April 22, 2017

RX2 Reversible (Tjernlund) has great reviews


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  • Fits between joists and plug-in ready.
  • 110 CFM per fan, 220 CFM total.
  • Hood and fans included.
  • Low 32 Watt Operation.
  • Reversible Fans can blow in, out, or in opposite directions.
Other Info for this deal:

Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon/Sale: n/a

General description

Tjernlund RX2 Radon Ventilation Fan Diluting radon concentrations with outdoor air is an efficient and cheap way to decrease radon contact in homes. Tjernlund Radon Ventilation Fans are the efficient, cheap way to decrease radon in homes with average (10 pCi/l or less) radon levels. RX2 Ventilator For Basements and Sealed Crawl Spaces The RX2 Radon Ventilator will include 2 reversible fans that may be set to exhaust radon, supply new air, or located with one fan in each direction for a balanced air exchange. At 220 CFM, the RX2 ventilates a 20′ x 40′ x 8′ basement twice per hour and uses only 32 watts. Needs only a 5″ x 12″ opening through the rim joist or outside wall. Comes with 6′ power cords and exhaust hood. Run it continuously or with a plug-in timer. Also helps decrease basement humidity. One Fan: 110 CFM . 3″ Max Static 16 Watts . 3 Amps Two Fans: 220 CFM . 3″ Max Static 32 Watts . 6 Amps “Basement ventilation may be a more efficient ventilation approach than earlier believed. It may be particularly useful in houses with low radon concentrations (of the order of 10 pCi/l) or those with low levels that can not be mitigated cost-effectively with regular technology. ” Cavallo, A. Et al. Natural Basement Ventilation as a Radon Mitigation Technique. EPA/600/SR-92/059, 1992.

Compare with similar products:

Suncourt TW208 Thru-Wall Variable Speed Hardwire

The ThruWall Room to Room Fan balances temperatures in adjoining rooms, silently and proficiently, for year round comfort. Interior use only – not meant for ventilating moisture from bathroom. Features:• calm operation • Variable speed adjustable: From 100 CFM on quick to 40 CFM on low speed • The ThruWall's telescoping housing installs in frame walls from 4" to 6 " thick • Rotating grill lets airflow direction to be changed for comfort • Back grill diameter: 10" • 12 month restricted warranty• Fan diameter: 8 inches plans:Weight – 5 lbsAmps -. 85CFM – 100 on High Setting /40 on Low Setting Front grill Dimension – 12-1/2" x 10"dBA – High – 55 / Low – 49 Sones: 3 INSTALLATION NOTES:Hole of roughly 11 1/4" X 8 3/4" must be cut in wall on output side to accommodate fan and electrical assembly; hole for suction side is roughly 8 7/8" in diameter. Cutout template included with fan. Unit has fitted electrical box and must be hard-wired, and doesn’t come with plug. Don’t install in wet places.

Broan L300L High Capacity Commercial Grade

Brogan high capacity fans are an very calm solution to uninterrupted ventilation. With their heavy-responsibility motors, high capacity fans are an ideal solution for conference rooms, public restrooms and other regions in commercial buildings that require continuing ventilation. Low-vibration and lo-profile, they work silently without to get noticed. In-Line model has removable access panel and no insulation. 293 CFM, 3. 1 Sons (AMCA), 120V, 2. 6 amps, 8″ round channel connector, Single, affect tolerant centrifugal blower wheel, 20 gauge galvanized steel housing. May be ducted horizontally or vertically. In-Line ducting available with separate adapter. Use Brogan Electronic Variable Speed Control to change blower speed and sound level (available individually).

Aero Pure AP90-S G6 W Slim Fit Super Quiet 90 CFM Bathroom with White Grille

Tight on space? The Aero Pure thin-Fit AP90-S is intended to fit 2″ x 6″ construction or bigger and is accepted for recessed installation in either insulated ceilings or walls. This ENERGY STAR qualified 90 CFM fan operates at an exceptional low sound level- 0. 7 sons; so calm you may not know it’s on This ENERGY STAR qualified fan is ETL/Celt listed for use in tub/shower enclosure (when used with GFCI branch circuit wiring) to take off moisture right at the source before it becomes a problem in your bathroom. Aero Pure AP 90-S is easy to install and comes with anti-vibration hangar brackets expandable to 24″, rust evidence housing, a back draft dampener to prevent outside air from entering fan, 4 inch channel connector, thermal shut off and a full SIX YEAR WARRANTY. The easy clean true white finished modern fascia attaches to the housing with torsion springs and is the ideal compliment for your bathroom. Aero Pure thin-Fit fans are intended to meet today’s calling for building plans and are ENERGY STAR qualified, HVI certified, ETL/Celt listed, Cal Green compliant and meet ASHRAE 62. 2 standards for attaining satisfactory indoor air quality. Increase your fan’s efficiency with either an Aero Pure Moisture Control Sensor (AP100MCS) or Aero Pure Motion Activated Timer (AP100MAT). Both Aero Pure accessories seem right and save you cents. Low sound and energy efficiency add up to peace and calm and energy savings to you. Now that sounds nice.

Delta BreezSmart SMT130H 130 CFM Exhaust with Adjustable Humidity Sensor Speed Control

The Delta BreezSmart SMT130H marks a new achievement in ventilation for green construction with powerful performance at low sound and low power intake. This calm energy economical exhaust fan features an adjustable humidity sensor and adjustable uninterrupted low speed control. Air flow of 130 CFM with volume ranking at less than 0. 3 sones. Power intake of 11. 6 Watts with energy efficiency ranking of 11. 2 CFM per Watt. Features a DC brushless fan motor for expanded dependability. ENERGY STAR qualified and HVI certified.

Vostermans V6E63K2M71100 24 in. PANEL IND 120V with GUARD

24" exhaust or cooling fan. 120v, 6. 7 amps 1000 RPM rated 7110 CFM. Corrosion tolerant fiberglass fan panel, Poly propylene blades, aluminum motor case and mounting struts. Totally enclosed UL Listed motor. Rated UL 507 for outdoor use, and wash down prepared. Class F insulation for temperatures to 140 degrees ambient. 3 year warranty. Dimensions:. Length: 31. 5". Height: 32". Width: 15. 5".

Panasonic FV-08VQC5 WhisperSense 80 CFM Ceiling Mounted with Dual Sensor Motion Humidity Technology vs Tjernlund RX2 Reversible pricing

Whisper Sense is a single-speed, ventilation fan which is enabled by any of the three following techniques: motion on/motion off, motion on/humidity off or humidity on/humidity off. The humidity sensor is adjustable between 30- and 80- RH and factory set for 50-. The fan may be set to run 0. 5 to 60 minutes after the motion sensor ceases detection or the humidity returns to the set point. The humidity sensor continues to check that the moisture levels conditions have been met. Complies with States and Municipalities that have moisture control codes like CALGreen. User-friendly installation-removable adaptors, firmly secured channel ends, adjustable mounting brackets (up to 26-Inch), fan/motor units that detach easily from the housing and simple wiring all lend themselves to user-friendly installation. This model includes a double-hanger bar system for ideal positioning.

Can Max Mixed Flow Inline, 6-Inch 334 Cubic Feet Per Minute

The Max-Fan family was intended to be the smallest, lightest and most energy economical fan of it is kind. With the current cost of electricity the Max-Fan can save hundreds of dollars every year. Demand the best, accept no imitations. The Max-Fan Saves Energy, it’s very energy economical and has a lower life time cost. The Max-Fan saves space caused by its small, airtight housing. Easy installation, lightweight and lower transportation costs. High aerodynamic efficiency. Optimized mixed flow is quieter than other fans of the same size. Plans: CFM – 334, RPM – 3305, Max Watts – 75, Max Amps – 0. 7, channel Diameter – 6-inch, Housing – Plastic, Blade Design – Mixed Flow.

tech SHR 2004 HRV 60 – 200 Cfm 0.4" wg (3 Speed) vs Tjernlund RX2 Reversible review

Fantech SHR 2004 Heat recuperation Ventilator Feature and Specification Compact Design rearward Curved Blade Motors Electrostatic Filters (Washable) Aluminum Heat recuperation Core External Screw Type Dry Contacts Improved Core Guide Channels For Easy elimination Of Core plans And Ratings Total Assembled Weight: 61 Lbs Cabinet: 22 Ga. Steel W/ Powder Coat Finish Motors: Ebm Motor W/rearward Curved Blades Filters: 2 Washable Electrostatic Filters 11. 75″ (298mm) X 15″ (380mm) X 0. 125″ (3mm) Insulated With 1″ (25 mm) High Density Polystyrene bubble To Prevent Condensation And Meet The prerequisites Of The Underwriters Laboratories 94Hf. Core: Aluminum 12″ (305mm) X 12″ (305mm) X 15″ (380 mm) Supply & Exhaust Ducts: 6″ (152. 4mm) Mounting: Suspended By Chains & Hooks Electrical prerequisites Volts 120 V, Frequency 60 Hz, Amps 2. 1 A, Watts 150 W, 3 ft. Plug-In Power Cord W/ 3-Prong Plug.

Panasonic FV-15VQL6 150 CFM WhisperLite Bathroom with Light

The Panasonic FV-15VQL6 WhisperLite ENERGY STAR rated exhaust fans feature a modern flush-mount grill. Super calm, energy economical and easy to install, WhisperLite models also meet ASHRAE 62. 2, the ventilation standard obliged by LEED for Homes, CA Title 24 and other green building standards. One 21-Watt CFL and 4-Watt nightlight are included.

NuTone ILFK2502 Energy Star Qualified Remote In-Line Kit, 250 CFM vs Tjernlund RX2 Reversible price

Remote mounted in-line ventilation fans are calm and economical residential solutions. Mount a high-performance ventilator in an out-of-the-way spot and you get the power with virtually no sound. Install the housing in the attic or basement, wherever it is most convenient and discreet. This fan is a great solution for big, open spaces.

NuTone QT300 High Capacity, 300 CFM, White Grille

Calm roof ventilation fan. This fan is one of the quietest available. It gives ventilation to rooms up to 375 square feet in size, as well as residential and commercial places. The housing is made of cold-rolled steel, and the cover is smooth and rounded and projects less than one inch from the roof. The grill is held in place by a spring, allowing for easy installation and access. Also included are pre-wired outlet boxes with plug-in receptacles and adjustable hanger brackets which supply mounting between 16-Inch on-center joists. Not for use in kitchens. NuTone is North America’s biggest producer of residential ventilation merchandise.

NuTone 50NT Energy Star Qualified Bath with White Grille vs Tjernlund RX2 Reversible reviews

Calm, ENERGY STAR performance in a more compact package. Energy efficiency is more important than ever and now it fits in more places than ever. NuTone delivers smart designs for easy installation, classic lines that complement any decor and the performance levels you need. 50 CFM is ideal for small bathrooms up to 45 square feet. 1. 5 Sones for calm operation at an cheap price. 4-inch channel connector for easy installation and strong performance. Fits in 2-inch by 6-inch roof construction so that it works in almost all applications. UL Listed for use over bathtubs or showers when connected to a GFCI protected branch circuit so you may be able to find it exactly where you need it most. Housing Dimensions: 8-inch by 8-1/4-inch by 5-3/4-inch. Covered by a 1-year maker’s warranty.

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  5. Tjernlund UnderAire Crawl Space Ventilator – Deluxe Two-Fan, 220 CFM, Model# V2D
  6. Tjernlund AireShare Room-To-Room Ventilator – Hardwired, Model# AS1

Models to consider:
SPK110 QTX110SLVIR1924B1217251 L300KMG9R-EKBC-EWE2 SBF 110 G6 OR
QTR110 QC ES3100VIR201603141 ZB110MSMT130H XN110
R3HS 9936DRB10 CE-20-DSSB 30-D FV-08VKSL4
VIR84213 VIRDF242SB 36-D TR200SIG110H CE-18-DS
FKD8XL VIR201602666FV-GKF32S1 CB14HD60AS0121 CE-42B-3
HVST48100 EV-Y1YL-Q89335VIR201602803 AP 120-SL G6 SNL300KMG VIR1942B117251
SD24-GVD FV-11VH2RB10 VIRWGB182623A716B W CE-18-DS
VIRBRRV3023PH SBF 110 G5 SFF150 S-600V6E63K1M71100 ZB110M
FV-11VQ5 FV-15VQL4QTREN080 345CSOBKES-2250 SB 42-D
VIRVI4817HLX 0695B000TTi-HV1600R50 L500FV-08VQCL6 VIR1924B1217251
CE-48B-3 KZQL90SF30-GR VIR201603109VIR84213 SED90Q
SB 30-D ILF120CE-20-DS TR200FG 8 XB50
VIRBRRV301123PH 50NTPFG-3613D AP 270 AVIR84213 ZB80L
SMT130H VIR1960B317253SFV2013CW KZQL90SPK110 TFV110SL
QTR110 VIRCC3622QTXE150FLT QC CL-64002SHE1221 RP260
CE-36B-3 UL11-U36AE110L FV-08VQCL6VIR201603111 FV-15VQ5


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