April 22, 2017

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  • (12) 3ft Interconnect Cable; (12) Modular Connector; (24) Mounting Brackets with Screws
  • (12) Lightkiwi 12 inch Cool White Modular LED Under Cabinet Lighting Panel
  • Lightkiwi Dimmer Switch for Modular LED Under Cabinet Lighting
  • Lightkiwi 4-Way Splitter for Modular LED Under Cabinet Lighting
  • Lightkiwi 36 Watt Power Supply – Link up to (12) 12 inch LED Light Panel
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S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
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General description

Suited for many Uses Bright Lights in any space, like closet, cupboards, counters, utility rooms, bath, jewelry case, decorative, backlighting and more. Easy Installation & Operation Lightkiwi Under Cabinet Lighting may be easily installed usually anywhere with using correct tools and with the dimmer switch, you may be able to easily control the power (on & off) and the dimming. Energy-economical LED Individual 12 Inch Lightkiwi Under Cabinet Panel has 280 Lumen, bright 42 LED and only uses 3 Watts maximum. Hardwire Installation if you’re planning to use a wall dimmer switch, you have to do the hardwire installation with dimmable transformer, instead of the included power supply which plugs into wall outlet, caused by the voltage difference between the wall dimmer switch (110V) and LED light panel (24V). Inline dimmer switch (24V) is incompatible with dimmable transformer. If not used with wall dimmer switch, plug-in power supply (except 6 watt power supply) may be used to do the hardwire installation, however if dimmer switch is required, 24V dimmer switch is needed. You could have to splice the power plug from the power cord and connect to the power source with a connection box or something alike. Wall dimmer switch (110V) is incompatible with plug-in power supply. Power Supply Start Up time Depends wattage of power supply, the start up time may differ. Use paired wattage of power supplies for best result. B00HF11MEU – Hardwire Kit B00E453A9U – 40W Dimmable Transformer Magnetic Low Voltage Dimmer Switch obliged For Dimmable Transformer.

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WAC LN24P30WT Contemporary LINE 2.0 Light vs LK-C01-24-V-CW-12-X

Line Pro 24 inch LED LK-C01-24V-CW-12X edge lit energy star task light 3000K soft White in White. The low profile line 2. 0 luminaire is the final high output, low power intake task light. Seamless connections supply the perfect glare free solution for all surfaces while giving lavish color generating for full color spectrum illumination. Perfect for greatly reflective surfaces like stainless steel and polished stone, line™ 2. 0 produces an evenly diffused light with asymmetrical lighting distribution. Distinctive installation detail gives versatility and security. Extruded hard aluminum body with polycarbonate lens. Asymmetrical forward throw for best light distribution. Energy star rated and CEC Title 24 Compliant 1/4in super low profile, diffused light source decreases glare, removes hard shadows. Available in many sizes and accessories/joiner cables for easy layout and installation. Easy to install, fixture has magnetic clips. 24V remote and plug-in transformers (sold individually) let for many fixtures to be wired together. 60 watt remote transformer: en-2460-rb2-s, 100 watt remote transformer: en-24100-rb2-s, plug-in transformer: en-2460-p-ar-s. Smooth and uninterrupted dimming to 10 with an electronic low voltage (elv) dimmer. High powered LED: color temperature: 2700K or 3000K, rated hours: 100,000, power: 7 – 25 watts. Standards: ETL and cetl listed for moist places.

LTROP 2 Reels V Strip Lights, 32.8ft Nonwaterof SMD 3528 RGB 600 Light Strip with Mini 44 Key Controller and V 5A Power Supply

LTROP 10M 32. 8ft Non-waterproof SMD 3528 RGB 600 LED Light Strip Kit Specification: – Super bright 3528 SMD RGB LED, high intensity and dependability – SMD3528 60 RGB LEDs / M, total 300 LEDs for 5 meters – Self-sticky back with double side sticky tape – Maintenance free, easy installation – Every 3-LED cuttable without damaging the rest strip – adaptable band for curving around bends – Working Temperature: -20-+50 – looking at Angle : 120 – Long life span 50,000+ hour Mini 44 Keys RGB Remote Controller: – Connection mode: Common Anode(+) – Input: 12V(Power Adapter/Supply Not Included) – Output: 12V 6A – Max load current: 2A each color Mode & Pattern: – Light color: RGB (Red Green Blue) Flash SMD LED – 8 Light Pattern: fast / Slow / Auto / Flash / 7 color fade change / 3 color fade change / 7 color jumpy change / 3 color jumpy change R / G / B increase and decrease control 6 DIY keys – 44 keys infrared controller which has 6 keys(DIY keys) for momories the colors what you favored. – Control range: 10cm – 500cm RGB LED Strips 12V5A Power Supply Adapter: – Type: 12V 5A – Input: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz – Output : 12V 5. 0A Package included: – 2 x 16. 4ft /1 reel 300 led light strip – 1 X Mini IR Controller – 1 x 44 Key Remote Controller(Battery Included) – 1 x 12V 5A Power SupplyAttention: info:Under the W mode the strip will lit like Red Green and Blue, different from 5050LED which will lit like cold white, there is no white mode for the 3528 LED.

EShine Finish 3 Panels, with IR Sensor Hand Wave Activated Bright, Strong and Stable Easy to Install, Screw and

WHITE FINISH High Quality LED Under Cabinet Lighting 3 Panel Kit Are you looking for some Under Cabinet Lights to brighten up a black spot in your kitchen? Are remote controlled lights to most of a annoy to open when you are cooking? If so, we have the PERFECT solution for you: The IR Sensor LED Under Cabinet Kit by EShine tough and Economic This kit is made from the best materials and uses an economic 12 Watt Power Supply. Easy to Install Two installation techniques are included: Simple screws technique and 3 powerful 3M stickers for a no-damage alternatives, so you do not ruin your precious cupboards. Fun to Use Just wave your hand at the sensitive IR Sensor and the light will turn ON. Just do the same to turn it OFF. It’s that simple and fun Available in two colors: Cool White (ASIN B01I2L1AQQ) and Warm White (ASIN B01I2L1APM). You Satisfaction is Guaranteed. You either love it or we give you a full refund. Order Yours Now at a Premium Price and 100 Risk Free PACKAGE CONTENT: 3X LED strip lights (One panel has 30 LED’s and 230lm light). Panel Size 11. 81(L) X 0. 38(H) X 1. 13(W) inch. 2X Connection cables (3. 3 ft each) 2X Connectors 6X Wire Clips with 3M sticker preinstalled 3X 3M double-sided stickers 6X Screws 6X Screw caps 1X 12W power supply (with 4. 9ft cord).

J7117 3.5 Puck Light (Power Supply Not Included) vs LK-C-01-24V-CW-12X

Super Low-Profile Thickness of Lightkiwi 3. 5 inch LED Puck Light is only 0. 28 inch / 7 mm. Suited for many Uses Bright Lights in any space, like closet, cupboards, counters, utility rooms, bath, jewelry case, decorative, backlighting and more. Easy Installation & Operation Lightkiwi 3. 5 inch LED Puck Light may be easily installed usually anywhere with using correct tools and with the dimmer switch, you may be able to easily control the power (on & off) and the dimming. Energy-economical LED Each individual Lightkiwi 3. 5 inch LED Puck Light has bright 42 LED and only uses 3 watts maximum.

21" 0v Direct Hard Wire Capable Light Linkable

120V DIRECT HARD WIRE able LED STRIP LED Inch Light – Linkable plans Depth 3. 5" Height 1" plans Housing: Aluminum light weight construction with color paired injection molded plastic side caps. Housing has Knock Outs on all sides, on back and on under side. Diffusor: Frosted Glass diffusor for light distribution. Glass may be removed with no tools and cover the complete length of the fixture. This not only lets for light distribution, however also removes the bulb "hot spot" look from reflecting off your counter top. Size: The 1 1/4" height (as well as switch) is-intended to let it to fit under most cupboards without being seen. See below map for dimension details. Switch: Each unit comes with installed Multi-Function Switch I. Function 1: On/Off Function 2: Full Light output – Function 3: Low Light output Dimmable: Yes this light is completely dimmable by using the correct dimmer switch. The maker does recommend using an electronic low voltage dimmer, however we aren’t accountable for the abuse or use of any dimmer. Consult a local licensed electrical freelancer for correct dimmer. Mounting: Each unit has "key hole" style entry on bottom for easy mounting. Bulb(s) Each Unit comes with LED bulbs as follows: 12" Unit: 68 LEDs, 120v/ 4w bulb. Lumens: 300 21" Unit: 120 LEDs, 120v/ 7w bulb. Lumens: 540 24" Unit: 136 LEDs, 120v/ 8w bulb. Lumens: 600 33" Unit: 188 LEDs, 120v/ 12w bulb. Lumens: 840 42" Unit: 240 LEDs, 120v/ 15w bulb. Lumens: 1,080 Each LED bulb has an average life ranking of 40,000 hours, as opposed to Halogen lamps at only 2,000 hours. LED bulbs not only last longer than halogen but run cooler. LED bulbs give out a cooler whiter light look than standard tradional incandescent light, however appear warmer than halogen without the heat of halogen. Electrical Connections Hard Wire.

Halo HU1018D930P, 18", 3000K,

The Halo LED under cabinet is ideal for task, accent, office, cove, utility, under and above cabinet lighting display, the Halo Under cabinet low-profile design delivers maximum energy savings and life with easy installation. The integrated driver allowing 120V direct to the fixture for easy installation. The Halo system may be configured to fit nearly anywhere. Smooth dimming down to 5 using a regular dimmer. Connector cables in a range of different lengths make it simple to link one unit to another. Each unit has an integrated on-off switch. Mounting hardware included. Light Distribution: specific optical system composed of tightly clustered closeness phosphor LEDs, advanced optical chamber coatings and lens materials ensuing in soft illumination with high efficiency. These fixtures are ideal for task lighting over glossy surfaces with no diverting shadow patterns. Wiring Flexibility: Use any mix of three different wiring techniques: Bring adaptable conduit or Romex straight to either end of any size fixture. Conduit connector and romex strain break hardware is included with each fixture. Use the available plug in connectors (sold individually) to link extra fixtures to the circuit or continue with flex conduit or romex (See information sheets for more detail). Lasting Low Profile Housing: Heavy gauge aluminum housing and color paired end caps with a 3/4″ in general height. Two Fastener Mounting: Each unit is secured straight to the mounting surface with just two fasteners keeping installation costs low. May be mounted in horizontal and vertical orientations. Uninterrupted Runs: Link any mix of fixtures up to 450 W total load using available connectors. Optional Accessories: Optional splice box has a connection port on each side to let for runs in either or both directions. Will include Romex/ 1/2″ conduit connector. Different connector cable alternatives supply flexibility of mounting place. ENERGY STAR qualified. FCC.

Good Earth 24 Plug In Light, Stainless Steel vs LK-C-01-24-V-CW-12-X

The Good Earth Lighting LED Under cabinet Light Bar is the ideal way to light cupboards, kitchen counters, or accent any area of the home. This 24-inch fixture may be mounted conveniently nearly anywhere with the included mounting hardware, and the plug-in operation makes it a breeze to use. The 3000K temperature LED lights cast a warm atmosphere, and the 50,000 hour rated lamp light assures long-lasting use. The Good Earth Lighting LED Under cabinet has a stainless steel finish with four clear acrylic diffusers, allowing it to blend seamlessly with any present decor. This lightweight item measures 24″L x 2″W x 0. 76″H. Carries a restricted 3-year warranty.

Lithonia GT3L MV 3Light Fluorescent General Purpose Troffer, 4Feet,

Lithonia Lighting’s general function grid troffer light is ideal for drop roof applications like an office or light commercial setting. Acrylic patterned lens lets the light to spread evenly during the space. The hinged steel door lets for the lens to be easily replaced without having to disassemble the frame.

P30BK 0V Direct Puck 3 Light Black

These 120V LED pucks may be recessed or surface mounted with light shining down and they’re dimmable using a Lutron Diva – DVCL-153P wall dimmer, and linkable up to 6 units. Plastic enclosure. Stays cool to the touch, making it safer than both halogen and xenon. Delivers exceptional energy efficiency and long lamp life. Available in white, black and nickel finishes.

Leads 3 Pack Motion Sensor Night Light, Battery Powered Wireless Closet Light With Magnetic Strip 5 DIY Stick On Anywhere Indoors, Safe for

Leadleds – Smart life, Smart Light The motion sensor night light is intended to offer people with convenience in the black, which is ideal for living room, bedroom, baby room, closet, cabinet, corridor, workshop, basement, garage, stairwell, oil depots, door, garage entrances, roof etc. The personalized lighting solution to create a intelligent atmosphere, using passive infrared (PIR) technology to sense human motion (inside 10ft) by accepting the body’s radiant heat. Leadleds wireless motion sensor light turns on or off depending on occupancy and ambient light level. It’s intended to replacement a regular light switch and will supply a great deal of convenience plus much fan. Enjoy your smart life. Specification. : – Sensitivity Distance> 3 meters/10ft Distance – Sensor Range: 100 degrees – Supply Voltage: 4. 5V – LED life: 30,000 hours or more – Powered by: 3 AA batteries – Is Batteries Included: NO – Material: ABS, PC, metal – Operating temp :-70 F 100 F – Size: 10 x 1 / 25 x 2. 5 CM (L x D) NOTE: – we suggest putting each Leadleds I-017 at least 12ft separately – don’t put 2 motion activated LED night lights too close. The light of one night light may because the other not light up if they’re too close. In Box: Leadleds Motion Sensing LED Wall Light 3 User Manual 3 Gift Box 3 do not let darkness get in your way ever again, enjoy the smart life. What are you waiting for? 1 click-order now.

Lights of America 7020 24" Fluorescent Light Stick

Lights of America 7020-6 24″ Under Cabinet Light, WhiteLights of America 7020-6 24″ Under Cabinet Light, White Features:; On-off slide switch; Brightens kitchen regions; Beautifies countertops; Makes work more economical; Replaceable lamp; Wattage: 17 watts; Incandescent equivalent: 75 watts; Dimensions: 2. 5″ x 24″; Light Output: 1,093 lumens; Color Temperature: 4,200 Kelvin; Warranty: 1 year; Bulb: RB17T8-CW; Assembled in USA.

by AFX ASP132R8 Curved file 48 Wall Bracket, Bright Aluminum with Ribbed Extruded Acrylic Diffuser

The Radionic Hi Tech Pico Chrome ASP Wall Bracket Light is a versatile beauty that can be mounted vertical or horizontal. This bracket light features a one-part, ribbed white extruded acrylic diffusor and curved steel housing in polished chrome. Grounded outlet and turn switch add convenience. Bulbs not included. This bracket light comes in a range of size alternatives. About Radionic Hi-Tech, Inc. Radionic Hi-Tech was founded in 1982 and is well-respected in the electronic and electrical industries. They concentrate in LED fixtures, power supplies and LED drivers, chargers, and adapters. Their diverse markets include personal, commercial and industrial lighting, lighting manufacturers, computers, lawn and garden, toys, power tools, medical instruments, video game consoles, and more. Radionic Industries, Inc. Is the base company and was founded in 1939, making it the oldest lighting ballast company in America. Since its founding, there have been only two holders. The current owner took over in 1972. Your choice of available sizes. UL listed assures safety standards have been met. Chrome finish. Ribbed white extruded acrylic diffusor. Vertical or horizontal mount. Requires one 15-watt, 17-watt, 25-watt, or 32-watt bulb based on size, not included.

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Models to consider:
UC-3425EX-2700K G0622CL-BK-I8977WH FL8403-10-6HU1024D830P UFL34-WH
15093WHT LED-PL3 BLKSPCXL120 SEN002-WarmNULS-21 V4918
EF-015 W10415587WS2812B5M30W XTL-3-HW/WHZXR515-HL-CW 98859SW-15
AQUCCPK10-6KIT SG5AHO-39/30-WEL5851 NCAX-120-8WTEA5097TP P7013-20
H9327 LED-T24W-5-WT8975WH LK-C01-24V-WWTL208 G9712P-T5-WHES-I
T1228 SL-006NULB-24LED30A CAB-3W-CWD12V-K3043T-22-WH L-614-W
T1228 Kitcl-01K0667-1224W ES34.BCEL5851 S401-24/30-WH
043T-22-WH ZXR515-HL-WWJ7117 EA5097TPLK-C01-CNT-CNR k0653
IN-0210-1 MG-WML106LLDI-007W3 XUC003leduc33bz LSL20HBCC
NULB-24LED30A EBT964SL-006 BSLDOCW6-AHR-LED90-27-WT leduc21wht
EHG0336 BFLSA-28/120ML01 G0622CL-SWH-IELW3006W 3580LEDPL3WHT
912021002-4Pack LN-LED24P-30-WTCAB-3W-WWD SLP108ES6SK-CWD HU106P
1199233A leduc33whtEUN24E G2993LSPD12KBCC L-614-W
HR-LED90-30-BN H9327UCLD 24 BN M4 98859SW-15NSL14/40K120VC 10581WH
BA-LED6-27-SN K0667-1224WZYLSF-3W-WW-ND 120H40WHleduc33wht G0622CL-SWH-I
UFL34-WH G2993LPL640W2RB EBT964LK-C01-24V-WW ASP132R8
1977WW P7189-30STREL5851 LUC-24-WHV4918 1199233A
RO-LB-8121 L-614-WYG-3204 T12281800015-WW-US SG5AHO-39/30-W
ES34.BC SPCXL120BA-PC6-WT 601197AD5F66IN-0207-2 SLT60-12VL-1A
XTL-3-HW/WH 043T-22-WHRWLED12BCC EF-015IN-0210-3 LSB20HBCC


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