April 22, 2017

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Radian 125K natural gas heater HS125NG Salamander.

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SunStar Liquid Propane Infrared (Thermostat Temperature Control)

Will include floor stand. ODS F170850 and flame failure safety. Piezo ignition. No electricity needed. Works throughout power outages. Fits any decor. Wall mount or floor stand, as needed. CSA design-certified to the current national safety standards. Related in home, office or another hard-to-heat regions. Max BTU input: 16,500. Minimum clearances from combustible material:. Front: 36 in. Top: 36 in. Sides: 13 in. Bottom (wall mount): 2 in. Warranty: Five years restricted. 19. 75 in. W x 9. 5 in. D x 25 in. H (24 lbs. ). Installation and Operating information – Manual. Installation and Operating information – Thermostatic. Assembly information – SC18 Manual Blower. Assembly information – SC18 Thermostatic blower. SunStar is the choice for comfort. SunStar infrared models produce a radiant form of heat that instantly heats people and objects like the sun. Turn down your central thermostat and turn up the heat in the room of your choice with a SunStar vent-free gas space heater. Its cheap, dependable and virtually 100 economical. So, decide SunStar and decide value. May be Installed In Mobile Homes As allowed By State and Local Codes. Blower Dimension: 17 in. W x 4 in. D x 4. 5 in. H (5. 5 lbs. ).

Empire Comfort Systems SR-18NG 18,000 BTU Vent Free wit

Empire 18000 BTU Vent-Free Infrared Manual Natural Gas Heater SR18NAT. SR18NAT. Space Heaters. Save money and peace of mind with safe and easy-to-use, vent-free infrared space heaters from Empire. Using natural gas as fuel, this floor-installed (floor installation kit needed) or wall-mounted heater will survive any power outage to keep your loved ones comfy. Bask in the infrared output, which radiates heat to directly warm the objects around it, instead of the air around the heater. All heat is kept inside your home allowing you to operate for just pennies a day, saving you money in heating costs throughout the cold winter months. Decide the heat setting by just turning the control handle, and the heater will operate at the selected level till the control handle is turned to off or to another setting. Fitted safety features surpass every standard and include oxygen depletion sensor and auto shut-off to protect against any interruptions in the fuel supply. Installation is easy with no venting obliged. Just connect the heater to a gas source and use the included hardware to mount to a wall, or use the optional floor installation kit for floor-mounting.

Replacement Lamp, 14 In. L, 2kW

Technical Specification Item substitute Heater Lamp For Use With Solaira Alpha, Cosy, XL and Riviera Series Heaters Diameter 9/16 Length 14 kW 2kW Voltage 240 Voltage guideline 100 Watts 2000 Compliance & limitations Compliance and limitations This item is constrained for international sale. This listing is for each. _DELETE_.

Clevr 750-1500W 48" Heat Adjustable Electric Wall Mount Fireplace Stone vs F-170850

Crosslinks is excited to bring you the newest edition to the Clevr HomeTM lineup. This modern and stylish Wall Mount Electric Fireplace is energy economical, with no emissions, no pollution, and may be installed nearly anyplace in your house or office. It is a good way to not only cut the cost of your heating bill but also a great economical way to create a bold, modern look. Simply hang it up, plug into any electrical outlet, turn on and enjoy your fireplace without spending a fortune. The heat and flame display function independently so you may be able to enjoy the show without the heat or it can keep you warm without the lights disturbing your sleep. Comes with a remote control making it simple to turn on and off, with an stylish glass front, and may be used in your living room, family room, bedroom or office. Clevr is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality merchandise at the most cheap prices. We really are the link from our factory to your home.

Cadet Com-Pak Twin Plus 16-1/4 in. x 12 in. 3,000-Watt 240 Volt Fan-Forced In-Wall Electric Almond

The Cadet CSTC302TA is an electric wall heater from the ComPak Twin series, which features a two heater design for efficient heating in big spaces. It is intended for use in 240V or 208V installations. This Cadet heater creates electric powered heat with wattage of 3000W at 240V and 2250W at 208V. This Cadet ComPak heater should be installed with a horizontal alignment, preferably on an inside wall. This model comes with a Cadet builtin thermostat, which helps speed up the installation procedure and gives convenient temperature control. Also to the builtin thermostat, this Cadet wall heater comes in a complete set with a wall can for mounting and a front grill in an almond color. Cadet wall heaters are lasting supply years of dependable heating for your home, although it is suggested that they’re cleaned at least every six months.

Bionaire Twin Ceramic, 1500W, Black (BNRBCH4130UM)

Easy-to-change LCD controls will assist maintain ideal comfort level. Eco-Smart? Energy savings. Features digital thermostat. Two heat settings with 1500 watt maximum. Fitted safety features for extra peace of mind. Will include remote control and 24-hour timer. Safety Features: Tip-Over Protection; Auto Overheat Protection; Manual Reset; Cool-Touch Plastic Housing; Auto Shut-Off; Setting Range Max: 1500 W; Case: Cool Touch Plastic.

DBL Thermostat Kit

Double Pole Thermostat Kit, meant For Use With Baseboard Heaters, Double Pole Units Are intended With Positive Off, Each Adjustable Kit Comes Complete With Installation Hardware & information, Easy To Read & Use, Easy Installation, Use With TV# 197-034, 197-035, 197-036,197-037 & 197-038.

Ebac 1500 Watt Industrial

Ebac QZC1500 1500W 120V Infrared Heater gives targeted heating making it perfect for garages and other workshop environments. PortableDesigned to be movable to enable on-the-go heating were it is required, this unit is lightweight for greatly adaptable comfort. Lasting Constructed from strong and lasting metal, this infrared heater offers dependable performance in rugged garage or workshop-type environments. Powerful Generating a total of 1,500-watts of power, this unit is more than able to create comfort and warmth in whatever space it occupies. EfficientThis unit changes 100 off all energy directly into usable heat so that you may save on energy costs while left over comfortably warm.

IL-0200-NG High Intensity Luminous, NG – 200,000 BTU

Infrared heating as a large range of uses, ranging from heating a restaurant porch to complete warehouses. InfraSave manufactures some of the best infrared heaters on the market, and their IL line of heaters is no exemption. Able to output 200,000BTUs of heating power an hour, the InfraSave IL-0200-NG is perfect for heating regions that require spot heating, as the high intensity heat gives near instant comfort. A range of heating element lengths are available, making sure that an best size may be found for whatever heating need one may have. The IL Series Heater usesnatural gas, with possible conversion to liquid propane gas. making sure that InfraSave heaters used at optimum efficiency can save anywhere from 35 to 50 % on heating costs in comparison to other infrared heaters. For zone heating, it is hard to make a better choice than InfraSave. InfraSave IL-0200-NG Infrared Heater Features: 200,000BTUs of Heating Power economical, Clean Heating Performance Direct Infrared Heating important Fuel Savings Emissive covering Increases Radiant Heat Output InfraSave IL-0200-NG Infrared Heater extra Features: lasting Steel Construction Long Lasting Warranty Inconspicuous, nice look Perfect for Patios, Warehouses and More InfraSave IL-0200-NG Infrared Heater Warranty info: Burner: 10 years parts: 2 years.

Premier 479027 50G Nt Hirec Pwrvt Wt Htr

Power venting through the wall or roof using 3″ PVC, ABS, or CPVC vent pipe. Self-diagnostic control system. Calm and economical factory installed blower draws less than 5 amps using 110/120 VAC power. Side connections for use with space heating. 62,000 BTU/HR with 0. 70 EF factor ranking. Diameter 24″. Top of Vent 61-1/8″. Approx Shipping Wght 212 lbs. 2″ Non-CFC bubble insulation. Glass fused ceramic lined tank shield with safety (T&P) valve included. 1/2″ gas and 3/4″ water connections with mix thermostat / ECO. Steel multiport burner. Meets the Low Nox prerequisites of California and Texas. Meets the new Flame Vapor Ignition Resistance (F. V. I. R. ) standard as mandated by ANSI Z21. 10. 1. 90 Gallon 1st Hour of Delivery.

Cadet Com-Pak Plus 8 in. x 10 in. 500-Watt 120-Volt Fan-Forced Wall Assembly

The Cadet CS051 is an electric wall heater from the ComPak series, which gives economical, easytoinstall heating for various types of rooms. It is intended for use in 120V installations. This Cadet heater creates electric powered heat with wattage of 500W. This Cadet ComPak heater may be installed in a vertical or horizontal alignment, based on the grill used. This model (and other ComPak models with wattage less than or equal to 1500W) may also be roof mounted. It is most efficient when mounted on an inside wall. This model requires a thermostat for use and is most efficient when paired with a Cadet builtin thermostat kit. This Cadet wall heater doesn’t come with a wall can or grill, both of which are obliged and sold individually. Cadet wall heaters are lasting supply years of dependable heating for your home, although it is suggested that they’re cleaned at least every six months.

Dyson 300097-05 Hot and Cool Fan, Nickel

The Dyson hot + cool fan heater gives the fastest whole room heating in winter and high velocity air to cool in summer. It uses air multiplier technology to amplify bordering air for long-range heat projection and to produce powerful airflow for personal cooling. There aren’t blades – just an uninterrupted stream of smooth air. In heater mode, two PTC ceramic Plates heat the air as it is projected into the room. These Plates never surpass 392-degreef, so they do not burn dust and there is no worrying burning smell. The temperature may be set to the degree, from degrees to degrees and the airflow velocity may be exactly adjusted – either at the base of the machine or from the remote control, which attaches to the machine magnetically. Some fan heaters assert to be cooling fans also, however many have low airflow and air velocity-so they are not. The Dyson hot + cool fan heater draws in up to 6 gallons of air per second, generating high airflow and air velocity, for improved personal cooling. The machine cuts out automatically if it is tipped over and there aren’t observable heating elements or blades. Because there is no need for a protecting grill, the Dyson hot + cool fan heater is easy to clean. It also saves energy – costing 30- less to heat the whole room than regular fan heaters and can lower energy bills by 20- if used with air conditioning. All Dyson machines are tested rigorously throughout development, so the Dyson hot + cool fan heater comes with a 2 year parts and labor warranty.

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  2. Mr. Heater 40,000 BTU Natural Gas Garage Heater #MH40NG
  3. Mr. Heater Corporation Vent Free Flame Natural Gas Heater, 30k BTU, Blue
  4. Mr. Heater MH25NG 25,000-BTU Natural-Gas Radiant Heater
  5. Empire Heating Systems Vent-Free Blue Flame Heater Hb30tn Ng 30000 Btu – Thermostatic Control
  6. Heatstar By Enerco F170485 Convection Natural Gas Heater HS80CVNG, 80K

Models to consider:
EE-8068 PT-40-GFAF160550 LS-IRTWR-1HS-1500-ILO MH-375T-GFA
RHWH-14002 IR30NMDG-1EH1-0105-06 KWD258F299160 BCH9212-U
KWP112 222+-TH-480V-60FVO-400 SL192TWPH-08E DS-FTX1200-K
GPVT-40 9HM7253-C299IR18PMDG-1 GLD2450HPH15-E(Silver) RPSL-681
DR218-3000W DF2608F242600 SES-41-10IF17-1240 G3475
A2660400 XPD-1500Q2054 H-8408ELCG125 F220330
BFH 6616 GEN232EF023GRA GWD104RA100NGDGD F232025
RHWH-14002 F255321HS-30000488 Q2054EUH03B11T FBD400RT-A-CH
EH1-0041-44 A-E-027THM-2500 HHTF15CPCVKW11F BLZ-8294
H-8408 222+-TH-480V-60HEAT-F272200 F232025HZ180 F340725
RA100NGDGD MSS155704H01LS21-2W-BPIQT GWD104F260145 GEN2
T23WH0711CW AFUSHG1007A2660400 SSARWH4808ALHZ-725 IR30NMDG-1
VCIR-800WG 665RPVS820H 2057 HMHC-2230JFK-75-W ZCHT1001US
HP 22 F8806200-T2CUH05B31T HA220KFA80DGD TI48-3560-C270.
HP 22 HZ-709CTN-110 WGSH10BFHS-1500-ILO EH1-0041-44
CZFP5 MSS155704H01LS21-2W-BPIQT ELCG125BRN1775 HMHC-2230
LS-PP1800-6WCH T23WH1531CWZCHT1001US DS-FTX1200-KTI48-3560-C270. PT-40-GFA
BFH 6616 HZ-725ART-36×48-009 WGSH30BFNGDV-215 H-8408
HZ180 F260145CUH05B31T CRO24NGDCHF0055 CZPP200
XPD-1500 IF17-124061R2-10 H-901010HET6493-O107 HCH9264M-WTU
HF3316T2RP F232025HF-0003 THM-250032EF023GRA 8HM1500
6HM9179-O128 F220330VS820H 2057 RHWH-14002FVO-400 CYB20-7
DF2608 KWD258F271149-144 ST-52-231-ESES-41-10 ELCG347


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