April 22, 2017

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  • Long lasting and easy-to-change filters — change only once a year or 3,000 gallons; filter changes are quick and painless, no wrenches required
  • Faster flow rate — water flows twice as fast compared to traditional RO systems
  • A better RO system — Home Master Ultra with Permeate Pump’s innovative design solves the most common problems associated with traditional RO systems
  • This fits your .
  • Highly pure water — advanced filtration and purification stages remove 98 percent of iron, chemicals, heavy metals, sediment, and other contaminants
  • Great for well water — the Iron prefilter protects RO membrane, UV filter destroys microorganisms, permeate pump maximizes limited water pressure
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General description

The Home Master super with Permeate Pump Undersink Reverse Osmosis System delivers exceptional water purity, removing up to 98 % of iron and other metals while carefully eliminating 99. 9 % of microorganisms. The included permeate pump will decrease water waste by up to 80 % while rising water production by up to 50 %. Home Master’s groundbreaking design removes the common problems found in conventional RO systems — canister filter housing leaks, high water waste, slow flow rate, and service challenges. Its superior performance made it one of the best RO systems on the market and it is all supported by a five-year restricted warranty. What makes Home Master super with Permeate Pump a smarter choice? Clean, great-tasting water: Home Master super with Permeate Pump uses six phases of filtration, purification and sterilization to produce exceptional clean water. It uses sediment, iron, and catalytic carbon filtration, and reverse osmosis purification to take off up to 98 % of iron, hydrogen sulfide, chloramines, chlorine, chemicals, dissolved solids, metals and other harmful contaminates. Also, the kind of dissolved iron usually found in well water will destroy the reverse osmosis membrane without the iron filter defending it. The Home Master’s superior pre-iron filter, which holds an advanced redox media KDF85, acts as catalyst to help it remove dissolved iron from the water. Also, the mixed media prefilter uses powerful catalytic carbon filtration to take off chemicals like chloramines chlorine, herbicides, and pesticides. The advanced ultraviolet light sterilization chamber is generally on guard and carefully destroys 99. 9 % of bacteria, viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms. This results in very pure, great tasting water. Other features are a modular filter design, the power of UV light, easy change filters, faster flow rate, and better water efficiency. Supported by a five-year restricted warranty.

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Structured Unit, Original Model – Whole House ( 1 inch)

The Whole House Structured Water TMULTRA-ERP Units come in 1/2', 3/4" and 1" sizes. When you place your order, we contact you to find out what size unit you need and what kind of fittings depending on your present water line like Copper, PEX, CPVC, PVC, Galvanized Pipe, etc. The specially tuned geometry in our Structured Water units creates an energy environment for water to structure itself. This gives water a lower surface tension and better hydrating properties. This geometric technology breaks up big low energy water molecule clusters into smaller high energy clusters. This groundbreaking technology removes negative energy patterns (on occasion called the MEMORY of water), like chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, and many other harmful elements found in our water supply, and redefines the water's natural healthy energy pattern. Structured water lets us to imprint through the DNA and RNA the knowledge of its secret blue print and help one to become Balanced in the universe. The things that are ADVERSE to life are pulled to the inside of the water molecule and shielded from life itself. Structured Water is Life Nature's Way The major contingent of structured water is life force energy, and that life force energy comes down to the water molecule itself. The water molecule has the power, the individual mandate to protect life, and that’s to protect it from the things that are adverse to life and to generously supply the things that are good for life. Common in most homes are devices that you must constantly tend and fix. Our water structuring unit devices are a ONE TIME buy. You purchase it one time, you put it on wherever you want to put it, it’ll never wear out, and it has no moving parts. The water itself is the moving part; it’s the machine. It’s what brings the water to that place of being free to do what it’s meant to do.

400 GPD light Commercial (RO) with Pump and Tank

This 400 GPD (gallon per day) light commercial RO system is intended to meet the needs of people that require more than a regular undersink RO but not quite the demand and cost of a big commercial RO system. The system comes mounted on a frame bracket for tough dependable use and it may be used free standing or mounted on a wall. Filters are standard 2. 5″ x 20″ size (one sediment and two carbon block) and remove sand, sediment, particulates, chlorine, tastes, and odors from the water to protect the twin 200 GPD membranes. The system features a high pressure booster pump and built-on ESO and TSO switches that automatically shut off the pump and water supply when the tank is full. Comes with 10 gallon pressurized storage tank so you generally have lots of water on hand when needed. Call to ask about buying this system. Product Features400 GPDProduces a maximum of 400 gallons per day and is meant for light commercial and small whole house use. When sizing ensure system is able of twice the predicted handling for best performance and longevity. 2-Stage Pre-filtration2. 5″ x 20″ sediment and carbon prefilters protect the system parts, particularly the booster pump and membranes. Carbon Post Filter2. 5″ x 20″ post filter polishes product water to ensure the purest, best tasting water. Aquatec 8800 Booster PumpHigh pressure booster pump gives optimum operating pressure for maximum membrane efficiency and water production. Electronic Shutoff (ESO) SwitchThe ESO switch connects to your incoming water line on your RO system and shuts off water to your system when your pump shuts off. This prevents needless waste water from being made. Tank Shutoff (TSO) Switch.

Crystal Quest CQE-WH-02103 Eagle 1000A-SS Stainless

Eagle Mid-Size Whole House Water Filter, stainless steel gives you with great tasting water. Removes hundreds of contaminants from water. Stainless Steel Housings and tank. Conveniently gives 350,000 gallons of quality water. Great for home, apartment or office use. Eagle 1000A-SS Compact Whole House Filter Stainless features 11 phases of filtration 1st stage, water goes through a 20″ sediment filter cartridge In phases 2 and 4,water goes through 2 beds of Redox (Oxidation/reduction procedure) media In stage 3, water goes through the ion exchange resin In stage 5, water passes through granulated activated carbon (GAC). In stage 6 and 7, water travels through special blend of natural calcium carbonate medias In Stage 8, water travels through bed of gravel. In stage 9, water goes through a powerful magnet (greater than 12,000 gauss) In stage 10, water goes through a 20″ hard carbon cartridge In stage 11, water passes through a. 01 micron Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane Easy Filter Changes The system connects to the major line of your home Easy to replace resin media roughly every 3 to 5 years. Requires only regular backwash to keep unit in top condition Available in 3/4 and 1 inches NPT (input / output water line diameter) Flow Rate: 6-8 GPM Operating pressure: 40-80 PSI substitute media: 0. 5 cu. Ft. Of Multi-Media mix completely shipped with filtration media already in the tank.

Life Ionizers- M7 Under Counter Top Ionizer (Black)

All these new features add to give the Life Ionizer Next Generation high-end performance at a mid-range price. The Next Generation M-7 changes easily from counter top to under counter with LIFEs optional brushed nickel faucet. Sophisticated MAX Yield SMPS Power System and MAX Plates – New bigger Titanium/Platinum Plates in the new 2014 Next Generation M-7 means we offers a Lifetime warranty on parts. Plus we run a Free water report and supply a Free customized pre-filter system. The under-counter unit will include a brushed nickel faucet with the controls directly integrated into the faucet.

Conditioner, Oxidizer and Natural Whole House Automatic – The Ultimate In Pure Clean – Salt and Chemical Free With Lifetime

The Sentinel chlorine free & salt free system utilizes a lifetime guaranteed 4 in 1 tank. The inside tank is made of polyethylene with a fiber free complete liquid barrier. The second tank is thermal wound fiberglass for strength, with a 600psi minimum burst factor tested to 250,000 cycles without failure. The tank has an epoxy pigmented outer covering that’s encased in a stainless steel outer sheath, making the sentinel TOUGH This tank is fitted with a commercial responsibility manifold diverter for high flow rates without channeling. The filter media bed is supported by high grade silica under-bedding for improved back-washing efficiency. Our proprietary mix of catalytic activated carbon, oxidation reduction media, sequestering beads, quad-polarizer, and anti-scale resin make up a proprietary filter bed. An exclusive 3 step prep sequence can be used to condition your water before it’s filtered by the media in the tank. Step 1 is a 5 micron pre-filter to take off sediment and rust. This step increases the longevity of all the parts also as the filter media. Step 2 is a magnetic field chamber that assists change the calcite (sticky, scaly) form of calcium into Aragonite, the less scaly form of calcium. This procedure preps the water for step 3 and makes the filter media more efficient than other systems. Step 3 is our proprietary micro-processor electrolysis oxidation chamber, the biggest of its type for residential use. This electronically controlled chamber is the heart and soul of the Sentinel. When the water is running, the control box energizes the specially formulated titanium electrodes in this chamber. These titanium electrodes create oxygen that assists oxidize the organics in the water while burning up bacteria and other impurities. This procedure helps clean your water and considerably aids in conditioning the calcium in your water, which decreases spotting on appliances. This procedure makes the Sentinel the most complete natural water system available.

300 GPD light Commercial RO with pump

This is our light commercial RO system. Intended to meet the needs of people that require more than a regular undersink RO but not quite the demand and cost of a big commercial RO system. ______ This come mounted in a frame mount bracket for tough dependable use, can stand up or be mounted on a wall. ______ All standard size filters, sediment and carbon 2. 5″ x 20″ pre filters, twin 150 GPD membranes with high pressure pump, set up to use manually, just turn on when you want to make water, turn off when done. You may be able to use a storage tank or atmospheric tanks and a pump to use for whole house if needed. Contact us for other parts required to use this for whole house. ____ Great for homes where you may want to feed some number of resources like a kitchen, and refrigerator and bathroom. You may be able to order faucets and tubing from us to use for these kind of applications. ____ This high pressure, dependable RO system will give you up to 300 gallons in a 24 hour time period if you need that much. Super pure RO water. We have alternatives of adding on DI filters and UV filters if needed. Just contact us. Orders ship out inside 2 business days by UPS, delivery takes 3-7 days. Feel.

Premium Royal Berkey with 2 Black and 2 PF-2 Fluoride s bundled w/Berkey Stainless bottle

This system holds 3. 25 gallons and 2 Black Berkey water purification elements are included. Also bundled with this package are 2 PF2 filters. You may be able to filter up to 4 gallons per hour. You may be able to add 2 more Black Berkey elements (for a total of 4) which could let you to purify up to 8 gallons per hour. The system is a beautiful high-grade polished 304 stainless steel that look great in every house. With the included black berkey filters this powerful system purifies both treated water and untouched raw water from such resources as remote lakes, streams, stagnant ponds and water supplies in foreign countries, where rules can be substandard at best. Perfect for outdoor actions and a must in hostile environments where electricity, water pressure or treated water may not be available.

Big Berkey with 2 Black Purifier s (2 Gallons) Bundled with 1 set of Fluoride (PF2) s and 1 Boroux Double Walled 20 oz

BUNDLE will include 1 Big Berkey Water Filter System w/ 2 Black Purifier Filters Bundled w/ 2 PF2 Fluoride Filters &1 Boroux Double Walled 20 oz Stainless Steel Tumbler Cup four total Berkey Filters 2 Black Purification Filter Elements & 2 Fluoride Filter removing filters BERKEY FILTER PURIFICATION ELEMENTS ARE THE MOST POWERFUL FILTERS using gravity available & gives best value at less than two cents per gallon so cheap Black filters remove harmful viruses & bacteria & keep useful healthy minerals in water Berkey Filters Berkey water is cheaper tastes better than bottled water Long lasting lifespan of the 2 Berkey Black Filter filters is 6,000 or 3,000 ea of the cleanest best tasting pure water Filters last for many years BIG BERKEY HOLDS 2. 25 GALLONS of filtered water Perfect for 3-5 people great for small – medium sized families Berkey Stainless Steel Water filter systems come in 4 extra sizes Stainless Steel Countertop Berkey Filters Travel Berkey 1. 5 gallons Royal Berkey 3 gallons Imperial Berkey 4. 5 gallons & Crown Berkey 6 gallons of purified clean water GET THE BEST TASTING WATER NOW Berkey Water Filter Systems supply the cleanest best-tasting water faster than refrigerator pitcher filters Berkey Water tastes better than bottled water Berkey water filters work w/ no electricity ideal for survival off the grid & camping use Berkey water filter system will include 2 black Berkley filters easy to setup & easy to use tap water well water refrigerator water rain water river water & lake water will include BERKEY FLUORIDE FILTERS PF2 Berkey Fluoride Filters remove up-to 95 of fluoride from water Berkey bundle will include one set of 2 of berkey PF-2 filters Each Berkey PF2 filter attaches to bottom of Berkey Black filter and suspend in bottom of Berkey Stainless Steel Water filter no chemicals safe water removes dangerous contaminates campers RVs drinking best tasting water will include bonus thermos travel mug a Coffee Tumbler Thermos bottle works as Tea tumbler like a yeti.

Multi-Pure MP880EL Drinking for Below Sink

Multipure Drinking Water Systems are the perfect way to ensure that your home and family are provided with cleaner, tastier, more healthful water. Our business-leading drinking water systems may be used on the countertop or below the sink, and have some number of alternatives to customize their features. All Multipure Drinking Water Systems decrease a large range of contaminants as well as Cysts, Lead, PCBs, MTBE, Mercury, Asbestos, Chlorine, Chloramine, VOCs, and other contaminants of health concern.

2 Cubic Feet of Softening Ion Exchange Resin Cation + Resin Loading Funnel

Plans of the product: High exchange and mechanical strength Uniform particle with good hydraulics feature Good selectivity and thermotolerant feature Excellent physical and chemical stability-Specification: Polymer structure: Styren-DVB working group: HSO3 look: Light brown bead Ionic form: Na+ type Total exchange capacity: 4. 5 mmol/g(dry) – Na+ type-Total exchange capacity: 1. 9 mmol/ml – Na+ type- Moisture content: 46-50 – Na+ type- Density: 1. 25-1. 29 g/ml Na+ type- Shipping weight: 0. 77-0. 87 g/ml – Na+ type: Particle size: 0. 315-1. 25 mm 95 < 0. 315 mm 1 efficient particle size: 0. 40-0. 60 mm Uniformity coefficient: 1. 7 Attrition rate: 90 Swell, Max. Na+ - H+ 10. LiquaGen doesn't distribute or sell merchandise to any third party sellers on Amazon. This product is sold entirely on LiquGens Amazon store. Other businesses selling this product are counterfeits. Be sure to buy a real LiquaGen product for correct authenticity and warranty.

Universal 3-Stage Counter Top / .

Specification: first stage: 5 Micron US made sediment filter. Size: 10″x2. 5″ 2nd stage: Carbon Block CTO filter cartridge with 5 Micron ranking. Third stage: Premium T33 Inline Carbon filter with 5 Micron filtration. This stage removes offensive odors, colors and unpleasant taste. Package content: 1. Complete 3 stage Water Purification System with preinstalled cartridges 2. Housing wrench 3. Kitchen diverter and plastic adapter (be told, diverter may NOT work with sprinkler type kitchen faucets). Substitute filter set (good for 1 year): http://www. Amazon. Com/dp/B015INE4OQ.

Tyent UCE-11 Under Counter Ionizer – Next Generation – Healthy Anti-Oxidant Ionized – pH Range from 2pH – 12pH – 11 Plates – 750 Watts of

For the healthiest, safest, and most useful water available today, look no more than the Tyent UCE-11 next generation water ionizer. With 750 Watts of Power and 11 big platinum plates, the Tyent UCE is guaranteed to outperform every other water ionizer on the market. With multi lingual voice guided concierge service and an advanced interactive touch screen that was model after todays leading smart phone, the UCE-11 is the smartest water ionizer with the most advanced features. The 2 big interior filters supply super filtration removing 99. 9 of many harmful contaminants. Tyent’s “Forever ensure” means that your water ionizer investment is covered forever (will include parts and labor).

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  5. Home Master TMAFC ERP L Artesian Full Contact with Permeate Pump Loaded Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System
  6. Home Master TM Standard Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Models to consider:
DSV-150-38QC CQE-WH-02103ALK2-2512-I PT 4GCOD-400 M11CNext/110V/BU
3US-AF01 WP531130WS-48k-90SXT GT2700-100-6-EXTROUV10DCG LT-200
SW-G001 PY25-0.5SWF100 AARO410RCS5T UCE-9000T
IF-FLX10-25SXT IT-750HC-300X YNF7555WS-48k-90 BT2X2-BB-BASE
MP1200EL NT-501AQ-RO-3.62 SM-1CS-2500P VS-70
46A 400-463 EQ-1000-AST-AMZNMR-C3000 ALK1-2512-IEQ-600-AMZN YTB-10-CB1-PR
wi.ace.11 NT-501EQ-600-AMZN IF-FLX15-25SXTCS-2500P GQM-121
MP880EL PRTG1402M7UCNextGen HWH-750WPHNG100 IT-750
30J-40 RO5MXCMR-C3000 NHSPOE15RF-1000 MR-1030
ProOneG5SL-2 1-10300-FC-KVIQUA-PRO10 PY25-0.5ZWS3020 AT-500
3814QC MMP-11-BLACKOMX067 KT4100AWL-7000 RCS5T
AWL-5000 WP531130BIO-1.5 IF-FLX30-25SXTRO103TDS PUV-8
Enkion7 AI25 2510SXTALK2-2512-I YTB-10-CB1-PRUCE-9000T ROCON-69
IT-656 60461N46A 400-463 AQ-5300+.56TYH-201 NC-10
RCB4T wi.ace.11IF-FLX15-2510 ROCON-75MR-1030 FQSVF FQK2J 4P
FLTUV110BCH KT4100CQE-WH-02103 60461NMP880SBCC EC106M
ROS300P ALK1-2512-IEnkion7 QC10-CBRRec450 NHSPOE15
AT-500 FLTIN01PKQPY25-0.5 EQ-1000-AMZNDLA-12 CS-2500P
ROALKUV10M AI25 2510SXTEV9328-06 AARO410CB2-SED-CAB20-BB IT-580
TANK-14-A LT-3002C-S-IM100 AWL-5000SW-G001 VIQUA-F4+
SN33869-3PK IF-FLX15-25SXTCXV3708 BIO-1.5OMX067 GT2700-100-6-EXT


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