April 22, 2017

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  • 120 volts, 360 watts, 3 amps
  • Double-sided tape, 3″ looping of the wire attached to fiber-glass mesh
  • 15 watts per sq. ft., 1/8″ thick
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General description

Hard flooring surfaces may be cold underfoot any time of year, however particularly when it turns cooler. Who would not enjoy the comfort of a Warmly Yours radiant floor heating system? Warmly Yours TempZone electric floor heating systems install easily under ceramic tile, natural stone, hardwood, wood and other well-liked floor coverings. TempZone consists of a heating cable secured onto a green mesh fabric, the heating cable is circulated in serpentine loops generally staying 3 in. Separately to deliver an heat during the flooring area without leaving any cold spots the room.

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Line Voltage Cool Only, White vs TRT120-KIT-ST-3.0-X08

Line VoltageThermostat, Mechanical Non Programmable, TRT120-KIT-ST-3.0X08 Switch Type SPST, Switch Action Close On Rise, Number of Switches 1, Control Range 50 to 90 F, Height 5 In, Width 3 1/4 In, Depth 2 3/4 In, Temp. Sensitivity +/- 3 Deg F, Sensor Type Bi Metal, No Positive Off Position, For Use With Cool Only, Color White, Mounts to standard 2X4 In Electrical Box, Analog Display, Enclosure Type Plastic Line Voltage ThermostatsMount to standard 2″ x 4″ vertical box. UL Listed, except 4NE56. Extra agency standards as noted.

130 Sqft Cable Set, Electric Radiant Heat Heating System Aube Digital Sensing Thermostat

Electric Floor Warming System used to heat tile and other types of flooring. The system is intended to heat the chosen square footage when installed in mortar under ceramic or ceramic tile, stone or brick floors, also as engineered wood, vinyl, laminate, or carpet floor coverings. The heating cable is simply laid out on the floor in the neighborhood you want to heat previous to floor installation. The heating element is less than 1/8″ thick, so the rise in flooring height is negligible. This system is BRAND NEW and made by Warming Systems Inc. Which offers a “Life of the Floor” Warranty on its product. The wire is intended to be spaced 3″ separately.

35 Sq Foot SunTouch TapeMat TOUCH SCREEN Thermostat Contains one 2 17.5 Ft mat, 500850 Thermostat plus accessories

SunTouch electric floor warming mats are made in the USA and make adding comfy warmth to any floor easier than ever. There’s a solution to cold tile or stone floors. SunTouch is the Simple, Safe, and economical way to warm tile and stone floors. In the past, complex mechanical systems were obliged, or installers had to do many steps to install a floor warming system. SunTouch Changed that Our mats install in ONE STEP with the thinset mortar, right under the tile. And, because SunTouch radiant floor heat mats use a special braided twin wire design; it registers zero electromagnetic field when independently tested; your safety is important. SunTouch heated floor mats were the 1st with this and many other patented innovations. Decide SunTouch for the best quality wire construction, a leading 25 year warranty supported by Watts Radiant who have been in business for over 135 years, more sizes and more solutions for radiant heated floors than any company; also, we have the controls, software, code listings and engineering to make your radiant floor heating project a success. With our complete mat kits all the floor heating parts are in one box. All you need are some simple tools and the electrical box and wire to connect to the included thermostat; we suggest an electrician do the connection. Measure the room you want to warm. Decide the best place for your thermostat, what regions you want to warm and plan to heat most of the open floor, staying 4 to 6 inches away from walls and built ins, however close to cabinet toe kicks. Then roll out your mat and fasten to the sub floor with 2 sided tape, staples, or hot glue. Mount your thermostat and place the temperature sensor between any two heating wires, cover mat with cement established mortar and install your tile. Use the loudmouth as directed in the information.

WiFi Prog Thermostat (Pack of 2) vs TRT-120-KIT-ST-3.0X-08

Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat. Control from anywhere; free via iPhone iPad Android and computer. No monthly service. Completely adaptable Programming alternatives. May be depending on home schedule business schedule or your utility company’s peak rate pricing. Intelligent alerts; filter change Hi/Lo temperature notice loss of internet connection humidifier pad change reminder. Customizable Touchscreen – Full color bright and view local weather and 5-day forecast. Auto change from Heat to Cool. Permanent/Temporary/Vacation Hold – change to match your schedule. Dependable secure network. Humidity Readout. Fan Operation – On/AutoCirculate settings. Screen-saver on/off; 12 or 24 hr. Clock.

40 Sqft UL Listed 240v Electric Radiant Heating Mat Thermostat

Sunray Heated Flooring Systems Radiant Floor Warming Heated Mat with 10’long, 22 gauge sensor wire. – 240V UL accepted in the USA The Sunray heated floor system is an electric floor warming system. It installs in thin set mortar underneath almost any surface. Our heated floor systems have been installed under, tile, stone, vinyl, laminate, wood, etc. Our mats are completely sticky backed which makes installing a breeze and saves time. NO taping obliged Just set it and forget it. Sunray is the highest in quality for electric floors. We use the alike merchandise to all the major brands. We use “DuPont Material” and ensure our merchandise for 25 years. We would not have that ensure if we could not back it up. Give “Sunray” a attempt. I promise you will not be disappointed. Our mats are 20″ large. Complete Instruction manual included. FREE Tester with every order Shipped by UPS ground service.

Honeywell YERM5220RVPEIM RedLINK ERM Vision Pro Thermostat

The Honeywell ERM is like a new cordless tool in your toolbox. Pull it out whenever it is too expensive or time-consuming to run wires from a condensing unit or boiler to control devices. Features: Wireless RedLink communication between condensing unit/compressor or boiler and thermostat. Suited for outdoor use. Plans: will include: Equipment Remote Module (ERM) ( ERM5220R1018 ) and VisionPRO 8000 ( TH8321R1001 ), and Equipment Intervace Module (EIM) ( THM5421R1021 ). Dimensions: 6-78 in. Large x 6-39/64 in. High x 1-31/64 in. Deep. Mounting: Attach the ERM to the wall near the compressor or bolier. The place should be at least 3 feet above ground and oriented with the two wire exits facing down. Electrical Ratings: 24 Vac, 50Hz; 60 Hz. Phases: Up to 2 Heat / 2 Cool Heat Pump or Up to 2 Stage regular. Operating Humidity Range: 0 to 99 RH. Ambient Temperature Range: Compressor: -40 F to +155 F; Boiler: 30 F to +130 F. Terminal Designations: J, R, C, Y, Y2, O/B, D, L, S1, S1. Zones: ERM isn’t well-matched with RedLink Zone boards.

110 Sq Foot SunTouch TapeMat contains 1 each 225 & 230 Ft mat, Touch Screen accessories vs TRT-120-KIT-ST-3.0-X-08

A solution to cold tile floors SunTouch electric floor warming mat kits are made in the USA and make adding comfy warmth to any floor easier than ever. SunTouch is the Simple, Safe and economical way to warm floors to a comfy temperature and warm up your room too. Lavish warm floors using SunTouch mats for easy installation are a Do It Yourselfer’s dream. SunTouch is precision made by Watts Radiant the World Leader in floor heating technology for comfort, safety and long life durability. We include all the things you need except basic hand tools and the electrical box. Mats install in 1 STEP with the thinset mortar, right under the tile. An electrician is suggested for connection to power. Why decide SunTouch over other floor warming systems? SunTouch mats invented the safety of twin wire technology and many patented innovations. Superior wire construction, 25 year warranty supported by Watts for 135 years, and more sizes of TRUE radiant heated floors than anybody. Plus the controls, software, code listings and internally design and expert engineering to make your heating project a success. SunTouch has Safety fitted using a distinctive shielded 2 wire design for ZERO electromagnetic fields, dual copper insulated wires and a true ground wire for connection to the SunStat Thermostat. Which Size Mat kit? Grab a tape measure, think about all regions you want warm and plan to heat most of the open floor, deduct 4 to 6 inches along walls, deduct built ins, vents, obstructions, etc. Heat inside 1 inch of cabinet toe kicks and 6 inches from Toilet drain hole. How do I install? Start near Thermostat, Roll out mat, turn as needed and fasten to the subfloor with 2 sided tape, staples, or hot glue. Place the Thermostat temperature sensor wire between any 2 heating wires, run the sensor wire and mat power lead up to the electrical box. Then spread mortar over mat and install your tile, have a Pro connect and Mount thermostat to box.

Leviton RC-1000WHZB Wireless Omnistat2 Conventional & Heat Pump White

Omnistat2 thermostats are the new generation of programmable communicating thermostats and supply exact digital temperature control over your HVAC system. Use the Omnistat2 thermostat to control loads like pool pumps, fountains, and more. What makes Omnistat2 stand above its competition is they use advanced digital technology to learn the heating/cooling patterns of your home to control the equipment for maximum efficiency and comfort. Connect to the MicroControl, 81A00-2WHZB to form a complete wireless energy management system. Omnistat2 thermostats have an auto heat/cool changeover. The Fan cycle mode periodically circulates air for comfort. The scroll wheel changes temperature quickly. Omnistat2 thermostats don’t require batteries to keep their settings and time. The closeness/motion detector lights the screen up to one of 100 different colors when it is approached. The Omnistat2 can display outdoor temperature, humidity and HVAC handling/energy intake by week. The Omnistat2 can be used stand-alone or with a home control system. You may be able to set back the equipment when the house isn’t occupied and save on your energy costs. The fitted vacation mode restores temperatures before arriving home. Omnistat2 thermostats let you to have a different program choice for each day of the week. Add to your home control system to get complete energy management potential. Control your thermostat through a Console or Keypad, OmniTouch family Touchscreens, telephones (with voice answer) and over the Internet using software from HAI.

Orbit’s Clear Comfort Manual heating and cooling – 83501

Orbit’s Clear ComfortTM Non-Programmable Thermostat delivers consistent performance joint with an stylish and modern design. Available and easy-to-use controls let for fast, straight-forward modifications. This thermostat is well-matched with 1-stage gas furnaces with or gas fan, 1-stage oil systems, 1-stage heat pumps, and cooling systems. 1-stage.

Emerson 1F85-0422 2 Heat and Cool Stages Universal Thermostat

The White-Rodgers 1F85-0422 common programmable thermostat has a big, 4 square-inch Blue display. The 1F85-0422 may be easily set up as either 5/1/1 day programmable, 5/2 day proigrammable or non-programmable to let you to control the temperature to go with your lifestyle. The 1F85-0422 is a common thermostat that will work on any 2 heat/2 cool (or fewer) furnaces, air conditioners and heat pump systems. For use on 24 volt and millivolt systems. Other features are furnace filter change reminder, auto-changeover, keypad lock and adjustable temperature display. White-Rodgers is a business of Emerson weather Technologies, the worlds leading provider of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration solutions for residential, industrial and commercial applications. Combining theoretically superior merchandise and services from business-leading businesses and brands with world engineering, design, distribution, installation and monitoring potential help Emerson weather Technologies to create dependable, energy economical weather systems that improve human comfort, safeguard food and protect the environment.

Honeywell Digital T8775A1009 Round Non- Heat-Only

Easy to use. Turn the dial to change the setpoint temperature. Big easy-to-read display. The temperature reading is easily seen from a distance. Backlit display. On-demand backlighting makes it simple to read the display in a black room or hallway. No batteries obliged. The setpoint temperature is held permanently in memory in case of a power failure. Powered through heating system controls. Easy installation and set up saves time and increases installer productivity. Heat Only. Easily configurable by the use of DIP switches. Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature display for extra flexibility. Selectable heating cycle rates (1, 3, 6, 9 CPH) for a range of applications. Decorative cover plate is available to cover marks on the wall or to mount the T8775 Thermostat to an electrical box.

Emerson 1HDEZ-1521 Emerson Inspire Universal 4-Wire Thermostat System

The Emerson Inspire is a common 4-wire High meaning Color Thermostat System. This system lets you to upgrade single stage applications to premium high-efficiency systems (staging, heat pump, or heat pump with dual fuel) using the present 4 thermostat wires. The Emerson Inspire features an super thin user interface with vibrant color display. This system will include a User Interface, Equipment Control and Configuration Tool. DIRECT WIRING TO FURNACE BOARD is needed AS PART OF INSTALLATION, HOMEOWNER INSTALLATION isn’t suggested.

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  2. 20 Sqft Mat, Electric Radiant Floor Heat Heating System with Aube Digital Floor Sensing Thermostat
  3. 50 Sqft Cable Set, Electric Radiant Floor Heat Heating System with Aube Digital Floor Sensing Thermostat
  4. Thermosoft Electric Radiant Floor Heating for Laminate or Hardwood Floor-TF3005-120 (3ft x 5ft, 120V)

Models to consider:
CT30A1005 RET97C0D1005/UTH5220D1003 G-SC-200-OBTH5220D1029 UP310
MHK1 12000724-KIT-WVEB-STATe3L-01 PF11022441TH-4PK CW200A
ACONT900AC43UAA T200577PT2DS HW2012BIN900OB 80-mat240-kt
RTH9590WF1011/W A70HA-1TH9320WF5003 60-coil120-kt40-mat240-kt TH115AFGA
Yth6320r1114 RET97E5D1005/UCT50K1028/E T855i200-coil240-kt ZTS-110
VSACC0454 TH115-A-240D-B/UTH2110DV1008 T87N102615-mat120-kt 50-mat120-kt
CT8775A1007 YTL9160AR1000G-SC-200-PC Zen-01-BT8611G2002 44100 A
TH6220D1002 T7350D1008EE-5301 40-coil240-ktYTHX9421R5010 RHC-TST412MDMS
20-coil120-kt IN900OBVNT5200H1000 T7350H1009ATMOS1-B T410B1004U
T3017US UP310200-coil240-kt RET97E5D1005/U12001724-KIT-WV G-SC-200-OB
GT125-K2 DP01DC-4ACONT900AC43UAA FLP35-120/240GAYTH9421C1002 CNT06391
SP20127 L408J1017T8611G2002 RTH5100B1025/A40-coil240-kt RS5110
240-mat240-kt 12000724-KIT-WVEB-STATE3-01 9915IRTH6350D1000/A 12001224-KIT-WV
CT50K1028/E 1F86-0244TH9320WF5003 12001524-KITETC-112000-000 RTH9580WF
K101 T200577CG510A1019/N TC-38530A3451 15-mat120-kt
RTH2520B 44100 AWISERAIR10WHTUS PF1102T7350D1008 Q314U1001
120-mat240-kt RTH2300B1012/AA70HA-1 CO25MM60-coil240-kt YTH6320R1001
CG510A1019/N 60-mat120-ktT5800-WIFI 12002524-KIT45mat120-20 L408J1017
G-SC-200-PC DWF-1325WNK101 SC2000LRW205-001 YTHX9421R5010
40-mat240-kt NP100TH6220D1002 20-coil120-ktTH115-A-240D-B/U FLP35-120/240GA
T87K1007 T8624D2004TH8110R1008 TH9320WF5003Q314U1001 9915I
RTH2510B1000/A CT8775A1007Zen-01-B XFZ102493-589b-013-00 CNT06391
2441TH-4PK TCONT900AC42UAATP-WEM01 RTH2410B1001/E112001224-KIT-WV 12001524-KIT
RC-2000WH 60-coil120-ktQEB100 T51160-coil240-kt CW200A
RTH2300B1012/A RTG20184ETC 112000-000 TH115AFGAYHZ322R1108 T7350D1008
G-SC-200-OB 40-coil120-ktT775B2032 EB-RSe3PK2-01Yth6320r1114 Q348U1009


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