April 22, 2017

Find out more about RFI840D31 4000/3000-Watt (Dimplex)


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  • 50/60 cycle rating; lockable access door for tamperproof use; CSA- and UL-approved
  • Measures approximately 16-4/5 by 5-1/5 by 21-1/2 inches; 1-year warranty
  • Completely sealed and factory-lubricated fan motor; automatic fan delay activates when unit cycles off
  • Heating element enclosed in steel with spiral steel fins to ensure excellent heat transfer
  • Ceiling- or wall-mounted commercial fan-forced heater with built-in thermostat
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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General description

This Dimplex RFI series heater is ideal for maintaining comfort in regions subject to cold drafts, like vestibules, stairwells, etc. Available in either Almond or White with a polyester epoxy powder coat painted finish. The front panel is constructed of 20 gauge steel. The wall box is intended for recessing into either frame or masonry walls and holds knockouts for wiring connections. The fan motor is totally enclosed and factory lubricated complete with a black anodized 5 blade mixed flow aluminum fan. The fan delay is a bi-metallic snap action type. The heater is a regular double poll fitted thermostat with provision for low voltage relay and remote wall stat if obliged. Unit is suited for use with remote line voltage wall thermostat. The auto fan delay activates when unit cycles off.

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375,000 BTU Propane Forced Air with Thermostat

Master is the choice for both the Professional and Do-It-Yourselfer looking for movable outdoor space heat. Despite the job, we have the right heater for you. Master heaters are ideal for garages, workshops, construction sites, warehouses, aircraft hangers, farms, and any application where movable heat is required. All Master LP Forced Air Heaters include a 10′ Hose & Regulator to attach to LP Tank. Heater base is completely enclosed for extra protection also as offers height adjustability. All heaters are CSA certified.

175,000 BTU Utility Natural Gas Space

THC-175N Features: -Uses natural gas. -Thermostatically controlled for a consistent, comfy environment. -Operates as both a new air circulate and a heater at the touch of a switch. -many channel alternatives for all tent and party applications. -Super calm, super economical. -Easy to set up. -Warnock-Hersey accepted. -Heated Air Output: 1,200 CFM. -Fuel: Natural Gas. -Fuel intake: 164 cfh. -Inlet Pressure: 7″ W. C. -Ignition: Direct Spark Ignition. -Thermostat Control: Standard. -31. 125″ H x 18. 25″ W x 30. 625″ D, 19 lbs. Plans: -Input: 175,000 BTU/hr. -Electrical: 115V/60HZ/1PH.

Lasko 5307 Oscillating Ceramic Tower, 16-Inch vs RFI-840D-31

Lasko Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater. We Care About You fitted Safety Features: Safe Ceramic Element, Overheat Protection, V-0 Safety Plastic, Cool-Touch Housing Adjustable Thermostat Push-Button Oscillation 1500 Watts of encouraging Warmth 3 Comfort Settings: High Heat, Low Heat, Plus Fan Only Carry Handle Table or Floor Use completely Assembled ETL Listed.

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RPH1 – 5A Features: -Powder coated epoxy steel case. -Aluminum finned heating element. -Heater: Convection. -auto temperature control thermostat. -22 ga. -BTU: 1706. -Voltage: 120. -Amperage: 4. 2. -Wattage: 500. -5. 75" H x 20" W x 4" D, 10 lbs. Notice: – note, this heater requires direct wire installation by an electrician.

Rosewill RHCH-15001 1500-Watt Infrared Cabinet Large Room with Remote Control

Plans •Type:Room Heater •Color:Black •Power:1500 W •Electrical prerequisites:110V / 60Hz •Heating elements:4 Quartz tubes •Infrared tube lifetime: Over 20K hours •Heating Range: gives Infrared Warmth to a 1200 sq. Ft. Room •Heating Settings:3 heat settings: 1500W/750W/500W(ECO) •Size: 14. 5″ x 11. 4″ x 15. 0″ •Weight:12. 46 lbs Features •Priority Safety Protection with Overheat Cut Off and no exposed heating elements •Tip-over safety switch •A Healthy Way to Fry Using Less Oil, or None at All •With smooth wheel for moving •Digital LED display with raised button •Included Remote Control for extra convenience •Eco Function: Can Switch to 500W power •12 hours on/off timer •Thermostat control system.

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The perfect solution to warm your home with an stylish and economical design. Just open the box and this unit is prepared to go. Product Features: Remote Control Assembly: Assembled Color: Brown able of warming a room up to 1000 square feet 1500 watt/5200 BTU heat output. May be used as an end table and has a working drawer that gives storage for smaller things Concealed casters let you to easily roll this heater into any room of the house and it is built from hard hardwoods and real wood veneers for quality that will last.

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Remote Control BURDA Smart 1500W Short Wave Heater is an indoor/outdoor heater that gives instant heat. The remote control operates from up to 60 feet away, so you may be able to warm up your porch or patio before you get there This compact unit measures 5. 75 inches high, 18. 875 inches large and 3. 75 inches deep with a seven-foot cord. It may be mounted to any vertical surface with a close 120 V outlet, making it perfect for porches, entryways, decks and basements. Its aluminum construction is weather-evidence, so it’s safe to use in all weather. With low-glare lighting that you see and feel, its instant heat without a warm-up delay. Stay warm in cold weather instantly with this economical short wave infrared heater. It’s perfect for porches, patios, garages and pool houses, recreational spaces and more. Make BBQ season year-round. Fast specifications: 1500 Watts, 120 V, 12. 3 amps, 3-prong outlet.

Cadet Register Plus 12-3/4 in. x 6 in. 1000-Watt 208-Volt Assembly Only

The Cadet RM108 is for an electric register wall heater. This model is meant for use in 208V applications. This Cadet register heater gives a heating capacity of 1000W. This order is for the heater assembly only. It may be used as a substitute heater assembly or for new installations. These Cadet register heaters require a grill, wall can, and a thermostat, which are sold individually. They offer fast, onescrew mounting into the recessed wall can, cutting down on installation time. Once setup, this Cadet wall heater gives years of efficient heating for your space.

Better Baseboard Cover by PlastX USA (8ft)

THE BETTER BASEBOARD COVER is a revolutionary new standard in home heating construction and design. It really is a better baseboard heater cover system. The Better Baseboard Cover is made from greatly lasting plastic that never creaks or groans can not dent or rust and is easy to preserve and clean. It enhances any style, dcor or interior decorating, as the Better Baseboard Cover is a revolutionary new standard in home heating construction and design. It really is a better baseboard heater cover system. The Better Baseboard Cover is made from greatly lasting plastic that never creaks or groans can not dent or rust and is easy to preserve and clean. It enhances any style, dcor or interior decorating, as the Better Baseboard Cover comes in a range of designs and can snap-off and snap-on again for painting. FEAUTURES: Product is made in USA; Product doesn’t rust; may be self-installed; considerably improves the look of rooms it’s installed in. ; Is intended to increase best airflow; Solves a common problem. NOTE: parts are sold individually. The item available for buy on this listing is only the cover itself.

MTM Heat 48.7118 12 in. x 20 ft. Flexible Air Duct for Blaze

The MTM Heat Blaze100 indirect heater is the ideal choice where a small ductable heater able of producing clean hot air is wanted able of ducting heat up to 25 at 1020 CFM the Blaze100 is an excellent choice for small to medium drying and heat applications This heater also pressurizes an evironment while heating and is ideal for the drying of enlcosed spaces Applications for this heater include drying of crawl spaces and small homes heating of job sites throughout winter months heating of party and rental tents and heating and drying of individual apartment units just to name some This heater is perfect for fire and water damage restoration jobs as it usually dries drywall and wood in half the time of a common dehumidifier also the beauty of this heater is that the air that’s ducted into the environment is clean and holds no CO byproducts making sure a healthy and safe working environment Italian made and of the highest quality Made of lasting heat and weather tolerant nylon many individual ducts may be connected together via easy attach strapFeatures. For use with the Blaze100 single channel adaptor and Blaze200300 dual channel adaptorSpecifications. Construction Heavy responsibility Nylon.

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Models to consider:
BNRBCH4130UM A-020EUD20J3 VH101F1120625 TRD40615E
SH-1500P KWP522HL427 AX510-ELBAB 1600 K05711980L
HLI-WI-0035WAL TWH0731CWTWH1011CW 3VE54QB16103 OR-77
HPH15-E(Black) WHT401BRSGH-2WITH-WM LS-4CH-SIQTARTM-750 P8806200-24V
AM04 TS170NGCP-161 CP125CKCZ499R RUH5
KWD525 GSD3033TS-140-GIH100 DFI23096AHZ970 CZ2011P
H-3011 W2415M707P-2628FCN FDT2IRHK175FW GH-15F-black
T23WH1531CW HE08-R9-21BLZ-8252 SPP1500SBHHF4375T DH1051
AM04 HF-0063CA20100 PT-175T-KFA61R2-60 SR-18TLP
DFA210CV PUH4842M-RHM-DIMK05711980L PT268DFI23096A H2920-096S
AB 1600 HUH524TAVCIR-600 DFS-550-GUNMETALDFS-550-21-RED RFI820D31
DS-FKX1205-K TSF100TT360DG ARTM-750HK175FW T23WH0731CW
SKY1826 OR-77CZ7007 RXBH1724C10J9HM9342-C299 Ex 1001
KW-24G wz-D2005131K3484 PUH680UBLZ-8252 LS-4CH-SIQT
XHEATKIT10 SH-1505BNRBCH4130UM SH-106DF-150A7L-7 2320I
KFA80DGD F272800HK125FW QB16103VH101 MQHS511BWL
GCP-161 SH-1505SH-1500P A-020TWH0731CW FDT2IR
ELCG347 HHT210GD9315BCW-5 2320IDFI23096A F1120625
Pgh2440tb HZ-385BPBR-ETNG-60 TASA188RXBH1724C10J PT-125V-GFA
F232045 HF4375T61R2-60 HL427MUH0331 ART-36×48-004
PUH680U EH1-0115-26AX510-ELB 3CS-9-208-3-QSPUH4842M-RHM-DIM CH46C
CZ2011P K05711980LH3474 HLI-WI-0035WALDGFP15120B CZ2022B
TC72-1012-C244 SWI-12AM04 LW-NFL-0007NY15AH HS-1500-ISA
VH101 GCP-161EE-6490 222+-TH-277V-30H-3011 SH-1505
HPH15-E(Silver) HZ-10KWP522 HDLFP6152SH-1500P W2415
DH1051 TWH0731CWBNRBCH4130UM EF5001B1WHN-F75(W) KWD215


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