roofs & gutters. No thermostat is needed. Rated 6 watts/foot at 40º F, (4ºC) for pipe freeze protection. Rated 8 watts/foot at 32º F, (0ºC) for roof & gutter deicing. Pre-terminated with 30 inch grounded plug and end splice. Suited for use on metal and plastic pipes. Suited for metal and nonmetal gutters and downspouts. Cable won’t overheat or burnout when overlapped. 16 gauge heating cable buss wire. 2 year warranty. ETL listed for USA and Canada.


Single Pole Thermostat Kit, meant For Use With Baseboard Heaters, Single Pole Units Are intended To Work As A Freeze Guard With The Lowest Cycling Temperature Of 39. 2 Degrees, Easy To Read & Use, All Hardware Is Included, Easy Installation, Use With TV# 197-034, 197-035, 197-036,197-037 & 197-038.

Portable Electrical Catchers Mask er 1500w

Perfect for spot heating any cold area in your building or office. Electric Heater operates on 120V, UL listed and features thermostat control. Will include 3 heat settings. Dual safety system will include tip over switch and manual reset type bound control. This heater features a hard steel construction and is light weight and movable.

Qmark CP258 Standard Radiant Ceiling Panels CP Series Birch White

Qmark CP Standard Radiant roof Panels CP258 For complete or additional heating in a commercial, residential and institutional structures – new or remodeled construction of offices, classrooms, family rooms, bathrooms.. Whenever the utility and comfort of radiant roof heating is wanted. Radiant roof Panel applications as main or additional heat include.. COMMERCIAL building perimeters to neutralize down-drafts over glass, enclosed outside walkways and washrooms SCHOOL locker rooms, cafeterias, laboratories and classrooms HOSPITAL burn and shock regions, recuperation and exam rooms RESIDENTIAL lonely cold spots, above sliding glass doors and floor to roof windows Clean, light, comfy heat that’s ideal for offsetting perimeter heat loss; saving considerable energy over other systems by heating people and objects rather than all the air in a room or building People are comfy at lower room temperatures with a radiant system than with a hot air convective system, comfy in the 60’s rather than in the 70’s. And lower thermostat settings can save hundreds of dollars in energy bills yearly roof panels let full handling of wall and floor space. No sound. No moving parts. No maintenance. No ceilings, walls or drapes to clean. No dried out air A simple system, easy to install, easy to control room by room without wasting energy needlessly heating unoccupied spaces.

US Stove 1500 Warm Air Hotblast Furnace Wood and Coal

US Stove’s 1500 add on furnace is intended to use in conjunction with your present HVAC ductwork and work seamlessly with your present furnace. With twin 550 CFM blowers and up to 139,000 btu’s, it’s intended to heat a home up to 2500 sq. Ft. This unit is made with a firebrick lined plate steel firebox enclosed by smart red painted steel giving the unit an appealing look. Connection to your present ductwork is easy with the two 8″ diameter heat outlets. Available accessories include the common filter box Kit. Includes: 6″ flue band, auto bi-metal draft damper, lasting painted outside, and removable/replaceable shaker grate (handle included). Firebox Dimensions: 20″ (width), 30-1/2″ (depth), 19-1/2″ (height). This item isn’t for sale in WA, OR, and CA caused by state limitations.

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Models to consider:
3ENA9 DK-50F255639 J1615UH150LVT KBP2406-3MP
VIRT9AB46259 CP807V-674 LFK204FGCV-30 LPW2445C
BP5X12-100-1 FC12600-3TABT4x12-30 WHQ4MH-6G BCPS500SS
MRHF274800 QUICKNET-090-155CP20-07 ProTech300F150050 HS-1500-OCR
7315-C15-FS SIS150-40-L5F2F5105N PACKTITE 27359-C17 BB HS-1000-WXSHT
MH-0175-0MDH BDH1021CKBSE405 MXD-200AAAHF12105 0013-BF3-J
RCC10524C DP00045BP-200 H400FDPSIS100-30-TG-L5 H7C3J1-300
SV9601M4571 PCH-48CFLZ2536AC VIRWBB202307VIRT9AB46223 PCM9025W31
SPti-55K-SM EECOCH-126SN510701 AP2402144 SRP126-100900-341H RCC7524C
55C1435-0300 BCH4562E-GM60″ x 42″ AR712SIU175-40-N5 WD2025HT5
PAW2022 ECOH200DVLNBPR1030 SIR25-15-N5HFDAH8001B SRP126-100
CP807 RCC12012CF242300 FC12600-3TAH2022-3 P1500
120090wd-kit RCH100-N9ASIU150-50-N5 MXD-200AVIRT9AB46243 3UG73
2YU56 CuNi400SSAR4807 SIU100-40-TG-N5F150050 55C1435-0600
SPti-155K-SM CP125DV14L QUICKNET-090-1F1506 UH150LVT
SGM3-L1 AR310SIS50-15-TG-N5 8K2415BWVIRT9AB46259 BCPS500SS
F1508 SCOSYAW15240w900-341H GFR2004T2FBP5X12-100-1.25 SV9601M4571
MRHF274800 F2F5105NDK-50 BCH4562E-GMSCOSYAW15240w V-674
SPti-155K-SM MH-0175-0MDHProTech300 HWX-105-INT120020WD-BKIT HFDAH8001B
FVN-200 BPR1030PAW2022 S100PCH-48C AR401
SIR25-15-N5 RADIMAT-75-240SIU125-40-L5 VIRT9AB46223SIU150-50-N5 SIR45-15-N5
LPW2445C OKB595E6-240VHS-1000-WXSHT SIU175-40-N5SIS100-30-TG-L5 KBP2406-3MP
120010WDBKIT-WV RCH100-L9AMUH072 SIS50-15-TG-N5KB4810-3MP-T-B2 GMSS921205DN
55HVFK-48 FC824NRCC7524C OKH191H6R-240VBLAZE 400 G A AR310
P1500 H7C3J1-300FC12600-3TA UH150LVTJ1615 SPti-55K-SM
VIRWBB59782 GMS80804BNF255639 7316-C07-FSAR712 SSAR4807


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