April 22, 2017

What I found out: X125BT-25 EPDM (Trim-Lok)


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General description

Rubber Seals create an easy-to-close seal against dust, sound, and vibration. Cut to length with scissors or knife. High-strength bubble acrylic sticky (BT) creates an airtight seal between the rubber and substrate and has low initial tack for easy repositioning. General-function pressure sensitive sticky (HT) is ideal for light-responsibility applications.

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1/4" X 1/8" Universal Black Soft Flexible Weatherstrip U Channel Seal Ege 20ft vs X125-BT-25

DescriptionMaterial: rubberLength: approx. 6m (20 X125BT-25 feet)Type: U ChannelCompatible: for any cars, trucks, SUV, pick-up.. Item included:1 x 20 ft WeatherstripPlease ensure the size before purchaseThe Install Place:External edge and seal trim for car doorVinyl Window Trim for boatWindow weather stripe for Mini bus windowTrim seal and window seal for caravanWeatherstrip for campers, home doorsPVC seal for motor cover, electric boardsSeal door for heavy equipmentFeature:1) Prevent leaks, gaps and vibration. 2) Prevent leakage of air conditioner to out. 3) Prevent entry of dust, air and rain water. 4) Protect the external car door edge from the clash on the walls or another cars. 5) Easy installation. Installation:Just push on the rubber seal above the install place, the rubber seal will be griping around the edge without sticky or any other thing.

E Support 315" 8Meter Big 3M Car Motor Auto oor Seal Strip Weatherstrip Seals Hollow

1. Functions: Enhancing the leakproofness of your car, which make door closing more thick. 2. Decreasing the pavement and wind sound pass into the car to enhance the driving comfort and keeping away from the dust and rain into the car. 3. You may be able to apply to seal the front and back covers, which performs good in waterproof, dustproof and soundproof. 4. Inside metal clips supply a permanent grip on RV doors, truck cabs, golf carts, tractors, motorcycles, ATV fenders, fiberglass, sheet metal and more. 5. Big D Size: 8m X 14mm X 12mm(Length x Width x Heigth) Package Include: 8m X 14mm X 12mm (Length x Width x Heigth) Car seal strip.

uxcell Car Hollow Air Seale Seal Strip oor Weatherstrip

This Car Air Sealed Strip may be used on different vehicles series, not to change or destroy the original design. Made with EPDM rubber, excellent flexibility, excellent waterproof, good effect from abruptly cold to hot, excellent glutinosity. Back surface with double sided sticky tape, strong retentivity, not easy to fall out. Specially intended car Air Sealed Strip may be used on side of car doors, boot, engine, low the wind and the sound of vibration, also may be used on door frame, window, forbid crash to make the outside sound low. This Rubber Air Sealed Strip is easy to install.

Sponge Neoprene Stripping With Ahesive 3/8 Inch Wie X 1/4 Inch X 35 Feet Long vs X-125BT-25

This is a closed cell sponge neoprene that won’t take in water or oil. It’s frequently called weather stripping or rubber sealing and is mainly used as sealing tape to block air, dust and moisture. Neoprene stripping can be used for store fixtures, sound insulation, padding, expansion joints of precast concrete and steel, HVAC & refrigeration, and is an excellent door seal for truck and bus bodies. Simply peel back the liner to expose the sticky on one side and apply to metal, plastic, wood and other smooth surfaces. There can be a tolerance of up to +/- 3/8″ from the stated size.

Two-Component Polyurethane Kit 200 Boar Feet

Professional Grade Two-part Polyurethane Spray bubble Insulation Kit. Movable, disposable and self-contained with color-coded, pre-connected hoses. These kits supply a fast consistent flow of bubble that dries in under a minute. Bubble expands 30X. 200 bd ft Standard Formula covers 200 square feet at 1 inch thick. Closed-cell 1. 75 pcf (28 kg/m3) Density R-value = 7. 12 / in. Kit will include Applicator Gun, Hoses, Wrench, Latex Gloves, O-rings, Extra Spray Nozzles, Lubricant, and information. Our Spray bubble Kits use disposable, pressurized chemical cylinders to dispense polyurethane spray foams eliminating the need for external air compressors, pumping equipment or dry nitrogen. These systems supply fast and easy bubble application for repairs and renovations, new installations and production applications. Our two part bubble Kits are suited for use in commercial, residential, transportation and farming applications. Our spray foams offer increased structural strength and sound and thermal insulation while defending against energy-robbing air infiltration, decreasing in general building energy intake. Features/Benefits are Easy to transport, No costly maintenance, No investment cost, No deposit/No return, decreases energy loss by as much as 40%, decreases fossil fuel use and improves air quality, Permanent insulation; doesn’t shrink or settle like cellulose; maintains air seal, well-matched with all fiber insulation systems as well as cellulose, fiberglass and rockwool, No Ozone Depleting Chemicals, Helps to decrease Green House Gas Emissions, Expands to fill smallest to biggest gaps, cracks and holes, decreasing air exchanges, High “R” value 7 per inch, Closed cell structure, lets for down-sized HVAC systems; uses less energy, fewer cycle times, more consistent “comfort level” and decreases equipment maintenance. MADE IN USA.

CoolTarp – Large 8′ x 16′

After years of design and testing, here is the world’s most reflective tarp that will add energy saving comfort outdoors or indoors on the hottest days and decrease costly summer cooling costs on any structure or open space below that is exposed to the hot sun. We call it passive solar cooling by reflection since no other energy source is required to decrease solar heat get. This tough, weatherproof, UV and IR tolerant radiant solar heat reflector product is called SolaReflex CoolTarp because it is made from our top-rated 97. 4 reflective diffused SolarReflex 97 reflector foil that is been time tested by our many customers and was in use around the globe for over 8 years for a range of solar projects. You will not find a more reflective adaptable tarp than CoolTarp. It is not a painted or colored surface like all other tarps and tents that will reach 125-145 degree F temperatures that you may feel below, it is a triple-laminated tarp with two greatly reflective metalized surfaces coated over a super-strong “rip stop” type plastic sheet specially coated with our SolaReflex reflective material. Almost all the acute incoming solar energy generated heat is reflected back into space before it has a chance of being absorbed by the roof surface or area underneath. Big custom 22′ x 24′ CoolTarp temporarily installed over an office space for tests Custom bigger sizes of CoolTarp may be made on special ask, like this big CoolTarp (photo above) that measures 22′ x 23′ temporarily installed on a flat roof above an office space that gets hot. Six, four foot widths of SolaReflex foil were attached and secured to each other.

Touch N Seal 1000 Kit Open Cell Spray Insulation (Pack of 2) vs X-125-BT-25

When the Touch N’ Seal bubble mix is covered onto your walls, floors and ceilings, the shell of your home becomes protected. It is this protection that blocks heat get in the summer and heat loss in the winter, preventing dramatic temperatures changes in the home. Insulation delivers comfort and lower energy bills throughout the hottest and coldest times of the year. You may be able to save up to 20 on your heating and cooling as insulation works best when air isn’t moving through or around it. A 1000 kit covers 1000 square feet at 1 inch thickness. A 30ft gun hose assembly is included with 8 cone and 2 fan nozzles.

Genuine Toyota 68230-52130 oor Glass Weatherstrip Assembly

Toyota real Parts is the exact Original Equipment maker (OEM) part that your car came with. When you choose a real OEM part, you may be able to rely on the high quality and usefulness of the product and brand without having to guess if the product will work in sequence with your car. Defending your investment is important and picking the right parts may be challenging. So do not risk another minute by searching and purchasing something that may work. Stick with what you know and decide a real OEM part.

500 sqft (4ft x 125ft) of NASA TECH Commercial Grae Perforate No Tear Green Energy Raiant Barrier Reflective Insulation Attic Foil Roof Attic House

Tem Description: >>>500sqft Rolls (4ft x 125ft) >>>Perforated 4 ft X 125 ft roll (500 sf) breathable. Ideal for attics, sheds, warehouses, and as house wrap Double-sided 99. 9 PURE strengthened ALUMINUM that blocks 97 of the radiant heat in summer and winter Industrialized strength with woven polyethylene scrim for tear resistance. Can not be torn or ripped Passes obliged ASTM fire test (E84 using E2599 mounting technique) for building materials Exceeds obliged ASTM Water Vapor Permeability (Breathability): 8. 5 perms (ASTM 96-00) Reflective Insulation is a 5-level, perforated, reflective energy-shield. Its two outer layers of 99 aluminum foil reflect 97 of radiant heat. Each level of foil is bonded to a tough level of Mylar and has an interwoven nylon scrim for extra added strength. It is so strong it is virtually impossible to tear It also has a Class 1, Class A fire ranking Youll find that hot and cold spots in your home are eliminated summer and winter. Youll find yourself enjoying greater comfort in your home. And, since it doesnt use energy to increase your level of comfort, youll have lower utility bills. How It Works As much as 83 of the heat get in the summer takes place through the roof and roof. SuperShield Reflective Insulation reflects the sun’s heat before it can penetrate your home. You’ll use less air conditioning to keep your home cool and comfy all summer long. As indicated by the Department of Energy, homeowners can expect up to 45 cooling savings based on the weather, current amount of insulation in the attic, and household energy use. Many of our customers have experienced higher results, however these results haven’t been verified by a 3rd party.

X103HT-25 Close Cell Sponge HT (General ) PSA Ribbe, 0.375" 0.625" Rectangle

Rubber Seals create an easy-to-close seal against dust, sound, and vibration. Cut to length with scissors or knife. High-strength bubble acrylic sticky (BT) creates an airtight seal between the rubber and substrate and has low initial tack for easy repositioning. General-function pressure sensitive sticky (HT) is ideal for light-responsibility applications.

uck Bran 1278771 Self Ahesive Weatherstrip Seal for Small Gaps, 3/8-Inch x 3/16-Inch x 30-Feet, 2 Rolls per Pack

Properly sealing and insulating your home may be an easy way to increase comfort, save money on energy costs and increase home energy efficiency. Completing these simple projects also means you are doing your part to conserve the Earth’s resources. Cracks and gaps around windows and doors are a leading because in high-energy costs in your home during the year. These self-sticky Duck Brand bubble Weatherstrip Seals are a great solution for sealing small gaps around doors and windows, forming a barrier against drafts and humidity, also as dust, pollen and insects throughout warmer months. Use with other Duck Brand weatherization merchandise to make your home more comfy and energy economical all year long.

uck Bran 1431012 Stanar Central Air Conitioner Cover, 34-Inch x 30-Inch x 34-Inch

Air conditioning units can supply added comfort throughout the hot weather, however oftentimes require protection from the elements throughout the cold-weather months. The Duck Brand Air Conditioner Cover guards against damaging effects of rain, snow, and dirt during the year. This reusable, easy-to-install cover also seals out leaves and dust to keep your A/C unit in form so you may be able to use it for many seasons to come. Use with other Duck Brand weatherization merchandise to make your home more comfy and energy economical all year long.

What people considered before buying X125BT25:
  1. Trim-Lok X109HT-100 EPDM Closed Cell Sponge Rubber with HT (General Acrylic) PSA Rubber Seal
  2. M-D Building Products 1025 All-Climate Auto and Marine 17-Feet Weather Seal Strip, Black
  3. Trim-Lok X109BT-100 EPDM Closed Cell Sponge Rubber with BT (3M) Bonded Foam Acrylic Tape System Rubber Seal

Models to consider:
A030-160F V447HSN175 X109HT-25DEW-09L304-M3S X103HT-25
b25mm D4004V442H BMW7061967T 8722 X303-25
L342H 55257406ABNV-200 L342BHLDTT150P CC30XH
AC43H Aumo-mate03418061DNB48 Z78172CR511H E363
GM1390112 X110HT-2518061CNB48 R516WHA79/36A R734H
X103BT-25 S258/17HH2825 A71320CX272HT-500 57AV48
72828-SHJ-A02 R516HFRS-6R UCS-20R55396053AD RB6TG4
B 705 T92HR534H V23WAX301-25 33N2D36
Z78216C DDS1C-4004521600 YCA02955X101BT-25 3288 B 0.9-0.5in
FRS-6R GM1390112X103HT-25 X110HT-25YCA02955 V447H
CXDS40B8 SCSXL23Z78172C 18061CNB48X101BT-25 PXL23TGS
X272HT-500 702BBMW7061967 C-4004521600UCS-23R S258/17H
R516H b25mm33N2D36 V23WAH2825 A79/36A
18061DNB48 TN-1RNX-GFPAT92H B 705NV-200 C-4004521000
UTGS10 57AV483288 B 0.9-0.5in 37896DUX110BT-25 A71320C
T 8722 72350-T0A-A01F81Z-2520758-AA X301-25X119BT-100 SN175
72335-SNA-A01 X110HT-25A030-160F 55257406ABZ78339C a09081800ux0129
72828-SHJ-A02 X1458BT-25UCS-20R R534HCXDS40A8 D4004
Z78172C DDS1V447H T 8722RB6TG4 CC30XH
FRS-6R CXDS40B8Z78339C T92HX110BT-25 E363
b25mm X103HT-25A62/36SN C-4004521000B 705 R516WH
72335-SNA-A01 UCS-20RH2825 V23WAX109HT-25 18061DNB48
A030-160F 68026937ABR516H D4004NV-200 Z78216C
SCSXL23 702B57AV48 X119BT-10072350-T0A-A01 X110HT-25
AC43H C-4004521600X301-500 X301-25R734H DEW-09L304-M3S
33N2D36 LDTT150PS258/17H TN-1RNX-GFPAF81Z-2520758-AA L342BH
X103BT-25 UCS-23RX1458BT-25 V442H18061CNB48 R534H


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