April 22, 2017

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Electric Radiant Floor Warming System by Heatizon Systems, a 20 year USA maker. Kit will include a 7 Day Programmable GFCI Floor Sensing Thermostat: This system will heat floors for new or remodel construction and may be installed under Tile and Stone, or in a mortar bed under laminate, vinyl, or carpet. Simple roll out the right sized heating mat to cover the wanted square footage previous to installing the floor. At about 1/8″ thick, the heating element causes minimal floor increase. Restricted Lifetime Warranty.

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10 Loop PEXworx Stainless Steel Radiant Heat Manifold for 1/2" Pex / Pex-Al-Pex vs HW2012-B

This 10 loop Pex radiant HW2012B heat manifold is the most complete manifold available for hooking up your radiant heating system. This kit will include:(1) Supply 1″ Stainless Steel Trunk w/ separation valves(1) Return 1″ Stainless Steel Trunk w/ flow meters(1) Set of Mounting Brackets(2) Thermometers (one on the supply manifold and one on the return manifold)(1) auto air vent to help in air elimination(20) 1/2″ Pex tubing compression connectorsEach manifold has a 1″ FNPT ball valve connection with a y-strainer to catch debris.    .

Dimplex PF3033HG Multi-Fire Xd 33-Inch Firebox Glass Ember Bed, Black

The Multi-Fire XD electric firebox offers a stunning new way to take pleasure in your electric fireplace. It offers a full view design for an unemcumbered view of Dimplex’s acrylic “ice” nested on an ember bed of tumbled glass pieces, creating a shimmering effect. This beautiful electric firebox offers a large range of light themes and flame choices. Decide your light themes depending on the mood you want to accomplish as well as a single color to a kaleidoscope of colors. The multi-function remote gives you so many alternatives – flame theme, light theme – heating alternatives also. This firebox can add additional heat for up to 1,000 sq, ft. At full power. – Multi-Fire XD – The dazzling Multi-Fire XD can precisely reproduce a natural wood-burning fire, gas fireplace or a range of ambient light themes that vary from moody and hypnotic, to pulsing and vibrant. – Media Bed – Chunks of acrylic ice nested on an ember bed of tumbled glass pieces, giving an alluring and shimmering effect. – gWave – The exclusive gWave feature brings the fireplace to life with the wave of a hand; customize the settings then simply wave it on and off. – Floating Display – Floating on-screen LED display lets you to view temperature settings and functions easily. – Multi-function Remote – Control 100 of the fireplace features from the comfort of your bench. – Comfortaver – The patented Comfortaver ceramic heating system uses 11 less energy than the leading quartz infrared heater by automatically adjusting fan speed and heater wattage to carefully and exactly match the prerequisites of the room. – ECO mode – decrease intake by 33 with this energy saving setting; limitations heat output to 750W for maximum efficiency and quieter operation.

Outdoor Wood Furnace Boiler Water to Air Heat Exchanger 15×24 USA MADE

This unit comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY against manufacturers defects. Made in the USA. Beware of others selling coils made in China and stating their made in the USA. Over 15 years experience This is all we do, so give us a call and let our knowledgeable staff assist you get your project done right Fast shipping We ship at time of payment UPS ground 2-3 days completely insured and properly boxed to insure safe arrival at your home. USA MADE LIFE TIME WARRANTY they are fitted the U. S. A. And will fit 1″ copper fittings perfectly. They are heavy built; 3-row coils; 12 fins per inch; 1″ copper sweat headers ; 3/8″ copper smooth tubing;. 006″ Corrugated aluminum fins; 20 Gauge Casing. NO have to shop purchase here with confidence. LIFETIME WARRANTY INCLUDED 4 INCHES THICK 15 1/2 large 26 INCHES INCHES LONG NOT as well as THE 3 INCH MANIFOLD THAT STICKS OUT OF THE PLENUM The measurements of the coil are 15×26 WILL FIT A 15 x26 or longer INCH PLENUM. THIS IS SOMEWHAT common SO CALL W/ QUESTIONS. This will have a 172,000 btu and may be used to heat a big home. This is a quality unit with aluminum fins and a copper inner tube. It has a 3 row pass system for better efficiency and longer life. The feed and return line is 1 inch but may be reduced or enlarged to fit your system. This item is NIB. This is a bigger size and we only have restricted amounts of this product so purchase now or we could run out. The photo isn’t the exact unit but shown at a different size so you get the idea of what u r to get. Ty. BEWARE OF 3/4 INCH INLET AND OUTLET THIS WILL decrease WATER FLOW OURS ARE 1 INCH BUT you may be able to decrease IF you’re USING SMALLER LINE BUT FLOW will be lowered. WE SHIP AT THE TIME OF PAYMENT UPS choose 2-3 DAYS completely INSURED AND PROPERLY BOXED TO INSURE SAFE ARRIVAL AT YOUR HOME THIS UNIT COMES WITH A LIFETIME WARRANTY AGAINST MFG DEFECTS. Buyer IS accountable FOR THE RETURN AND SHIPPING OF THE NEW EXCHANGER.

1500W PORTABLE Space Ceramic Heater Home Garage Fan Dryer Shop Garage vs HW-2012B

Direct heat flow using up to 1500 watts of heating power to spotlight warm air where you want it. High, Low and Fan Only settings and adjustable thermostat control set heat output for maximum comfort. It’s lasting construction withstands rugged environments to offer warmth in garage and work regions. Intended with oversized carry handle for easy transport. Fitted auto shut off safety feature prevents overheating.

110,000 Btu 80 Afue Bryant Gas Furnace – 315AAV060110

Will include Bryant Model Numbers: 315AAV060110The Bryant 315AAV Variable-Speed 4-Way Multipoise Gas Furnace offers remaining comfort and electrical efficiency in an 80 AFUE furnace. You get all the benefits of Perfect Heat and Perfect Humidity reduced drafts, reduced sound levels, longer, more light cycles, less temperature swing between cycles, and less temperature difference between rooms. Also, it improves indoor air quality, plus gives remaining electrical efficiency all year long: Homeowners can now inexpensively run constant fan to help eliminate temperature differences during the house and to get better indoor air quality. This Perfect Humidity furnace also increases comfort in the summer by wringing out extra humidity. The 315AAV furnaces are accepted for use with natural or propane gas. Standard Features: Perfect Heat, Perfect Humidity operation Two-stage heating Reduced operating sound through low-stage operation and sound elimination combustion system Variable speed blower motor Super-low electrical use, up to 80 less than standard models Increased SEER ratings for AC and HP systems Matches CFM to cooling system at all static points gives full Perfect Heat/Perfect Humidity benefits as well as Super Dehumidify Four-position furnace: upflow, horizontal right, horizontal left, downflow Thirteen different vent alternatives Shorter in height-only 33 1/3 tall Microprocessor established smart control center Adapts heating phases to meet demand uninterrupted Fan speed adjustable from thermostat Adjustable heating air temperature rise Up to 12 cooling airflow selections with a large range of capability.

40 Required 120V

Electric Radiant Floor Warming System by Heatizon Systems, a 20 year USA maker. Kit will include a 7 Day Programmable GFCI Floor Sensing Thermostat: The included GFCI thermostat saves the annoyance and money of allowing a GFCI breaker in the panel. This system will heat floors for new or remodel construction and may be installed under Tile and Stone, or in a mortar bed under laminate, vinyl, or carpet. Simple roll out the right sized heating mat to cover the wanted square footage previous to installing the floor. At about 1/8 thick, the heating element causes minimal floor increase. Restricted Lifetime Warranty.

Mi-T-M MH-0600-0M10 Kerosene Forced Air Space Heater, 600000 BTU vs HW-2012-B

This Mi-T-M Kerosene Forced Air Space Heater, is model MH-0600-0M10, with Heat Output of 600000 BTU. Its frame is a rugged steel body, has an extension cord wrap, and a powder coated hood and fuel tank, powder coated steel handles for easy lifting, 13-inch pneumatic tires spare parts storage system (located on the back of unit) and a fuel drain plug. Its Burner Head has Clamped hoses, Secured photo cell, 1-part cast aluminum, Secured completely insulated ignition connection. Its Motor is a Heavy-responsibility, high quality cast aluminum enclosed electric motor. Its parts include: fitted temperature control thermostat with control dial, High performance fan, Power switch, Secured interior parts, Integral overheat and flame-out safety, Fuel gauge, Integrated fuel pressure gauge, Oversized fuel cap, High bound temperature shut-off, Sure start ignition for cold temperature starts, Dual connector ignitor, Error display read-out. Factory tested for many fuels: Kerosene, JP8/Jet A fuel, No. 1 or No. 2 fuel oil and No. 1 or No. 2 diesel fuel. For use in workshops, garages, construction sites and farms with correct ventilation. Important Notes: Not for use in residential living regions or insufficiently ventilated regions. Correct ventilation obliged throughout operation. Must be plugged into an accepted standard electrical outlet for operation. Motor Size: 5/8 HP, Fuel Tank Capacity: 40. 0 Gallons, Heating area: 15,000 sq. Ft. and is Multi-Fuel able.

Whites Radiator Cover – w48 – h22 – d10

Whites Radiator Cover – This enclosure is 48 inches large by 22 inches in height and 10 inches in depth. The width of the units must be 1 inch or more beyond the radiator as well as the pipes and valves attached. All 3 measurements must be greater than the radiator and all the valves and pipes attached to it to fit around it. A radiator that’s left exposed, lets the heat to travel quickly toward the roof, causing the major zone of the room to preserve a lower temperature. Whites radiator enclosures have a specially intended front grill. The grill gives economical heating by redirecting warm heat into the living area of a room, rather than causing the warm air to rise quickly to the roof directly above the radiator. Product is shipped with some assembly obliged with 2 screws for each panel and easy to read information included.

Simco Ionizer Benchtop Aerostat PC Heater 120V/60Hz

Inherently balanced to 0 (±5V) Patented fitted emitter point cleaner Variable speed fan and integrated heater Emitter points never need substitute Small, calm, and lightweight, still uncompromising in performance, The SIMCO Aerostat® PC™ gives superior static charge decay over a targeted work surface area. It gives optimum protection from the destructive effects of ESD & has an integrated heater for operator comfort. Emitter points good for the life of the unit, the PC gives “Maintenance Free” Operation. Produces air volume from 35 to 70 CFM. Plans Discharge time: <2sec. At 12″ PC covers 1′ x 5′ area Dimensions: 5. 5″W x 8. 625″H x 3. 25″D Weight: 5. 3 lbs. Power: 120 VAC (USA).


The Allegro II 26 is the Newest heater from the Allegro II line, Convectairs best natural convection heaters. Its the ideal choice for those seeking silent and consistent comfort during the complete room without having much vertical wall space. Available in different wattages, this heater will add a touch of beauty and well-being to your home. Available in 500 to 2000W. Only offered in white and is Wall Mounted.

ECOSMART SPA 11 Spa Heaters

Ecosmart Spa Heaters operate by using the new flow sensor technology instead of the conventional pressure switch activation to decrease the risk of burned elements, which increases its dependability and longevity. The Smart SPA series come with digital thermostat control so you may be able to set the temperature exactly where you want it. Ecosmart Spa Heaters are compact and easy to install for a new or present spa. Plans: Voltage- 220 Phase- Single kW- 11 kW Equivalent BTU’s- 37,560 Elements- Stainless Steel Amperage Draw- 50 obliged Breaker- 60 Amps DP obliged Wire- 6 AWG Conduit Size- 1″ HZ- 50/60 Pipe Fittings- 1. 5″ Min. GPM- 3 Max. GPM- 80 Temp Rise / Hour- 5F – 25F Max. Temp Setting- 104F Weight- 14. 25 Dimensions (H, W, D)- 12″ x 10. 5″ X 4. 75″ Certifications- ETL Listed to UL 1261 & CSA Sizing Your Smart SPA To compute the gallons of your spa: surface area x average depth x 7. 5 Type- Spa Model- 6’8″ Ft. Octagon Gallons- 300 EcoSPA- 5. 5 Max. Gallons- 400 Type- Spa Model- 8′ Ft. Octagon Gallons- 500 EcoSPA- 11 Max. Gallons- 800.

King H612 6/8-AS/FS-GW 120-Volt 7600BTU Hydronic Heater, 8 Fins Per Inch

The King Electric H612 6/8AS/FSGW is a hydronic unit with twospeed fan switch and aqua stat in white. This model is intended exactly for kitchen undercabinet applications. It borrows the energy from your hot water heater with a twospeed fan switch. Only high quality parts were used for this unit. With the King Electric H612 6/8AS/FSGW there’s no have to worry about creating a new heat source. The idea of this unit is simple; it’s intended to use hot water from any of your hot water resources (electric, solar, gas, etc. ), pass it through radiant heat plates, then return it back to your tank. There’s a light fan inside the heater that’s meant to draw air of roomtemperature level right across the radiant heat plates. This hydronic toespace unit has an Americanmade construction and is intended to last.

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  3. 100 Sqft Electric Floor Heating System with GFCI Programmable Thermostat 120V
  4. 45 Sqft Mat, Warming Systems 120 V Electric Tile Radiant Floor Heating Mat with Programmable Thermostat

Models to consider:
VIRWBB202062 BCPS500BLVIRWBB202290 QS-50BP-50 CP125
0011-BF4-J R95TA0701317MSAOKB595E6-480V GSZ140361C2550-0807-TPS UH150LVT
CWH1207DSF DFG2562315AAV060110 U12100-SSDR-968H MUH154
9966C VIRWBB202364VIRWBB202341 TT15CDGPECOSPA5-5 W51-24P
46290THSS480V Z418055CP14-IC90 HVF210MRHF274800 CWH3507F
DV14L S750000WHCA-240-0377 QTS1500TPT-515-120 CS-604
6-30-NHDST-2 CP170BSPC210187MUH0321 F2F5105NVIRWBB202307 NAW-GMSS960603BN
TOTE421-ADJ VG810CLCNS50E CH50-DH-SA7MH-0092-0MIH SIS100-30-TG-N5
BS0051100L QUICKNET-080-1WDIA05 HWC-22X24FRC4307F BP-50
R95TA0701317MSA VIR201602511VIRWBB202290 SIR25-15-NCNS50E LWS-130291
VIRT9AB46221 RCH5031WQTS1500T N2C240FLZ2030AC MRHF274800
QS-50 CS-604GFR1500 F260430EHAH150 W51-24P
PC6025W31 MX-250DDF-EFP550 EW7707CBF2F5105N F228810
FCM2-20T SP2455CP14-EC8RA C2550-0807-TPSLFK304 Z4180
M-005 SIU50-30-N5GMH80604BN F1212VG400 VFK304F
FSSWH2004 SG10-NWHIII5000W ML150TPAMH-0092-0MIH 120060WD-BKIT
BLAZE 700G 55S144032-0700CH50-DH-SA7 MRHF274800120025WDBKIT-WV KFA80H
HS-1500-OCR HF686TCCWH1101DSF VIRT9AB46221S750000 KFS2412-3
PT-515-120 80-422SFVO-400 KFA650DGDCP170BSPC210187 KBP2406-3MP
FCM2-20T QTS1500TVG810CL HVF210315AAV060110 55C3/4435-0800
DR-968H 55CP14-IC90GMSS960402BN QUICKNET-050-2SIS50-20-L5 QS-50
LFK304 F270490NAW-GMSS960603BN SIU50-30-N5VIRWBB202341 CENTREX 3000
CWH1207DSF VIRWBB202290VIRT9AB46230 LWS-130291IV60 100-2 46290THSS480V
FRA1512F VFK304FSIR25-15-N 55CP14-EC8RASP24 M-005


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