April 22, 2017

KE34PC 3/4 (KitchenEater) actually has good reviews


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  • Factory Installed 36 Inch 3 Prong Power Cord included
  • High Speed 2700 Motor Revolutions Per Minute
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General description

Enjoy economical, calm waste disposal in your kitchen with the 3/4-hp KitchenEater KE34PC food waste disposer, which features a greater grinding capacity thanks to high-speed permanent magnet-powered motors, rust-tolerant stainless steel parts, and an easily installed mounting system. This waste disposer is safe for properly sized septic tanks.

Recent reviews of KitchenEater KE34PC 3/4 HP Garbage Disposer:

I really like KitchenEater KE34PC 3/4 HP Garbage Disposer. It looks to be somewhat quieter than my replacements. I went through two Waste Kings inside 12 years and decided to attempt another brand. I did some research before installation and the KitchenEater 3/4 HP has the easy “Snap and Lock” 3 screw Mounting and this is somewhat standard on most disposers. KitchenEater is made of quality Stainless Steel grinding blades. Sound Insulation is the best of any that Ive owned. Do not misunderstand me, it does make sound, however I’m impressed with the lack of unneeded vibrations and sound that others seem to have. It’s a bit quieter than Waste Kings. I own a Septic Tank and it’s accepted for tank handling but be cautious because some aren’t. I bought a home and found after a month I had a sewage smell because the garbage disposal wasn’t built for septic systems. This caused a back up on a non pressured drain line from the sink. Sewage was pouring out of a joint in the PVC drain into my crawl space. “quick Permanent Magnet Powered Motors” are just the standard on most garbage Disposal system. I can not say that KitchenEater is a revolutionary or magical system, however it looks well built and for a “Handyman” it is easy to install. It comes with a COMPLETE 10 year warranty. It has a 3 prong cord if you have an electrical outlet, otherwise you may be able to hard wire it into your 110 power line like I did. Clear information are provided. If you are like me and replacing a 1HP GD, this 3/4-hp KitchenEater KE34PC disposer will be as powerful due to design of the micro blades and speed. Everything you have to install is made available.

Clearly, it is going to take AT LEAST weeks of use to review this item pretty. I will update this afterward – if I remember. So far s’ok. It is not a terribly hard install, however seemed a bit trickier than what I recall for the Waste Maid 450 it is replacing. I got some years of service out of THAT before it started making a strange sound. The Badger lasted longest so far. The KitchenEater looks powerful and is a BIT smaller (and a pretty bit quieter) than the WasteMaid, which is nice. But the rubber filter between the sink and the disposal’s mouth is fixed for the KitchenEater – it was removable for the Waste Maid, which seemed better for to get in when a fork slips down – this has not happened still with the KitchenEater, we will see. Update July 2013 – Having used this for a while now I am more and more happy. It’s calm but gets the job done effectively. A couple utensils have slipped in, and I like being able to unplug the unit before reaching in. It WAS easier to do that with the Waste Maid due to latter’s removable throat guard, however it is no problem for my comparatively big hands to get through the KitchenEater’s fixed rubber throat. As long as it gives a good length of service, I will be happy with it.

I could recommend the Waste King L-8000 Legend Series 1. 0-hp uninterrupted Feed Garbage Disposal over this one although, as it may be bought for less money, is quieter, and has the best warranty imaginable (lifetime in-home warranty). With that said, this unit is excellent and you won’t be disappointed if you purchase it. It installs just like any standard unit and is a breeze to get going. It comes with a power cord, unlike some other units out there, so you do not have to take off and rewire. The sound level on this unit is better than an Insinkerator Badger, however not as calm as the Waste King or an Insinkerator Evolution. The sound level is really quite good on this unit, so I can not complain there at all. The grinding parts are stainless steel and should resist rust and fouling for many years to come. The unit also comes with a 10-year warranty, which is far better than the lower-line Insinkerators (2-year warranty), and the high-end Insinkerator Evolution (4-year warranty), but not as good as the Waste King (lifetime warranty). This unit gets a high recommendation from me and I could surely not say anything negative about it. It’s surely worth the money and it surely looks to be a well-built unit. Bottom line: 5/5 starsHighly suggested, however I still recommend the Waste King over this unit.

Compare with similar products:

InsinkErator Light Duty Commercial /Food Waste, 10 x 10 x 17 inch — 1 each. vs KE34-PC

This light-capacity model is foodservice-quality KE34PC through-and-through, still installs as easily as a household garbage disposal. Intended for light foodservice applications like convenience stores, delis and fast food functionings. Foodservice design with the ease and flexibility of a household unit. Disposer mounting included with unit. Mounting fits standard 3 1/2″ – 4″ sink opening. No welding obliged. Standard wall switch operates the disposer. Auto reversing motor for longer life and trouble-free operation. Stainless steel grind chamber. Cast nickel chrome cutting element. 1/2 HP Motor View specification. Sheets.

Whirlaway® Disposal, 1/3

Install this garbage disposal from Whirlaway to keep drains and pipes free of food Its energy-economical motor produces 1/3 hp of power that effectively cuts up food and prevents blockages. Features Easy Mounting System Heavy-Gauge Steel Cutting parts Stainless Steel Anti-Jam Swivel Impellers Removable Splash Guard Corrosion-evidence Mounting Ring Convenient Power Cord.

InSinkErator Commercial Only, 10

GRIND CHAMBER – Corrosion tolerant Stainless Steel. MOUNTING – 3/4″ rubber mounting above grinding chamber isolates sound and removes vibration. Mounting is enclosed in chrome plated covers for sanitation and look. MOTOR – 10 HP Induction Motor, 1725 RPM’s, totally enclosed to offer protection against outside moisture. Controlled power air flow cools motor for efficiency and longer life. Fitted thermal overload protection. CUTTING ELEMENTS – Stationary and rotating shredding elements made from cast nickel chrome alloy for long life and corrosion resistance, intended for reverse action grinding. Major BEARINGS – Double-tapered Timken roller bearings supply a shock absorbing cushion. MOTOR SEALS – Triple lip seal protects motor from water damage. Secondary spring-loaded oil seal gives double protection against water and loss of grease. FINISH – All Stainless Steel and Chrome plated. Paint-free for lasting sanitation. Made in the USA. Unit Must Be Hardwired.

Emerson Evergrind E202 Food Waster, 1/2 Horsepower, 1-Pack vs KE-34PC

The Emerson Evergrind 1/2 HP Garbage Disposer features a 1/2-hp Heavy responsibility Motor (calm Dura-Drive Induction Motor) for powerful disposal. It has a rugged galvanized steel construction for extra durability, all in a space-saving compact design. With a 26oz. Grind chamber, this disposer can handle the toughest debris. Emerson food waste disposers are a dependable and working choice when affordability is the prime concern.

In-Sink-Erator/Masterplumber COVER CONTROL PLUS Evolution Batch-Feed Food Waste, – – Quantity 1

Product Features: Covered by InSinkErator's 7-year We Come To You in-home full service restricted warranty for parts and labor Features an anti-vibration mount and SoundSeal technology – super-calm performance lets for conversation in normal voices when disposal is in use Zinc stopper holds back water and will only turn on the disposal when manually activated 3/4 hp motor is calm, economical, and dependable Batch feed operation with MultiGrind technology, delivering two phases of grind to more proficiently handle hard food things Activated by magnetic cover switch (manual activation only) Easy-to-install, secure mounting assembly Product plans: in general Height: 16-1/4" Grind Chamber Capacity: 40 oz. Feed Type: Batch feed Electrical Phases: 1 hp: 3/4 Voltage: 120V Drain Connection: 1-1/2".

InSinkErator SS-200-7-MSLV Complete Package 6-5/8" dia. inlet with #7

SS-200 Complete Disposer Package, sink mount system, 6-5/8″ diameter inlet, with #7 band adaptor for sink installation, 2 HP motor, stainless steel construction, will include syphon breaker, solenoid valve, flow control valve, removable splash confuse, stainless steel sink stopper, low voltage manual switch with line disconnect, single direction, adjustable leg kit.

InSinkerator 10 trough SS-1000-6-AS101 vs KE-34-PC

From Insinkerator Restaurant Equipment – Complete Disposer Package, trough mount system, 6 5/8″ diameter inlet, with 6 band adaptor for trough installation, 10 HP motor, s/s construction, will include 2 syphon breakers, 2 solenoid valves, 2 flow control valves, programmable AS101 control pan – Your Source for Quality Restaurant Equipment and Supplies.

American Standard High Torque 1.25 Kitchen Waste

American Standard, it all begins with our unmatched legacy of quality and novelty that has lasted for more than 130 years. American Standard strives to make merchandise that make people healthier and safer. American Standard believes that every function deserves a well-intended form. They’re passionate about sustainability, safety, and honesty in everything they do.

InSinkErator SS-300-6-MS Complete Package 6-5/8" dia. inlet with #6 co

6-5/8″ diameter inlet – with #6 band adaptor for trough installation – 3 HP motor – stainless steel construction – will include syphon breaker – solenoid valve – flow control valve – manual reverse switch SS-300 Complete Disposer Package, trough mount system, 6-5/8″ diameter inlet, with #6 band adaptor for trough installation, 3 HP motor, stainless steel construction, will include syphon breaker, solenoid valve, flow control valve, manual switch, single direction.

InSinkErator SS-125-15A-AS101 Complete Package 15" dia. bowl 6-5/8" di

SS-125 Complete Disposer Package, with 15″ diameter bowl, 6-5/8″ diameter inlet, with removable splash confuse & reversible bowl cover, 1-1/4 HP motor, stainless steel construction, will include syphon breaker, (2) solenoid valves, (2) flow control valves, programmable AquaSaver control center AS-101, auto water saving function, auto reversing, timed run, post flush.

EXCEL 1 74030

Evolution Excel. Will include Dura-Drive induction motor, SoundSeal technology (at least 60% quieter), multigrind – 3 grind phases versus 1 in a regular disposer, 40 oz. Stainless steel grind chamber, removable calm band sink confuse, jam-sensor circuit, and auto-reverse. 7 year in-home service warranty. No. 74030: hp: 1 HP, Voltage: 120V, Speed: 1725 rpm, Warranty: 7 yr.

Salvajor 200-SA-MSS-LD Sink Assembly with sink collar 2- motor

Magnetic Contactor With Start/stop Push Button & Safety Line Disconnect – will include Sink band With Stopper – Vacuum Breaker – Solenoid With Flow Control & Fixed Nozzle – Heat Treated Aluminum Alloy Housing Disposer, Sink Assembly, with sink band (size to be particular), 2-HP motor, magnetic contactor with start/stop push button & safety line disconnect, will include sink band with stopper, vacuum breaker, solenoid with flow control & fixed nozzle, heat treated aluminum alloy housing, UL, SA, CE.

What people considered before buying it:
  1. Waste King L-8000 Legend Series 1.0-Horsepower Continuous-Feed Garbage Disposal
  2. KitchenEater KE1PC 1 HP Garbage Disposer
  3. KitchenAid Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal
  4. InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP Household Garbage Disposer
  5. Waste King Legend Series L-3200 3/4 HP Continuous Feed Operation Garbage Disposer
  6. Waste King L-3300 Legend Series 3/4 HP Continuous Feed Operation Garbage Disposer

Models to consider:
SS-125-18A-MSLV 150-CA-12-ARSS-2SS-100-18A-CC202 SS-750-12B-CC101SS-150-18B-CC202 SS-150-18B-CC101
2822-PCU SS-300-12C-MSSS-1000-7-AS101 SS-50-7-MSSS-1000-18CCC202 SS-50-12A-MS
SS-1000-18ACC202 SS-150-15A-MSLVGFC720V IK-HM-26SS-1000-7-CC101 300-SA-6-ARSS
SS-100-18B-MSLV SS-750-15B-AS101WD100LC SS110-IIAUS-WM-458 SS-200-12A-MS
SS-150-15A-MS S33W13WCSS-300-12B-AS101 SS-500-15C-AS101A1SPC SS-200-12C-AS101
SS-75-18A-MS SS-75-12A-AS101IK-HM-14 L-111SS-300-12C-CC202 SSH-1B48ULU
500-SA-MSS SS-150-18A-CC2022822-BKN SS-150-12C-CC202SS-125-15C-CC101 SS-100-18A-AS101
MP50 SS-750-18A-CC202SS-75-12C-CC202 WM-158-2PKSS-300-6-AS101 SS-750-15C-AS101
150-CA-MSS 750-SM 2083SS-150-18A-CC202 GID-141195SS-500-12B-MSLV SS-125-18B-MS
SS-200-15C-CC101 SS-75-6-MSLV200-SA-ARSS US-WM-358SS-150-12B-CC101 SS-100-18B-MSLV
26GDP002-560W-11 Badger 5SS-50-15B-MSLV SS-125-6-MRSSS-125-7-CC202 2822-BKN
BADGER 5 SS-500-12A-MSSS-500-12A-MS CP-0002300-SA-6-ARSS SS-200-15C-MS
SS-300-7-MSLV SS-150-18A-CC202SS-150-15C-MS SS-75-12A-AS101500-SA-MSS 1536-SPDB-VT
SS-500-12C-CC202 SS-100-15A-CC101SS-100 SS110-IIASS-1000-7-CC101 SS-1000-18ACC202
SS-50-27 100-SA-3-MRSS750-SM 2083 SS-150-12C-CC202SS-300-18B-AS101 SS-125-18A-MSLV
SS-50-12C-AS101 SS-300-12C-AS101Badger 900 SS-50-15B-MSLVSS-750-15C-AS101 WH202-ORBH
SS-200-7-MS SS-200-12C-AS101SS-50-7-MS SS-300-12C-CC202SS-100-18A-CC202 FWD75
SS-75-18B-MS IK-HM-11D2081-62 112A15SS-1000-7-AS101 WM-158-2PK
SS-200-7-CC202 SS-125-18B-MS200-SA-ARSS SS-75-18A-MSSS-500-12A-MS SS-50-26
150-CA-15-MRSS SS-750-12C-AS101SS-300-18B-AS101 IK-HM-1126GDP002-560W-11 MP50
WM-158-2PK 100-CA-15-MSS-LDSS-500-12A-MS SS-300-12C-AS101SS-50-7-MS SS-100-7-CC202
SS-100-12C-AS101 SS-100-18B-MSLVA1SPC SS-150-18B-CC101SS-50-12A-MS SS-125-15A-MS
SS-200-12B-CC101 2822-AB300-CA-15-MSS SS-200-12C-AS101FWD75 SS-500-12B-MSLV
SS-100-18A-CC202 SS-75-12C-CC101SS110-IIA SS-150-15B-MRS100-CA-12-MSS 2822-BKN
GFC720V SS-300-6-MSSS-300-18A-MSLV SS-50-15B-MSLVSS-75-12C-CC202 SS-125-15A-MRS
SS-50-27 500-TVLIK-HM-20 SS-300-12A-MSLVSS-125-15C-AS101 SS-1000-18CCC202
S33W12WC SS-125-18B-MSSS-500-18C-CC101 WM50GBadger 900 SS-75-18B-MS


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