April 22, 2017

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  • Cold-starting at up to -40deg F
  • Fuel recognition system
  • Outdoor/weatherproof design
  • True multifuel capable: kerosene, #1 and #2 diesel fuel, #1 and #2 fuel oil and JP8/Jet A fuel; not for use with biodiesel
  • Rugged, weatherproof design
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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General description

This ProCom movable Multifuel Commercial Heater combines commercial-quality construction with high-end features to deliver superior performance for jobsites, outdoor projects and recreation in temps down to -40deg F. Assembled in U. S. A. BTU Output: 80,000, Fuel Type: Multifuel, Heat Settings: Variable, Igniter: Patented glow plug ignition system, Product Style: Forced air, Thermostat Included: Yes, Fuel Capacity (gal. ): 5. 5, Fuel intake (gal. /hr. ):. 61, Heating capability (sq. Ft. ): 2,600, Full Load Run Time (Hours): 9, Dimensions L x W x H (in. ): 37 1/2 x 14 x 15 1/2.

Recent reviews of ProCom Portable Multifuel Commercial Heater – 80,000 BTU, Model# PCK80T:

Removed the heater from the box, read the information, add fuel, plugged it in and turned up the thermostat. When the fan started it made a heck of a racket like the fan was hitting the shroud. I took the shroud off where I could get at the fan and motor. When I spun the fan by hand it spun free for 2/3 of the way but was tight for the 1/3. There’s information in the book to change offshoot off the air pump. I adjusted the pump to the specifications and it turned free. Before I put the shroud back on I noticed rub marks on the bottom of shroud where the fan was rubbing. I adjusted the motor mount and shroud so the fan could clear, put it back together and turned it on again. This time the fan didn’t rub but could only run for some seconds and shut down. After some number of tries with no change I was prepared to return it. My son noticed that the pipe plug in the pump housing was missing. We put a pipe plug in it and it fired up and looks to be working ok so far. Time will tell. It shouldn’t have gotten out of the plant with that many issues.

Compare with similar products:

Electric Radiant Ceiling Heating with Flexible Thin Film (16W has Crimping Tool) vs PCK80-T

Adaptable Thin Film Radiant roof PCK80T Heating installs easily and is incorporated into the roof assembly either throughout new construction, throughout renovation or when covering over an old roof with new roof material. This package holds 50 adaptable panels 12. 6″ L x 17″ W, 50 connectors and insulators, 50′ each of 2 colors of wire and 1 connector crimping tool. This package gives 850 watts AC. Materials sourced and made completely in the USA. 25 year warranty from Calorique LLC on film panels and connectors. All parts UL Listed.

SunStar Propane Infrared Vacuum Straight Tube Tough Guy, 50000 Btu30L

SunStar Propane Heater Infrared Vacuum Straight Tube Tough man, SIS50-30-TG-L5, 50000 Btu-30L Features: BTU: 50000Construction: Cast Iron Burner / Aluminum ReflectorsHeight Inches: 6-1/4Length Inches: 393Type: Negative PressureWidth Inches: 13Duct Size Inches: 4Tube Construction: Heat Treated Aluminized SteelTube Length Feet: 30.

TPI Corporation P3P5110CA1N Fan Forced Unit, Horizontal or Vertical Mounted, 45 Degree Temperature Rise, 22′ Air Throw Distance, 10kW, 480V

The TPI company P3P5110CA1N fan forced unit heater is a 5100 series heater that operates at 10kW, and has a forced air fan that distributes and circulates heat through a room, temperature rise to 45 degrees F. The welded steel cabinet is powder-coated for resistance to corrosion, has a latched, control compartment housing a master terminal board, and is factory wired for use with low voltage temperature controls (sold individually). The unit may be mounted horizontally for most rooms or vertically for high bay regions, and has louvers that are adjustable to direct air flow up to 15 degrees from horizontal position. The copper clad steel sheath heating element helps resist vibration and has continuously brazed steel fins that help draw air flow and discharge heat. The heater will include an auto reset type bound switch for overheat protection. The fan moves air at 700 cubic feet per minute, with an air throw distance of 22’. The three-phase, 480V wiring is well-matched with some commercial shop circuits. The unit weighs 55 lb. And is compliant to North American safety standards certified by Edison Technology Laboratories (ETL, a division of Intertek Group PLC).

US Stove 5824 Pellet with Igniter Furnace vs PCK-80T

US Stove’s Forester Pellet Stove is completely automated with auto ignition and easy to use electronic controls. Magnetic side panels pay for easy access to the inside of the unit. The 40 lb. Hopper capacity extends burn time, and decreases time spent refueling the stove. The simple design and close clearance tolerances make the Forester Pellet Stove an easy to install and welcomed addition to any room. The Forester Pellet Stove is EPA Certified, clean-burning (tax credit qualified), and has a low environmental affect. The unit is outside air well-matched for extra efficiency and mobile home use.

Nuheat F1812 72" x 48"

Nuheat radiant floor heating mats are the simplest form of electric radiant floor heating to install. No special tools or installation methods are needed – Nuheat simply installs like tile. Nuheat mats feature a 25 year warranty when used with tile/stone installations. Nuheat is well-matched with laminate and engineered wood floors with a 10 year warranty.

Thermcore Spa Gatsby Low Flow 4.0kw E24000300ET

This is a heater repalcement Element Assembly for Gatsby Spa. This is a Vertical Heater assembly, the size 3″ x 6. 469″ housing, 4. 0kW/240v, 1″ 90 barb rear part, w/ box & 60″ cords 10/3 J&J 60″ cord & 16/2 wire, and 2 pin 60″ cord. Features:Gatsby heaterLo FlowBarbed Inlet & Outlet FittingsStainless Steel Housing240V.

30000 BtuH Infrared Vent Free Gas, LP/NG vs PCK-80-T

‘ Infrared Vent Free movable Gas Heater, Gas Type LP/NG, BtuH Output 30, 000, Min. Cylinder Size 100 lb. Heating Area 1000 sq. Ft. Fuel Rate 30 cu. Ft. /hr. fitted Thermostat Yes, Height 25-3/4 In. Width 28-1/2 In. Length 10 In. Features Thermostat, Safety Features Oxygen Depletion Sensor, Cool Touch Cabinet, Manufacturers Warranty Length 1 yr. Standards PFS, will include Wall Mounting Hardware ‘.

Ceramic Honeycomb Catalytic Combustor (CC520) for FIREPLACE XTRORDINAIR models FPX44 and FPX44AZC by Travis Industries. Measures 3.6" wide by 14

For FIREPLACE XTRORDINAIR models FPX44 and FPX44AZC by Travis Industries. This catalytic combustor is a ceramic honeycomb coated with platinum or palladium, elements engineered to maximize the catalytic reaction. Strategically placed in the smoke path inside a wood stove, the catalytic combustor literally causes smoke to burn as fuel, creating more heat from less wood. That means a wood stove may be burned gradually, transforming most energy stored in a log to the room as heat, instead of to the outside air as pollution. Measures 3. 6″ large by 14. 2″ long by 2″ thick. A note about gaskets: do not install gasket around the combustor, if your last catalyst was wrapped in gasket. Simply install this combustor in stove’s catalyst receptacle.

Qmark TBX104 TBX Tool Box 9.5KW 240V Utility (28.5"H x 25"W x 18.5"D)

Mobile Warmer – Heat where you need it When you need it The TBX Series Mobile Warmer is a powerful movable heater. Made of heavy gauge steel and polyester powder coat paint. The unit includes a latched storage area on top for miscellaneous things like tools and hardware or lunch. 10 inch diameter pneumatic wheels let for easy rolling over obstructions to the spot where heat is required. Will include 8 ft cord and NEMA 6-50P plug (requires NEMA 6-50R receptacle) Thermostat with positive off and fan only position (Range 40F to 100F) Heats lower to floor for natural convection Lower profile to prevent tipping Storage area under cover Rugged steel finned element construction High temperature safety bound Collapsible handle for easy transport & storage. 9. 5KW 240V movable Utility Heater (28. 5″H x 25″W x 18. 5″D).

TPI Element Replacement Kit For MR & CH Series Infrared s 9500W 240V

TPI Element substitute Kit 64337-038 For MR & CH Series Infrared Heaters 9500W 240V Features: Amps: 39. 58Approval: cETLusColor: Dull Orange GlowConstruction: Nickel-Chrome Alloy Element / ceramic End CapsHeight Inches: 4-1/2KiloWatts: 9. 5Length Inches: 42Phase: 1 or 3Voltage: 240Watts: 9500Width Inches: 12.

Goodman BTU 96 AFUE Upflow/Horizontal Gas Furnace

Aluminized steel, tubular heat exchanger. Stainless steel secondary and calm, single-speed induced draft blower. Self-diagnostic control board. This listing is for each. Technical Specification Item Upflow/Horizontal Furnace Type Natural Gas Voltage 115 Output (BtuH) 76, 800 Input (BtuH) 80, 000 AFUE () 96. 0 Height (In. ) 34-1/2 Width (In. ) 21 Depth (In. ) 28 Supply Opening Width (In. ) 19-1/2 Supply Opening Depth (In. ) 19-1/2 Available Cooling Tons 1 to 5 CFM . 5 ESP 1941 Flue Dia. (In. ) 2 to 3 Side Return Filter Size 14 x 30 Bottom Return Filter Size 14 x 30 Number of Filters obliged 2 Transformer ranking 40VA Agency Compliance ETL, ANSI and Low NOx Emissions Manufacturers Warranty Length 10 yr. Parts, Lifetime Heat Exchanger, 10 yr. Unit substitute.

360K Titanium Pool Heat Exchanger

The SP360T is particularly made for salt water pool applications and made of titanium. 3 things you have to know when buying a pool heat exchanger. 1. You don’t want the ports on the same side. Water takes the path of least resistance and ports on the same side can make the water flow thru only part of the exchanger. Ports on reverse sides force the water to flow thru the complete heat exchanger, making for better heat move. 2. You don’t want to use a plate heat exchanger. Plates can clog up and restrict water flow. Our shell and tube stainless steel construction takes care of these issues. 3. Know what size you are looking for. Look at our fast sizing reference to guide you in finding the size heat exchanger you need. Not sure of the gallons in your pool? Drop us a message with the size of your pool (length, width, depth for rectangular pools; diameter and depth for round) and well compute the gallons for you. Lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects. Buyer is accountable for the return and shipping of the new exchanger. They are for salt water applications, as stainless steel heat exchangers aren’t well-matched with salt water applications. Plans: This unit has 1. 50″ ports stove side, 2″ ports pool side. These may be easily increased/decreased with a fitting to fit your project. The length is about 33 inches. Working Pressure (PSIG): Shell/tube Side 150. Minimum Temperature (F): Shell/tube Side 18. Maximum Temperature (F): Shell/tube Side 250. Pneumatic Test Pressure (PSIG): Shell/tube Side 165. Fast SIZING REFERENCE (US Gallons): SP210T, 18,000 gal. Pool, 210,000 BTU SP360T, 31,500 gal. Pool, 360,000 BTU SP600T, 52,500 gal. Pool, 600,000 BTU SP1200T, 105,000 US Gal. Pool, 1,200,000 BTU. This titanium unit is made particularly for your Salt Water Pool and comes with a lifetime warranty. This is the best quality on the market for better efficiency and longer life.

What people considered before buying it:
  1. ProCom Portable Multifuel Commercial Heater – 80,000-110,000 BTU, Model# PCK110VT
  2. Mr. Heater F270255 MH50KR Contractor 50,000-BTU Forced-Air Kerosene Heater
  3. Dyna Glo Delux KFA80DGD Kerosene Forced Air Heater, 80K BTU
  4. Mr. Heater 35,000 BTU Propane Forced-Air Heater #MH35FA
  5. 45,000 BTU Kerosene Forced Air Heater
  6. DeWalt DXH50K Kerosene Heater, 50K BTU

Models to consider:
KFS2412-3 F191824F2106 LP-8W-IQH-MBGFR2004IFF FRC4824F
SIU150-50-L5 CUS93505483FFTV209312 VIR9963FDR-968H IV60 160-2
CP501 DFI600LHD30AS0111 510FFF340680 HT2024SS
N1C060 DHEHK240225SP24 SPF-120H-4501 EBHN750WRH
600KSS MX-300DMH-0200-CM10 GMS80804BNMBR0800HKR10 S750000
NLW408TW bp50PLF1004 PKB4830-3KAF080-008 FO19013.110
NLW202TW 240160WDBKITSKY1768 TAT30006VIRWBB202295 EKB2450TB
VIR201602436 BP5X12-100-1.25CP170BSPC210186 BCPS500SSFPE-457-F 607101C
CZ2048T 7316-C07-FSMTVS4242SE 55S144032-0500RADIMAT-50-120 DT1103BW
VIR9963A PH50PS360KSS PLF1004P3P5115CA1N QMKC2508W
SIU175-50-TG-L5 F340635S750000 FC12600-3TAGPH1442H41 F260430
CV 2230 SIU100-30-L5PDP200 NLW408TWPKB4830-3 600KSS
VIRWB608022 EBHN1000WRHWHF2412 FPE-457-F607101C MUH074
BP5X12-50-1 MH-0355-0MDH72″ x 48″ SG6-NDCI3211 HC-4033BI
KFS2412-3 CUS93505483FFVIRPKB48153 DB100VIR9963F VIR201602633
VIRT9AB46217 VIRWBB202295SG8-N DFI600LMX-250D F2106
H250FDP 120060wd-kit55S144032-0500 16W 240VNPE-210A FRA1512F
8CB2415BW 55CP14-WS4510FF MUH0371DT1103BW PTH093G35AXXX
MH-0018-0D10 DFI600LUH150LVT CV 2230FRC4824F GSZ140241
PTH093G35AXXX 11AS-X7-53VE51 CUS93505483FFH250FDP EHUH140LVT
MX-150A GFR2004T2SPF-120 120060wd-kit8CB2415BW N1C060
LFK304 PF3033HLF2106 CZ2048T360KSS 2730C
HUH1548M PC3512W317359-C15 BB HW2012NLW202TW TV209312
FC12600-3TA HTP-1-150BEC95 VIR9963FTAT30006 H-4501
HEA-215110 CP372PDP200 SIU175-50-TG-L51ZKW4 MH-0355-0MDH
MX-250D SIS175-50-L5240160WDBKIT EUH05B24CTWHFC1215 FLZ3650AC
VIR4897/4893 55C1435-0700VIR201602511 EKB2450TBGFR2004IFF WHIII12000WM-RCU


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