April 22, 2017

X-47ATR Variable (XPOWER) actually has good reviews

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  • Features a 3-hour timer gives you the flexibility & a sealed motor to protect it from contaminants and water damage
  • Dual thermal protection, ETL/CETL safety certification & USA 1 year limited warranty
  • Variable speed control, built-in power outlets for daisy chain & 20 ft. power cord with wrap-around cord design
  • Lightweight and durable ABS plastic housing & stackable up to 5 units high for easy storage
  • Rack/stand included allowing 360-degree rotation for multiple drying positions
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General description

The XPOWER X-47ATR is the final axial fan – filled with features like a variable speed control, 3 hour timer, 360-degree rotation rack/stand, and fitted daisy chainable power outlets to get a range of jobs done. A specially intended sealed motor prevents damage from water and other contaminants. The X-47ATR proficiently produces up to 3600 CFM with a low 2. 8 Amp draw. Use this high performance fan with its distinctive grill design to extend a powerful and focused stream of air up to 60 ft. In any direction. Easily transportable, this unit’s super lightweight still lasting ABS injection molded housing may be stacked up to 5 units high. Ducting hoses (16DH25 or 16DH15) and adapter kit (16DHK) are available individually for confined space ventilation.

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This Q Standard 25in. Indoor/Outdoor X-47ATR Enclosed Motor Drum is ideal for wet places and indoor or outdoor use. Completely enclosed motor resist debris for longer life. Amps: 5. 0/4. 5, Speed (RPM): 1,600/1,400, Fan Diameter (in. ): 25, HP: 2/3, Volts: 120, Air Delivery (CFM): 9,500/8,100, Watts: 580/525, Speeds (qty. ): 2, Power Cord (ft. ): 12, Dimensions L x W x H (in. ): 29 x 13 x 28.

Farmtek 105538 ValuTek and Barn Circulating – 36 in. 115V

High-efficiency air circulating fans silently cool your livestock. Ideal for industrial and warehouse buildings. Powder-coated steel guards are polyester bonded. Versatile, galvanized steel mounting system included, pivots 180 degrees. 36 fans have corrosion-tolerant steel blades. Totally enclosed motor, with auto thermal overload protection, 6 Power supply cord included. Some assembly obliged.

Cd Direct-Drive Guard Mount Exhaust – Three s – 18" Blade Diameter – 120V – -1/8 Hp

CD Direct-Drive Guard Mount Exhaust Fan offers three speeds for economical cooling and ventilation. Industrial exhaust fan features a 120V, single-phase motor that’s totally enclosed to withstand dusty, dirty environments. Motor is permanently lubricated for long life. Three aluminum fan blades are protected by steel wire guards with fitted mounting holes for easy installation. UL and CUL listed.

Zoom Floor Dryer 1/4 HP Handle and Wheel Kit

Zoom Axial Blowers have GFCI power outlets for daisy chaining with other axial fans, these blowers draw such a small amount of amps, that you may plug some number of units into each other and run them off of the same electrical outlet. All of our low amp draw flood water fans are great for the restoration industries due to low power draw. This particular model only pulls 3. 4 amps while running on its highest speed. That means that you may run 4 units off of a common 15 amp outlet without worry. These axial air movers may be used to blow air in some number of directions. The fitted feet have an adjustable height feature that lets it to be used at a level horizontal angle or to be located at a down 6 angle for a much more concentrated airflow. This model come with optional and convenient handle and wheel kit. Features: Low amp draw lets for many units to run off of the same power outlet. With 2 GFCI outlets fitted, you may be able to power many things, as long as the total amp draw is less than 12 amps. Adjustable feet let for different height settings which can concentrate the fans airflow down to the ground. May be stacked 3 tall when stood upright, and up to 5 units high when placed on its side. The extra long power cord helps to dry big regions by being able to place a fan every 25′. ETL Safety Listed Optional Handle and Wheel Kit Included.

Luma Comfort MF24B 24" Misting

The MF24B Luma Comfort Misting Fan combines commercial-grade construction with a residential design. It’s able of cooling up to 800 square feet, making it the ideal choice for a large range of home and commercial uses. This 24″ oscillating misting fan features a moving fan head that assists to disperse its light spritz of water during the air. It’s crafted with an all-metal construction that’s corrosion tolerant, making sure that it’s lasting and able to withstand the test of time. It also has a high-efficiency motor that can run for 4 hours on all tank fill. You may be able to change the commercial misting fan’s flow for a customized spray amount or direction; this may help to extend the mist to the right regions of your space. With a water-tight seal around the pump, you may be able to make sure that it’s completely insulated and leak-free. The centrifugal design of the MF24B Luma Comfort Misting Fan is an added feature that assists to keep the nozzles clean and clear.

Serene Floor Standing – Donny Osmond Home Collection

Keep cool and look great doing it. That is the concentrate of the Serene Floor Fan, intended to be decorative and working simultaneously. Featuring a heart-warming washed finish in a relaxing, natural wood pallet, this chic and stylish floor fan will improve the decor of any room while giving a welcome breeze on hot summer days.

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Saving energy = saving . Aloha Powerwind Air Curtain mounts above doorways to keep hot / cool air from escaping in high – traffic regions Home or business, the Aloha Powerwind Air Curtains work all year to tame your energy bill by keeping heated and air-conditioned air in the building with an invisible barrier of air. Also great for preventing bugs, dust and smoke from invading, as the impenetrable screen of air denies entrance to them all 2 speeds. Corrosion tolerant covering. Order Today 36″ Aloha Powerwind Air Curtain 3,200 / 3,920 CFM.

Eighteen Inch Outdoor Standing (Black) (38.5"H x 19"W x 19"D)

Keep it cool outdoors with this Eighteen Inch Deco Outdoor Fan. Adjustable from 38 inches to 50 inches in height, this outdoor fan is perfect for use on a deck or patio. The fan can operate as both a stationary fan and an oscillating fan, giving you a choice of how to use it.   features are a whisper calm 53-watt 3 speed motor, tilt modification, ETL wet listed safety ranking and UL accepted for outdoor use.   Comes with a vinyl cover rain bonnet for protection against the elements.   Low speed is 900 RPM; Medium speed is 1100 RPM; quick is 1280 RPM. Weighted base for extra stability  vehicle outdoor rated paint Weather tolerant Assembly level/degree of difficulty: Easy.

Wall Type: Stationary, Size: 24"

AC 24-W Fan Type: Stationary, Size: 24″ Features: -tough wall mounting base. -Effectively circulates air for cleaner, healthier air conditions. -CFM High: 6,800. -CFM Low: 5,000. -Amps: 2. 5. -Switch: Pull Chain. Product Type: -Wall. Theme: -Tropical. Finish: -Blue. Suggested Use: -Commercial. Fan Speed: -2. Vertical Blade Rotation: -Yes. Dimensions: Cord Length: -144″. Size 24″ – in general Width – Side to Side: -24″. Size 24″ – in general Product Weight: -45 lbs. Size 30″ – in general Width – Side to Side: -30″. Size 30″ – in general Product Weight: -48 lbs.

Hoover Ground Command Super Heavy-Duty, 12 A, 30lb, Black – BMC-HVR CH82010

Dries hard floors, carpets, walls, ceilings. 1/2 HP, three-speed motor dries and moves musty air. Has 10″ large steel fan blade and frame. Roto-molded chassis withstands abuse. Can operate at three different angles. Stack up to three air mover units for easy storage. Airflow: 2400 cubic feet per minute.

Stadler Form OTTO, African Saeple

About Stadler Form Mark Stadler, the founder of Stadler Form, has stated that his goal is to ”make life colorful. ” Through principled Swiss design, he is set out to bring new form to the appliances and tools that we use every day. Invented and engineered in Switzerland, Stadler Form merchandise are here to assist you life a little happier. Dimensions: 7. 2L x 13. 7W x 7. 2H inches. Otto fan. African sapele wood body. 3 speed settings. 5 steel blades. Steel grate. 34. 7-48. 2 dBA sound level. Height-adjustable feet. 45-watt power handling.

Solar ed

Uniquely worked on mobile Solar Fan automatically adjusting with the intensity of the sun. Multifunctional standing fan operated by solar panel, battery or adapter. Place panel and fan together outside beside your garden furnitures – or place the fan inside and mount the panel outside with the 5 m cable. The DC driven fan has three different speed levels, timer and an oscillating function. The set will include: – 30 W Mono-crystalline Photovoltaic Solar panel. – Quality bracket to mount the panel anywhere. Vertical modification to the sun. – Connection cables for a 12V battery. – And a bag to make the transportation and storage easy.

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Models to consider:
AF30H SF-1670M60-LDA 20750KAM3450a ILG8F12-6
OS800 P-800H-BlueSF-3314MD BMC-TCN 67214STO2500PU U11300
SF-3312M CFM-320010R361 HT-908F-4092 UPI-24PA2A
P-830H-Blue PB48BDBF0401 10R358MT1400s CE-16-DS
DBF2500 BSF1411AR-BMVP-50 GREY ETL 737-ACU24-WDBF0242 MSS300036A01
CR1-0254-06 TX10AM-PCACU30-P IM-709VDBF5432 CZHVP18EX
DOH2943 X-400ACDMP1840GRY HDH-30HDH 30/HDM-W IM-709V
DBF0426 BMC-20760-LDA RTL-8622STO2500PU BMC-TCN 67214
U-18-TE MB30-DYVertex VER2900RE MB24-DYFLEX 1/4 BLUE MSS300036A01
DBF2008 VI4234WB2C-050M LLR44554BD24-2-WHS AM3450a
AF30H TX10AM-P24CFO-EWDS IM-778FDBF0611 10R358
GP-33DC PM18S18-SF-ES-13 ILG8F12-6CR1-0254-06 MAC-36-5-J1
OS1000 AF-310CR1-0238-73 UPI-24PA2ADBF2500 LCHWD30
GP-1 ETL G DBF0242AM3450a FPH210RSDBF6125 DBF2008
HFD18NK DBF0426BD30-2-WHS GP-33DCCFM-3200 VENT 1/2HP
LLR44554 U15701TF110-CRD BICRF-24-W20750K 10R358
O-009A AM3450a30ACHW DBF0432OS1000 DCFL1085
DOH2943 OS4300UPI-30PA2A HDH 30/HDM-WMC894 BSF1411AR-BM
COBRA-1150SA 737-ACU24-WIM-716W CR1-0254-06MT1400s C-050M
ILG8F12 HF-910P-230AT XPOWER X-830FLEX 1/4 RED DBF0496


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