April 22, 2017

What I found out: VIP Series (Apex)


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General description

Item comes with 6 Stanchions & 3x 78″ Belt, w/12″ Flat Base, Black Tuff Tex 36″ Tall Post. This is our standard responsibility Stanchion. We do have heavy responsibility, and very heavy responsibility models available in our store. Our unit is 17lbs each and 35lbs for 2 as well as the belt. If you see any cheaper model that is 25 lbs for 2, You may want to avoid it because the belt will drag the stanchion and the base won’t stay on the floor.

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2 Ball Top Stainless Steel Crowd Control Velvet Rope Barrier 22lbs vs VIP-ECO-6-PC-BLK-BLK

You’re looking at 1 set VIP-ECO-6PC-BLK-BLK of 22lbs Ball Top Crowd Control Stanchions w/ Velvet Rope. These stanchions are constructed of stainless steel with 4-way adaptors and rubber bases. This stanchion set is perfect for use in upscale places, like museums, ticket offices, theaters, hotels, casinos, red carpet events, etc. Plans: Post Height:39-1/3″ Post Dia:2″ Rope Length:63″ Base Dia:13-3/4″ Net Weight/Post:22lbs Stainless Steel Thickness:1/5″ Velvet Color:Red Package Content:2x Posts 2x Bases 1x Velvet Rope 2x Ball Tops.

LUXEOME Sturdy Crowd Control Barrier Braided Rope wit Brass ooks, 6 1/2

This Braided crowd control rope is both lasting and stylish. At 6-1/2 feet long, when hung between two stanchions (not included) and allowed to hang it creates a perfect 6 foot span. Red twisted nylon rope each end of the rope is limited with a heavy responsibility brass hanging hook with self closing clasp. This rope barrier measures a total of 78″ long and has a diameter of 1-5/8″. Note that product doesn’t include stanchions or poles. This is the crowd control rope only. Stanchions not included.

Lavi 10-PK20404/BK Ligtweigt Crome Tulip Post Kit wit 3 Foam Core 6′ Velour Ropes, Set of 4

Lavi tulip post kit with bubble core velour ropes. The Tulip Post is a classic design at a budget-friendly price. These posts are made from hard steel with a mirror chrome finish. The light weight base makes them ideal for applications which require recurrent set up and tear down. Will include 3 6-feet velour black ropes. Post measures 15-inches base diameter by 39-inches height. 5-year warranty on Post.


This set will include 4 GOLD Rope Stanchions + 4 x 6′ red velour ropes + 1 gold finished wall plate + 11″ x 17″ Gold premium sign frame. Gold wall plate included with all the hardware. Gold finished 11″ x 17″ portrait premium sign frame with all the hardware included. Same Day Shipping on all stocked merchandise (BEFORE 3pm Pacific Time).

JINKE Stancion, Powder Coated, Stancion for queue lines, Crowd Control Solution, In, Red, Blue options

This series of stanchions by Jinke have simple look, and they’re the common in the market. Each stanchion has one retractable belt that may be attached to another stanchion. Rubber materials installed under the base improve the stability of stanchions, and help prevent scratches and scuff marks. We also offer different colors of belts and stanchions finish color for customization. It’s the most cost efficient merchandise for crowd control.

LineLogic Museum Stancion Post vs Apex VIP VIP-ECO-6PC-BLK-BLK pricing

Protect your museum exhibits, paintings, sculptures, and other fragile displays with this stylish museum post. Made from lasting metal, this museum post is more subtle than a conventional crowd control stanchion. Three connecting posts are included that let you to use a post height of 15 7/8, 30 1/8, or 44 3/8 inches. This distinctive design lets for greater flexibility in an environment with changing exhibits. Elastic cords (sold individually) attach easily to the museum posts. These cords are thin and non-intrusive to ensure that nothing encroaches on the looking at experience of your patrons. For best results, it’s suggested to let 6 feet to 8 feet between posts. World-class displays deserve world-class crowd control solutions. Embrace the stylish utility of LineLogic Museum Posts today.

US Weigt Sentry Stancion wit (2-Pack)

The Sentry is unchallenged as the most lasting and cheap stanchion in its class. Made in the United States, the Sentry post and base are made of high density polyethylene that’s scratch-tolerant and very lasting. The groundbreaking assembly features Easy Connect, a snap together connection between the post and base that requires no tools for fast and easy assembly. The post stands at 38. 5-inches tall and features a strengthened shoulder post design for extra strength to keep the post standing straight. Behind the stanchion is a 15. Lb. Weighted base with six no-skid, non-marking rubber feet to keep the stanchion in place, with big crowds. The Sentry features a 6. 5-foot woven belt with a safety braking system for slow and safe belt return. Each 2. 875-inch diameter post includes 3 belt receptacles to help a 4-way connection to other posts. These receptacles feature a safety locking system to keep the belt securely fastened to the post and prevent accidental belt retraction. The Sentry features a common belt end that will fit nearly any recognized stanchion on the market. US Weight, located in Olney, Illinois, introduces the most lasting and cheap stanchion in its class with the Sentry.

US Weigt Premium Stancion wit 7.5′ vs Apex VIP VIP-ECO-6PC-BLK-BLK review

Safety comes 1st for US Weight, and this priority is executed flawlessly with the Premium Steel Stanchion with 7. 5-Foot Pro Retractable Belt. This classic steel stanchion is perfect for carefully controlling crowds, directing the flow of foot traffic, or defending a closed area for construction or cleaning. Made in the United States, the 38. 5-inch tall steel post features a Sherwin Williams Pro coat finish. Unlike other stanchions that begin to wobble over time and require endless fix, the US Weight Premium Stanchion will never lean or require maintenance caused by our patent-pending Sta-Straight Technology. Intended with four points of contact under uninterrupted tension plus a high-strength compression band, this spring-tension system keeps the post upright after expanded use. This stanchion includes groundbreaking QuikSecure 5-second setup and tear down that requires no tools for easy turn-and-lock assembly. This stanchion features a pro belt cassette with a dual-braking system for slow and safe belt return. The post includes 3 belt receptacles to help a 4-way connection to other posts. These receptacles feature a spring safety locking button to keep the belt securely fastened to the post and prevent accidental belt retraction. The belt end is well-matched with most big stanchion brands allowing you to connect to the posts you already have. The base of the Premium Stanchion is made with lasting, scratch-tolerant high density polyethylene and filled with Duracast, a high strength concrete. On the bottom of the base are no-skid, non-marking rubber feet keeping the post in place. Easily customize these stanchions to fit your need with two different post and base colors and nine belt alternatives to decide from. A wheeled stanchion cart holding up to 12 units is available, making for easy storage and deployment. Stanchion cart model #U2509. US Weight, located in Olney, Illinois, delivers unmatched quality, safety, and novelty with the Premium Stanchion.

Lavi 50-3016U Universal Quick Mount Safety Barricade wit 18′, Yellow Case

Lavi 3016 quickmount barricades holds an 18-feet retractable safety belt enclosed in an aluminum housing. The QuickMount back plate is intended to temporarily attach to warehouse shelving uprights blocking off warehouse aisles. QuickMounts were used by the forklift operator to block off an aisle while loading merchandise to shelving. The units are finished in safety yellow. Will include installation hardware. This temporary safety lane closure is the choice of home centers and commercial warehouse operators.

Stancion Crowd Control Rope, 78" Twisted Nylon, Crome End Caps and ooks (Blue) vs Apex VIP VIP-ECO-6PC-BLK-BLK price

This stanchion crowd control rope measures 78 long and is made from lasting twisted nylon. Decide from red, blue, or black. Chrome end caps and hooks create a high end look and add lasting support to the rope. This 78 long stanchion rope is intended to create 6 feet of crowd controls rate; when stanchion posts are set 6 feet separately, this rope will drape somewhat. This rope measures 2 in diameter and weighs roughly 2. 5 lbs.

Lavi Industries 50-921 Literature older for rac Posts

This Lavi Industries Literature Holder may be used with their Beltrac posts to let for easy access to pamphlets and other papers. This holder can store any pamphlet with a 4″ or less width. Attaches to any Beltrac post without fasteners Holds 4″ large pamphlets Material: Metal Model #: 50-921 125011.

Wall Barrier 156"L, Wit Finised vs Apex VIP VIP-ECO-6PC-BLK-BLK reviews

VIP’s proven high quality retractable belt barrier system that mounts just about anywhere. Perfect for aisle ways, warehouse racking, checkout stands, roll-up doorways, garage door entrances and the list is endless. Let the VIP Wall Mount product line answer your Crowd Control question. VIP’s retractable belt wall mount barriers are compact nice units that may be mounted to any surface simply and quickly. All Wall Mount merchandise and accessories are prepared for same day ordering and shipping before 3pm pacific time.

What people considered before buying VIPECO6PCBLKBLK:
  1. New Star Foodservice 54590 Stanchions, 36″ Height, 6.5′ Retractable Belt, Black Powder Coated (Pack of 2)
  2. Retractable Stanchion, 6 Posts + Portrait Signframe, 36″ Ht, 78″ Black Belt
  3. New Star Foodservice 54606 Stainless Steel Stanchions, 36″ Height, 6.5′ Retractable Belt (Pack of 2)
  4. Retractable Belt Stanchions Package 6 PCS Combo Set + PREMIUM Sign Frame
  5. Lavi 26-20400 Beltrac Steel Retractable Portable Basic Post Kit with 7′ Black Belt and Wall Receptacle, 12-1/2″ Diameter x 38-1/2″ Height, Wrinkle Black
  6. RETRACTABLE STANCHION SET, 6 Posts + Portrait SignFrame, 36″ HT, 78″ RED BELT

Models to consider:
50-1130DV-S/CL WM100SB-BK-RED2G23579 50-1130SV-S/MBU2003NC QWAY312-3P
U2102 U2003U2003 D2G2359212004-9-RED 35CCS002-B2M
D2G23584 26-PK21402/CL/RD80-5000R/BK/SF SLM404850-WH50-3015/WB/18/SF LG-0053B
QWAY312-3S U210250-1131DV-S/CL 1653DU2102 U2003
10-PK20404/CR 1657DDRC-SB4245 QS-VSTCART18U2000 QWAYROPE-21-8-1P
80-5000R/YL/SF QS-STCART12U2003 YT-1595CP40S-SS1-2PK 50-1130DV-S/GD
50-3100WB/BK AT0412QFQWAYPOST-1P-L5 44-930161/4CRU2006 QWAY312-2P
U2103 310T-33-TAPU2005 QS-STCART2126-PK21402/WB/BK YA-1460
U2103 DRC-SB4245YA-1460 QS-STCART1250-3100SA/BK WM100SB-BK-RE
AT0412QF 12004-9-RED35CCS002-B2M QWAY312-3PU2006 QUEUE0103
50-3015/WB/18/BK D2G23579PTW202 U2003NCQWAY312-2P U2000
1657D U2102QWAYROPE-23-6-2P U210226-PK21402/WB/BK 80-5000R/BK/SF
10-PK20404/BK 50-1130DV-S/GDU2500CYB YT-159544-930161/4CR 26-PK21402/CL/RD
VIPSPECIAL-1 1653D50-3100WB/BK U2003U2500 QWAYROPE-21-8-1P
D2G23584 1136H + 1705CP40S-SS1-2PK MLRBK48SE-PS50-1130SV-S/MB 50-3010/WB/RD
D2G23578 50-3015/WB/18/SF80-5000R/YL/SF QWAYPOST-1P-B9U2103 U2005
YA-2869 QWAY310-2P50-1130DV-S/CL U2003QWAY312-3S CT2M31000
26-PK21402/CL/BK YA-2869QWAY312-3S 50-1130DV-S/GDQWAY312-2P 26-PK21402/CL/RD
U2102 YT-159550-3015/WB/18/BK U2103D2G23584 80-5000R/YL/SF
QWAY310-2P YA-146035CCS002-B2M U2003CP40S-SS1-2PK WM100SB-BK-RE
U2102 U2006U2000 U210350-3010/WB/RD 12004-9-RED
QWAY312-3P VIPSPECIAL-1310T-33-TAP 1653DQS-STCART12 50-3010/WB/BK
U2005 50-3100WB/BK50-1131DV-S/CL QS-STCART21PTW202 QWAYROPE-21-8-1P
D2G23579 QS-VSTCART18AT0412QF 50-3015/WB/18/SF44-930161/4CR DRC-SB4245
50-1130DV-S/CL 50-3100SA/BK1136H + 1705 U2102QUEUE0103 U2500CYB
SLM404850-WH 50-1130SV-S/MBD2G23592 10-PK20404/BKMLRBK48SE-PS CT2M31000


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