April 22, 2017

WHF2415 1500-Watt (King) has great reviews


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  • Saves space
  • For use in apartments, bathrooms, and utility areas
  • Heats up to 100 square feet
  • Fan forced wall heater
  • Steep pitch 4 -bladed aluminum impeller fan picks out 85 cubic per minute
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon/Sale: n/a

General description

The King Electric WHF2415 is a fanforced wall heater from the WHF series that operates at 240V at 1500W. This model is a mix of a tangential blower and an opencoil wire element. It’s mainly used in an apartment construction project as a 1st upgrade. The wire element gives constant heat which makes this heater ideal for bathrooms in specific. The King Electric WHF2415 produces an airflow of 70CFM and is intended to be mounted horizontally. For best control of this model, an electronic thermostat is needed.

Compare with similar products:

Cadet EBHN500-8WS Baseboard 35" 500W 208V SoftHEAT Hydronic w/Left Hand Wire – Sand

The Cadet EBHN5008WS is for WHF2415 a 35″ hydronic baseboard heater from the SoftHEAT collection. It’s intended for use with 208V applications with a wattage of 500W. This model of Cadet heater comes with a white sand finish and a left hand wire setup. This Cadet baseboard heater uses hydronic technology, which does not require a plumbing connection, to effectively warm the space. It is environmentally friendly and safe for pets and animals, as the Cadet SoftHEAT line offers some of the lowest surface temperatures on the market. These heaters are crafted of a dependable 22gauge steel. These Cadet SoftHEAT heaters may be mounted to the wall or placed directly on the floor. They are most efficient when installed under a window and at least a foot away from objects in the room. They should be placed a foot away from objects above and not installed underneath electrical outlets for safety reasons. A SoftHEAT thermostat is needed for these Cadet baseboard heaters.

SunTouch Warm Wire 3.0 KIT 20 Sq Ft 120V Electric Radiant Floor Heating Cable System

WarmWire is BLUE and better than before. 3″ inch spacing means faster installation Blue adaptable Polyurethane WaterProof Jacket Thin but lasting: Total thickness of 1/8″ (0. 10-0. 13) ETFE Insulation affect and cut tolerant Metal foil shield for extra protection ZERO Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Emission 25 Year maker Warranty made in Springfield, MO, USA.

Berko Architectural Fan-Forced Heater 240V 4800W 3PH

Berko Architectural Fan-Forced Wall Heater FRC45043F 240V 4800W 3PH Features: Amps: 11. 6Approval: cETLusBTU: 16380CFM: 100Color: Statuary Bronze With Satin Aluminum TrimConstruction: SteelDepth Inches: 5Height Inches: 19-5/16KiloWatts: 4. 8Phase: 3Voltage: 240Watts: 4800Width Inches: 15-3/4Grille Depth Inches: 1-1/4Grille Height Inches: 19-5/16Grille Width Inches: 15-3/4.

Berko Small Room Fan-Forced 2000/1500W, 277/240V vs WHF-2415

Berko Small Room Fan-Forced Wall Heater SRA2027DSF, 2000/1500W, 277/240V Features: Amps: 7. 2Approval: cETLusBTU: 6824CFM: 65Color: Northern WhiteConstruction: SteelDepth Inches: 3-3/4Height Inches: 11KiloWatts: 2 / 0. 75Phase: 1Voltage: 277 / 240Watts: 2000Width Inches: 9-1/4Grille Depth Inches: 7/8Grille Height Inches: 12-1/8Grille Width Inches: 10-5/8Thermostat: Integral Double Pole.

SunStar Heating Products Garage Tube Heater – LP, 45,000 BTU, Model# SIR45-15-L

The SunStar Garage Tube Heater is ideal for residential garages, vestibules, entryways, workshops, enclosed patios, restaurants, smoking shelters, small greenhouses, hard-to-heat small regions and low-roof height applications. Low intensity radiant heat can save up to 30 in fuel savings over convection warm air heating. Heaters may be controlled by a line Volt thermostat sold individually. If favored, the heaters may be controlled by a 24V Thermostat and a 24V Thermostat Relay Kit both sold individually. U. S. A. In residential garage applications, the heater must be vented outside through sidewall or the roof. In commercial/industrial space heating applications, the heater may be indirectly vented optional exhaust hood sold individually. Needs Direct Venting Heating capability sq. Ft 2,000, Dim L x W x H in 110 x 18 x 10, Igniter Direct spark, Blower Power Supply Volts, Amps 120, Gas Inlet in 1/2, BTU Output 45,000, Thermostat Not Included, Blower Not Included, Product Type Radiant heat. Compact Sz in general length is 110in for easy installation Efficiencies range up to 84. 5 Installation as low as 8ft above floor CSA design certified Vacuum sys pulls combustion merchandise through the combustion chamber for greater safety, virtually eliminating the possibility of combustion gases leaking into the heated space hard State Ignition sys offers dependable electronic direct spark ignition sys with 100 gas safety shutoff control and 30-second pre-purge U-Tube Design gives uniform emitter tube Temps and energy distribution on the floor, unlike straight tube heaters which are generally hotter at the burner end than at the exhaust end Heavy-responsibility combustion chamber Aluminum reflectors with 97 reflectivity ranking Diaphragm safety switch for evidence of venting and sys display lights will include 36in stainless steel adaptable gas connector 4in round flue connection 120VAC, 60HZ, 2. 4 Amps.

Tpi Fan-Forced -Mount Heater – 240/208V vs King WHF2415 1500-Watt pricing

TPI Fan-Forced Wall-Mount Heater ships wired to the highest wattage. Dual-wattage unit is adjustable at time of installation. Wall heater features a single pole thermostat and auto reset thermal bound. Vane axial fan blade and steel block fin element supply maximum heat output. Temperataure range of 5090F. 18-gauge steel grill measures 15-3/8″Lx20-9/64″H. Lasting ivory powder coat finish.

TPI Element Replacement Kit For MR & CH Series Infrared Heaters 4300W 600V

TPI Element substitute Kit 64337-031 For MR & CH Series Infrared Heaters 4300W 600V Features: Amps: 7. 48Approval: cETLusColor: Dull Orange GlowConstruction: Nickel-Chrome Alloy Element / ceramic End CapsHeight Inches: 4-1/2KiloWatts: 4. 3Length Inches: 20Phase: 1 or 3Voltage: 600Watts: 4300Width Inches: 12.

150 Feet Heavy Duty Ice Dam Heat Tape By Radiant Solutions Company, Plug-In, Self-Regulating, 120 volt with 48” lead and plug that illuminates w vs King WHF2415 1500-Watt review

Goodbye ice dams on your roof and in your gutters. We’re a direct-to-buyer maker with over 25 years in the business of ice dam prevention. Don’t purchase cheap cables (yes, we mean you, EasyHeat). Our Self-regulating heat tape may be overlapped throughout installation, unlike the cheap stuff, which will burn out when it happens to overlap. Our heat cable generates 9. 6 watts per foot of output at 32 degrees, creating a clear melted path through any ice or snow on your roof. This isn’t your grandpas heat cable. This is serious stuff and holding it in your hand will tell you as much. Our pre-terminated, plug-in prepared heat cables are ideal for people with regions on their home that suffer from reoccurring ice dams. HeatTapePro is a worry-free, lasting solution to your ice dam problems. Because this product is self-regulating, it asks for more energy as it gets colder outside and less energy when its warmer. Why have heat cables running when its 45 degrees outside? that’s how cheap, constant wattage heat cables operate. Not good. HeatTapePro is jacketed with a commercial grade fluoropolymer and comes standard with a flame retardant thermoplastic interior jacket. Our 16 gauge heating wires are 200 thicker than the conductors found in cheap, constant wattage cables like EasyHeat. Thicker conductors mean greater heating efficiency, more melting power and longterm cable honesty. And speaking of quality, our unheated lead 14 gauge wire is 48 and comes standard with an illuminated plug that confirms your cable works. Our self-regulating heat tape, also called heat cable, may be used for some applications beyond ice dam prevention, as well as pipe freeze protection. Its suited on pipes as small as in diameter and may be used on both metal and plastic pipes. HeatTapePro doesn’t require the use of a thermostat for economical operation. Make sure to order suggested installation accessories as well as Roof Clips and Downspout Hangers if needed.

Presto Heat Dish Plus Parabolic Electric Heater

Presto HeatDish Parabolic Heater Plus Footlight Feels Like 3 Times the Heat, Costs 1/3 Less to Operate than common Electric Heaters. The PRESTO HeatDish Plus Footlight parabolic electric heater uses a computer-intended parabolic reflector to concentrate heat, like a satellite dish concentrates TV signals, so it feels three times warmer than 1500 watt heaters, still uses a 3rd less energy. Because it warms you directly, you feel the heat nearly instantly without 1st heating the complete room. Features: concentrates heat where it is needed most.. On you Keeps you toasty warm so there’s no have to heat the complete room. Costs a 3rd less to operate than 1500 watt heaters. Because it uses just 1000 watts, it may help save enough on electric bills to pay for itself in as little as one year. Useful top-mounted thermostatic control maintains the wanted temperature automatically.

Portable Salamander Heater With 8’L Cord – 240v 10kw vs King WHF2415 1500-Watt price

For use in factories, garages, workshops, and other places where temporary localized heat is required. Electric heaters have finned tubular heating elements located in front of a fan unit to offer distribution of heat. Eliminate combustion byproducts related with fuel-fired heatersErgonomic handle and hand screw lets for easy tilt adjustments10″ wheels let for easy motion of unitNEMA 6-50P Plug with 8’L power cord is includedCSA & CSAus listed.

s Radiator Cover – w36 – h28 – d6

Whites Radiator Cover – This enclosure is 36 inches large by 28 inches in height and 6 inches in depth. The width of the units must be 1 inch or more beyond the radiator as well as the pipes and valves attached. All 3 measurements must be greater than the radiator and all the valves and pipes attached to it to fit around it. A radiator that’s left exposed, lets the heat to travel quickly toward the roof, causing the major zone of the room to preserve a lower temperature. Whites radiator enclosures have a specially intended front grill. The grill gives economical heating by redirecting warm heat into the living area of a room, rather than causing the warm air to rise quickly to the roof directly above the radiator. Custom sizes are available contact us for more info. Some assembly is needed.

Electric FCM2-35T Electric in Floor Heating Mat 35 Square Feet with Stat vs King WHF2415 1500-Watt reviews

Professional grade quality parts. For use with tile and stone. Groundbreaking sticky fiberglass mat system speeds up installation procedure. Pre-sized kits supply everything needed for installation. System will include the F802GFCI programmable 5/2 day or 7 day thermostat. The F802GFCI thermostat is design exactly for floor heating applications and has booth air and floor sensing modes and will include the floor sensor. The fitted Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) gives an essential safe guard against shock hazard and is a compulsory code prerequisite for kitchen and bath installations. The optional FCS11 Instant Alert Monitor gives you the peace of mind to know your Floor Heating Cable installation was done properly the 1st time. Throughout installation, the Instant Alert Monitor identifies possible problems instantly. The Monitor sounds an alarm if the Heating Wire is cut or damaged, allowing for easy fix BEFORE the mat is covered with Mortar and Tile. Kits available in many different square footage alternatives. Emits zero EMF (electromagnetic fields). Factory support hotline and installation video and information are available. Twenty year restricted warranty.

What people considered before buying it:
  1. King PAW2422 2250-Watt 240-Volt Pic-A-Watt Wall Heater, Bright White
  2. Stiebel Eltron CK 15E 120-Volt 1500-Watts Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heater
  3. King PAW1215 1500-Watt 120-Volt Pic-A-Watt Wall Heater, Bright White
  4. Broan 174 750/1500W 120 VAC Painted Grill Wall Heater, White
  5. High Quality Bathroom Wall Heaters Pulsair 1501TW White: Heats a true 150 sq. feet, ultra-quiet electric wall heater for any small room. Safe and reliable 120 volt 1500 watts with a built-in easy to use thermostat. Grille with a safe rounded corners
  6. QMark CZ1512T Residential Fan Force Zonal Heater, Small, Northern White

Models to consider:
HD75AS0121 VFK151FFVO-200 VIRT9AB46248WEO-140CH PDP200
KAF080-008 PCFA125VKBP1230 VIRT9AB46234COC125WH DV210SGLP
EX500 SG10-NVF 30K GAR LP SIU50-20-L5MRHF274800 MUH0341
MD3TPA MUH077CP371 SP24TRD0715T MAFH048-E2
MX-200C F255639VIRT9AB46230 HD60AH01-34S-ZHPW-2400 CC-520
VIRT9A606691 MX-150CPCK80T F3009P3P5120CA1N BP5X12-50-1
B1037518 1000GSFSIS50-15-N5 3501922ASIU50-30-N5 VIRWBB59950
CWH3504 FPE-427-FSIU175-50-TG-L5 1000WVIRPKB48151 SPti-85KM
RMC-FA150NGDGD EBHN750WRHSIS100-30-L5 U12100-SSCP378 55CP20-07
WHFC2415 VG400VIRU3U5503T NLW408TWEX500 TT30
N1C060 VIRWBB59781WRBY04M SIS50-15-TG-L5MH-0085-0MDH MD3TPA
MUH0341 VIRWBB202260SIS125-50-N5 VIRWBB202246PH50CABPS DB03185
N2C025 MX-300BMSDH6043 KBP1230FRC4827F UH50
1/10 HP P1500VFK408F 16W 240VFVO-200 EBHN750WRH
F102860 R-750-A5SIS100-30-L5 F3009MC-120 DF400
DV14L VF400SIS125-30-L5 VF 30K GAR LPMAFH048-E2 CWH3504
SPti-300K-SM KT1210VIRWBB59950 TV209312KB2007-3MP-T-B2 1000GSF
PDP200 SIU50-30-N5HX1430DW:F34 WDIA05MCC-520 RMS-7
BCPS500SS GFR1500t2fTV209317 VIRWBB200346VIRWBB202246 MUH0341
VIRWBB572065 F140624KBP1230 SG10-NBDH 1543A TRD0715T
PWSSRM10-1/2PC MXD-200CFHK-624-3A VIRWBB729669DHEHK24038 WRBY04M
EX08CP VIRPKB4810112v40w VG400KB2407-3MP-T-B2 VIRWBB59950
WHFC2415 MX-300BKT1210 HD75AS0121VIRWBB572060 OKB595E6-240V
IV60 80-2 MOTOR-013-07BF255639 LPW1227CSF-80-CB SIS125-40-L5
MAFH048-E2 BP5X12-50-1P1800 VIRWBB202116MUH077 Model # FTS1500T
EBHA1380 SIS125-50-N5MH-0085-0MDH FRC4827F120060wd-kit SIS50-15-N5


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