April 22, 2017

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General description

Taco 0013 BF3-J Pump (Cast Iron pump with a Bronze Cartridge) – The Taco 0013 is exactly intended for high-head/high-flow applications in big residential and light commercial systems. It’s ideal for high pressure drop boilers, fan coil units, heat exchangers, bigger radiant systems, heat recuperation and geothermal systems. The bronze cartridge 0013 should be used on open loop systems.

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This HeatStar 60,000 BTU Infrared Propane Heater keeps big regions warm with greatly economical, cost-efficient radiant heat. Great for loading docks, warehouses, factory floors, pole barns, garages, public entryways, sporting arenas. Infrared heaters supply instant, odor-free heating that directly heats people and objects instead of the bordering air. Auto spark ignition with safety turn-off.

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1500 watts Heat Setting PTC Ceramic Heating Elements Digital temperature and thermostat display auto Thermostat Control interior Heat Limiting Thermostat Overheat Thermal Cut-Off big Wheel Base for Easier motion/ Portability Tip-Over Safety Protection System High Quality, High economical and very movable cETLus approval.

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Models to consider:
VIRPKB48101 PT-45-KFA120070WD-BKIT 6041IF237425 SG8-N
HS-1500-ILO AR7022001622A 55C1435-0800N1C060 RAV-SP360CT-UL
F261210 EMBEVOH5-20SVIR201602440 FRC1812FGPH1330H41 EX11CN
U24100-SS BOF4056LSG3-L AW-21PR-750-A5 EWTR720SP
SIU150-50-L5 B5BM-T25K-AIV60 120-2 SRA1012DSF55CP20-08 H-4439
WHMA-240-0315 HW2012BQUICKNET-050X-2 P4000QUICKNET-070-1 SBM902CM-42FDC
GSZ140361 WHF2412SIS75-30-TG-N5 GFR2404IFFCOC86SN WDIA12M
RCH100-N9A SIS175-40-TG-N5HF-905 U24100-SSFRC1812F CK20E
AWH4404 HD30AS0111LL-RC-1410-HC VIRT9AB46230SIS125-30-N5 WHMA-120-0315
WHMA-240-0315 SG8-NHS-1500-ILO VIRT9AB46232SIU150-50-L5 FVN-200
HBB1504 MH-0125-0MIH7316-C15-FS 3VE59H400FDP F151025
MXD-300A VIRWBB572049F151030 TR009MH35CLP EHAH150
55CP14-EC8LA GFR2404IFFBF-704LH S4122COS86SN VIRWBB202375
MX-250D GMSS920603BNH-4439 DS5629DHEKRT12040 NLW308TW
EBHN750WRH MXD-200CCUS93505483FF SSAR4804MX-300 VIRWBB572065
VIRWBB572049 TT40-1202001622A C-24SGM10-L1 QUICKNET-050X-2
EPI3C HWC-22X22SIS50-15-TG-N5 WDIA12M16W 240V F1012
MX-250C F273401LPW2445C VIRWBB202361VIRWBB664340 Z4180
SCOSYAW15240w 1200DFF278527 QUICKNET-040-1U24100-SS AWH4404
F-2108 H-4501VIRWBB202306 H400FDPVIRPKB48101 HF-905
VIRT9AB46260 VIRWBB202375VIRWBB572065 MX-250DCOC86SN CUS93505483FF
HS-1500-OCR 120070WD-BKITQUICKNET-080-1 B5BM-T25K-A9965D 6041I
VG2500 MR-212-1SRA1012DSF SG8-NTSP02091 PT-45-KFA
PT-70-SS WHMA-120-0315120030WD-BKIT VIRT9AB46230AM 70P MXD-300A


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