April 22, 2017

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Forney 1680 Torch Kit, Light to Medium Duty, Victor Type Oxygen Acetylene vs PL-18-E

The Forney 1680 “Jet Flame,” PL-18E Oxy-Acetylene Welding Kit is a Victor style medium responsibility torch kit. The kit gives an Oxygen Regulator (87070), Acetylene Regulator (87071), Torch Handle (87093), Cutting Attachment (87092), Goggles (55311), Flint Lighter (86102), T-Grade Hose, Cutting Tip No. 0 (60447), Welding Tip No. 0 (87822) Check Valves (87151). Ideal for maintenance, fabrication, plumbing and do-it-yourselfers. Gives high performance at a economical price. Forney Industries is one of America’s longest operating family-owned metal working product businesses. Founded in 1932, Forney offers more than 5,000 merchandise for the hardware, vehicle, farm and ranch and do-it-yourself markets. If you have got metal working questions, we have got answers. We are dedicated to your success despite of place size or needs. Welds up to 3/16-Inch (4. 76mm) and cuts up to 4-Inch (101. 6mm). Has 3/16-Inch (4. 76mm) by 12-1/2-Inch (317. 5mm) T-Grade Hose. Claims for warranty must be made inside 90 days of the date of buy. Evidence of buy obliged. This warranty doesn’t cover any product that was subject to abuse, neglect, neglect or accident, or that was used opposite to the function meant.

Torch Kit AKJ4S JET "T" Deluxe "Quick Connect"

ASCO JET “T” Deluxe “fast Connect” Air/Acetylene Torch Kit – holds two JET info. Soft solders 3/4″ to 4″. Brazes to 1 1/2″. Kit holds: • 440G Acetylene Regulator • 2AM-T “fast Connect” Torch Handle • AJ4-T and AJ6-T JET info • AH3 Spring End Hose • RFL1 Spark Lighter.

Kyson Waterproof Solar LED Wall Latern Lamps Pathway Light Outdoor Garden lightings Yard Path Fence Lamp Warm Light (4, Warm White)

About Kyson Kyson will generally supply the best product, pre and after serviceWe stand behind all our merchandise 100. Rigorous QC and guaranteed quality. If for any reason you aren’t pleased, feel free to contact us to give us a chance to crack your concern. Just think about that we care about every buyer. Plans: LED quantity: 2 LEDs Material: plastic Light Color: Warm White Life span:LEDs can last up to 100,000 hours Solar Battery: 2V 120mA Lights up to 10 hours if completely charged Size: 11. 4 x 9 x 5cm Weight:150g Rechargeable: Ni-MH 1AA 1200mAh battery(Not Included) Package Include: 4 x solar light.

Flame Burner Gun Professional Brazing Gas Welding Torch Tool Fire Blowtorch Butane Gas Type Steel Adjustable Flame 1300°C/2500°F

FEATURES: High quality eary to clean brass chimney Used carefully at any angle and in any position after warming for 50 seconds suited for camping fire, welding, soldering or brazing One-touch gas connection Focused high fire power up to 1300C good modification of fire power Fit cheap long butane can, excluded Ignition: manual Size:200x65x40mm Fuel:Butane Gas 12 Month MONEY BACK OR substitute ensure. Package Include:1xFlame Gun.

Silver Solder Paste 0.5 ozt (Easy) – SFC Tools – SOL-825-SSE

Solder pastes let for exact application when used in soldering chain, results, earring posts and other intricate elements. Using solder paste removes waste and improves the look of your solder joint. The paste comes in a 10cc dispensing syringe containing a blend of micro good spherical solder powder, flux, and binder. Not for use on aluminum, pewter, zinc, or pot metal. This solder is cadmium, indium, and antimony free. Net weight is 0. 5 ozt. (10 dwt or 15. 5 g). Flow Point: 1325F (718C), Melt Point: 1240F (671C).

Good Directions 203CHV1-C Yard and Garden Torch with Large Oil Lamp and 60-Inch Pole, Hammered Blue Verde Finish, 4-Pack vs Primo Lanterns PL-18E pricing

Good Directions 203CHV1-C Yard and Garden Torch with big Oil Lamp and 60-Inch Pole, Hammered Blue Verde Finish (Pack of 4) – The warmth of our torches add an inviting glow to any yard, garden, patio, or deck. Available in a medium and big size, they’re perfect for lighting your yard when guests arrive or when you want to create a romantic mood. Each torch comes complete with a fiberglass wick that lasts a lifetime. Copper snuffers are included with all torch lamps. Dimensions: 8-inch large x 60-inch high; hammered blue verde finish.

SFC Tools Mighty Torch – Handheld Butane Torch – SFC Tools – 14-400

The Mighty Torch is powerful and will get your job done quickly. It runs on butane, is refillable, has auto ignition, and is movable and lightweight. You may be able to use it on the included base or hold it to work at angles with ease. It may be used for soldering jewelry metals, firing PMC clay, and enameling. It has a 2500 F flame and up to 60 minutes of uninterrupted burn time. The flame is adjustable and also has a safety lock and a uninterrupted flame lock for convenience. Measures 7. 0 x 5. 25 x 2. 0″? (17. 5 x 13 x 5. 5 cm). This torch comes with an instruction sheet, also as information printed on the torch itself. Torch is supplied empty.

Xtremepowerus Professional Tote Oxygen Acetylene Oxy Welding Cutting Torch Kit Victor W Tank vs Primo Lanterns PL-18E review

XtremepowerUS complete gas-welding accessory kit will include a 4 L oxygen tank and 2 L acetylene tank with regulators, with full brass torch assembly. Use this oxyacetylene torch for welding pipes and tubes, and other metal fix work. It is also used to fabricate metal artwork. Use it for iron or steel welding, plus brazing, braze-welding, cutting, bending and forming. Note, tanks aren’t DOT accepted.

Newhouse Lighting Solar Flickering LED Tiki Torches, Dark Chocolate, 4-Pack

Now take your yard upscale with the new black Chocolate colored Tiki Torches. Create the perfect tropical island atmosphere with Adamax Tiki Torches. The Tiki torch design consists of 3 interior LEDs enclosed behind a frosted lens. Of the 3 LEDs, one flickers creating the romantic feel of a flickering flame. With solar dusk-to-sunrise functionality, the Tiki torches recharge its interior Ni-Cd batteries throughout the day using the sun’s rays and automatically illuminate at night using its fitted photo cell, making these the perfect addition to poolside’s, backyards, patios or any outdoor environment. Retaining the look and feel of bamboo, these Tiki torches are made of lasting polycarbonate construction which can withstand outdoor elements all year round. To ensure you get the wanted height when mounting, these Tiki Torches include 3 pole assemblies and ground foot stakes for adjustable heights. No installation, wiring or oils obliged – just put into the ground and remove the battery sheaths (guarantees you get maximum battery life) and transform your yard into a tropical paradise. Will include 4 Tiki Torches (with stakes) and 8 Ni-Cd batteries.

TIKI Brand Royal Polynesian Tabletop Bamboo Torch vs Primo Lanterns PL-18E price

Create a Paradise in Your Backyard with TIKI Brand table torches. Natural flame outdoor torches help set the mood and add fun, décor and atmosphere to your backyard or patio. Polynesian inspired bamboo will bring a touch of island-style flare to any outdoor patio space. The table torch may be used with TIKI Brand Citronella Torch Fuel or TIKI Brand BiteFighter Torch Fuel for proven mosquito repellency (each sold individually).

Acanthus Leaf Fire Urn – Frontgate

Tabletop outdoor torch. Crafted of crushed limestone. Holds 1-1/4 pints of ethanol fuel. Interior dims: 3″ dia. X 4″H. When the occasion demands more than candlelight, the Acanthus Leaf Fire Urn illuminates outdoor entertaining spaces in a radiant glow. Boasting heft and intricate detail, this long-burning tabletop torch gives hours of warm, soft firelight.. Made in the USA.

YTE Wine Bottle Tiki Torch Kit for Garden Lighting Christmas Halloween Party vs Primo Lanterns PL-18E reviews

Enjoy Life, Enjoy Now. Hello, everyone, our shop new merchandise coming now. This new torch comes with Hanging Hardware and Bracket, Long Lasting Fiberglass Wick and Cap, You Just Prepare Wine/Liquor Bottle for A Beautiful Torch Lamp. The included hardware holds the tiki torch 4. 5 inches from surface for safe burning. This new tiki torch also comes with a long lasting fiberglass wick. All you must do is fill with oil, let the wick saturate for some minutes, light and enjoy. It also will include a copper cap to protect wick when not used. Package Included: 1 X Hardware Bracket 1 X Fiberglass Wick 1 X Wick Cap1 X Manual 2 X Screws Warranty All and only things bought from YTE are ensured with a top quality and you may be able to enjoy 30 Days and 24 Hours friendly buyer service. If you have any problems about the merchandise, contact us at the 1st time and our friendly buyer service team will react to you as early as possible. Fill with tiki torch fuel only. Bottle not included.

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Models to consider:
341785-P SOL-725-SSMTL26-25-RSFRG NY1180KP5529-31 AA-1
MTKIT01 MB55A-510BZ4500HS RP3T26290-NX-00 ML200
LMJ280 YZ-717PL-5827 BK 70287SLTS4000T MT 450
NY1180B LandFox-A398440122CDOB LP-1pt-411-6-pm 453-020vt
TL2125VHSF FX LandFox-A3981ET478 CK17V-25-2 FXSSO-27414 CVIVTCT3GPN3
YZ-062 SDG-029CVIVTHT8MFN LP1759ET47022 SSO-27378
SOL-825-SSM IAPRO100K1218-HC-Tiki EP-70GSSO-27498 AP-140M
ST-PT-14SB KP-414M-HRMC-FA60DGP FK101026NY9043A SOL-208.00
ET4728 NY8316KSSO-27265 TODTX504MT565C CK17-25-RSFRG
CVIVTHT8MFN FC200100SSO-27048 KP-320Mpt-411-6-pm A0242
ZR-1S LP1759B9461NB IAPRO100KCK9-12-RSF RG CK17V-12-R FX
CK17V-25-2 FX LMJ280TY003-4 70287SLTX917 GB2001
B1271NR SSO-272655713 BR KP-414M-HSOL-208.01 YZ-717
TL2125VHSF FX pt-301-6YSN-201 JT539TWT400000AV GJ123
SSO-27206 TL2739423-1003P PL-5827 BKNY1180B 341785-P
CK17-25-RSFRG NY1180K69906 BK P5450-3140122CDOB EP-70G
SSO-27394 F272601P5430-10 LandFox-A3981500G 451-030vt
62-3F-18 SOL-208.00B00VUGY9IC 9920DCOSSO-27305 TorchHHO01
3L-34623 NY1180KYZ-717 ML200VT 3-30 SVC 70287SL
ST-61364-B MT565C500G P5430-1023-1015P SSO-27265
TL27394 NY1180BYSN-201 4VAA3TS4000T 451-030vt
KP-320M GJ123RMC-FA60DGP NY9043AGS-97NW RT 2 1/2-20 C
SW8505 NY8316K62-3F-18 9855BKT6290-NX-00 ST-PT-14SB
41421WGBK LP-1BZ4500HS YZ-062FP-540 PL-5827 BK
SSO-27394 IAPRO100KSSO-27389 B00VUGY9IC4094 BK SSO-27498
CK17V-25-2 FX FC2001003900KR1 JLLB120CVIVTCT3GPN3 GS-97NF


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