April 28, 2017

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  • Versatile interior: Adjustable, heavy duty PVC coated shelves, including 6 coated wire shelves with fortified shelf clips.
  • Bottom Mount Compressor: design draws cooler air and allows easier access to machinery if maintenance is required as well as easier access for loading and unloading products.
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  • Digital Temperature Control: Easily adjust the temperature between 33-41 degrees; the LCD display allows you to easily keep track of the units temperature enabling optimal food safety upkeep.
  • Heavy Duty Casters: Included are (4) 5 casters with 2 front locking casters enabling easy movement of the product for cleaning or maintenance.
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General description

SABA by Restaurant Utopia hard door reach-ins supply the marketplace a line of merchandise intended to offer years of trouble-free service in calling for commercial applications. SABA is distinguished for having the best warranty that’s supported by a network of authorized service technicians. These hard door reach-ins have a stainless steel interior and outside and require a 120V electrical connection. This S-47R is perfect for the food service business, giving your establishment an area to keep beverages & food things new.

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Turbo Air (TWR-60SD-D4) – 61" Worktop Refrigerator – Super Deluxe Series vs S-47-R

Not all professional establishments have enough space in their kitchen for a walk-in fridge. Maximizing your space will let you to get the most out of your equipment, and TurboAir introduces a new novelty to their collection. The 61″ Worktop Refrigerator – Super Deluxe Series (TWR-60SD-D4) features a stainless steel structure made of a galvanized steel rear and base for maximum durability and efficiency. This cabinet has many uses; chop vegetables on the worktop space and you may be able to store it in the refrigerator afterwards and slide it under any counter top. It includes two shelves and two doors for organized refrigeration also as four bottom wheels for easy transportation. Dimensions (H x W x D) 33. 5″ x 60. 25″ x 30″.

Beverage-Air Food Prep Sandwich Prep Tables 48" Sped48-10-2

SPED48 ELITE SERIES – STANDARD TOP WITH DRAWERS All around prep table with improved refrigeration system. Improved airflow for less temperature gradient and uniform temperature distribution during the cabinet. Pans are cooled from the bottom, eliminating the need of air sheet. Airflow assures that product in open containers is kept below 41F and above freezing. This translates into increased product counter life, higher quality food, better food look, fresher product and a reduction of bacteria build-up to combat food-borne sicknesses. CABINET CONSTRUCTION outside construction will include heavy-responsibility stainless steel finish on front, sides, top, drawers and grill. Removable hoods and insulated cover assemblies are made of agreeing stainless steel. Cabinet back and bottom are constructed of galvanized steel. Interior liner is made of aluminum for superior resistance to corrosion. In cupboards with doors and drawers, doors are mounted to face of cabinet on cartridge-style hinges permitting them to self close under their own weight. Hinges also let doors to stay open 120 and permit easy door elimination for service and cleaning if obliged. A plug-in type vinyl magnetic gasket is attached to each door for positive seal. Drawer frames are constructed of heavy-responsibility stainless steel and are supported on heavy-responsibility telescoping drawer slides for maximum support of stored food merchandise. Slides have locking system to prevent from drawers being pulled off of cupboards. Upper pull-out drawers accommodate 4 deep pans. Lower pull-out drawers accommodate up to 6″ deep pans. Heavy-responsibility pan divider supports are supplied. Foodservice pans for drawers aren’t included”.

Atosa MSF8301 27″ Prep Table Refrigerator 2 Year PARTS + LABOR / 5 Year Compressor WARRANTY

Atosa makes an excellent product. Supported by excellent warranty. When purchasing a new Refrigerator or Freezer you may want to generally get a long warranty. If a competitor offers only 1 year parts (or 1 year parts and labor) and doesn’t stand behind their product you may want to avoid that brand. The Atosa warranty is worth hundreds of dollars more than some of the shorter warranties.

Magic Chef 3.1 cu. ft. Mini Refrigerator in Black vs S-47R

If you're college-bound or simply want a little extra refrigerator space in your home, this Magic Chef 3. 1 cu. Ft. Mini Refrigerator has the storage alternatives you're looking for. A can dispenser conveniently keeps soda in the door while extra door shelves supply space for usually used things. Glass refrigerator shelves are easy to clean.

AL652BBIDPL Built-in undercounter ADA compliant refrigerator-freezer for general purpose use, cycle defrost w/diamond plate door, TB handle, and black

32" height for use under lower ADA compliant counters adaptable design lets fitted or freestanding use in 24" spaces Textured diamond plate door in aluminum with polished towel bar handle offers an industrial look Zero degree freezer compartment Improved temperature performance with our distinctive dual evaporator cooling Made in Europe.

FF511LBIFRADA SUMMIT vs Heavy Duty Steel Reach pricing

32″ height fits under lower ADA compliant counters. Adaptable design lets fitted or freestanding use in 20″ large spaces. Factory installed lock gives security you may be able to count on. Slide your panel into the door frame for an easy custom look. Save time and energy with low maintenance auto defrost. Dimensions: 32. 0″ H 19. 25″ W 21. 38″ D. AccuCold by Summit Appliance offers a large range of ADA compliant all-refrigerators for general function storage. The FF511LBIADA Series features high performing 20″ large all-refrigerators intended for fitted use under lower ADA compliant counters. The FF511LBIFRADA features a full 4. 1 cu. Ft. Capacity. This all-white refrigerator will include a reversible door with an easy-to-clean flat interior liner. A two-part stainless steel door frame allows you to easily slide in custom panels over the front, allowing you to get a look that matches other cabinetry. A factory installed lock is at the top of the door for convenient security. Inside, this auto defrost refrigerator will include three adjustable wire shelves. A bottom crisper drawer offers added storage alternatives. Extra features are an adjustable thermostat and a switchable interior light. At just 20″ large, the ADA compliant FF511LBIFRADA is ideal for any space in need of dependable refrigeration and may be perfectly paired with our FS407LBIFRADA all-freezer.


32″ height fits under lower ADA compliant counters. Adaptable design lets fitted or freestanding use in 24″ large spaces. Improved temperature performance with our distinctive dual evaporator cooling. Zero degree freezer compartment. Customizable door front accepts full overlay panels for a seamless look that can blend into cabinetry. Made in Europe. Dimensions: 32″ H x 23. 63″ W x 23. 5″ D. AccuCold by Summit Appliance offers a large range of undercounter refrigeration for general function storage. The CT66JBIADA Series will include refrigerator-freezers intended for optimum storage conditions in fitted applications under lower ADA compliant counters. At 32″ high, the CT66BBIIFADA may be used fitted or freestanding in ADA compliant settings. The 24″ footprint fits many well-liked cutouts while giving over 5 cu. Ft. Of storage capacity. This model has a black cabinet. The door will include an integrated stainless steel frame intended to accept full overlay panels for a custom look. Users supply their own handle. Inside, our distinctive dual evaporator system individually cools the refrigerator and freezer part to ensure correct storage temperature. Cycle defrost operation decreases user maintenance in the auto defrost new food part, while the manual defrost freezer compartment can maintain zero degrees. Door storage gives easy access for tall bottles and small condiments. Extra features are adjustable glass shelves, a clear crisper, and auto interior lighting. The CT66BBIIFADA has long proven itself to have one of the best temperature performance records in the business. To see extra finish alternatives on this unit, browse the full CT66JBIADA Series. NOTE: This unit is intended for general function, medical, or commercial applications and doesn’t meet DOE energy standards for residential use.

EcoSolarCool Solar refrigerator 9.2 cu ft vs Heavy Duty Steel Reach review

9. 2 cu ft EcoSolarCool Upright Solar Powered (DC) Refrigerator (Metallic Gray). MADE IN EUROPE. Completely CSA & UL250 CERTIFIED from top to bottom (unlike other Canadian DC solar powered refrigerators that assert to be CSA & UL certified but only the DC compressors are certified). Danfoss/ Secop DC Compressor. Only 1 unit 100Ah 12v battery obliged (refrigerator uses 46Ah 12v of battery per day 25C/77F Ambient Temp) to power this refrigerator 24/7. Power intake is 0. 55kWh/ day. Available to ship from February 2017. This product has a small upper freezer chamber and a lower refrigerator cabinet. They may be used in different environments inside domestic and commercial applications. They come with DC compressors and the refrigerant (R134a) is environmentally friendly. This refrigerator is fitted with an energy saving device, which enables optimum energy efficiency. They’re low maintenance, eco-friendly, they have a long service life.

Duda Energy HX115120:F200 B3-115A 120 Plate Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger with 2" Female NPT Ports Copper Brazed, 11.6" Height, 10" Wi

Stainless steel plate heat exchangers. Brazed with 99. 9+ % Pure copper by Duda Energy. Plate heat exchangers have considerably good heat move rates because they use metal plates which have high heat conductivity rates and the plates are very thin. The plate heat exchangers also accomplish high amounts of heat move through Convective forces with both working fluids. With big temperature differentials, great amounts of heat move may be achieved using a plate heat exchanger. This is an very well-liked unit for wood burning furnaces, radiant floor systems, refrigerant systems, straight vegetable oil conversions, beer chilling, air conditioning system and solar water heating systems. It’ll work for any application in which the wanted result is for two fluids (liquid or gas) to exchange heat. Liquid a passes from the port on the left of the heat exchanger through every other channel produced by the plates to the reverse end port on the left of the heat exchanger (looking at it the long way). Liquid b passes from the port on the right through the other channels produced by the plates and comes out the other port on the right side. The fluids are generally touching each other through the plates and heat is moved from the hot liquid to the cold liquid. (But the fluids don’t mix).

60" Two Door Sandwich / Salad Prep Refrigerator vs Heavy Duty Steel Reach price

This prep refrigerator can hold up to (16) 1/6 size food pans and will include an 11 1/2″ deep cutting board gives you a spacious work area. The refrigerated base gives extra storage room and both the interior and outside are made with stainless steel. With features like swing-style doors, a hinged cover cover, adjustable shelves, and casters, this unit is made with the end-user in mind. It also comes with a mechanical temperature controller display and auto defrosting.

Heavy Duty Commercial Two Door Stainless Steel Back Bar Refrigerator (24" Depth 48" Width)

Regardless how big your bar, restaurant, or nightclub is, a dependable back bar cooler than can supply enough storage space for your products is a need. SABA refrigerated back bar coolers are intended with enduring quality at cheap price to meet these important needs. We offer a big selection of back bar coolers based on your space and taste. These stainless steel back bar coolers are for those who like to keep their well-liked beers and other drinks right under the bar area.

Turbo Air (MUR-28L) – 28" Undercounter Refrigerator – M3 Series Restaurant Equipment vs Heavy Duty Steel Reach reviews

If you are shopping for a refrigerator that saves space, the perfect fit is in the 28″ Undercounter Refrigerator – M3 Series (MUR-28L). The stainless steel outside means a cleaner refrigerator and more stylish look. You get faster cooling with the Turbo Air M3 Series and the oversized and balanced system means the efficiency is increased. Not only is this refrigerator the perfect fit, however it is also nice and moves around easily with the convenience swivel casters included.

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